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tDCS for Parkinson’s – Update June 2024


tDCS for Parkinson’s

written in June 2024 – the links on the pictures lead to english posts (the picture is a screencut of german posts).

we have been treating Parkinson’s with transcranial brain stimulation, among other things, since September 2023.

The effects are euphoric across the board and we are absolutely thrilled with the feedback.

Interestingly, we observe that the affected patients consistently have a “neglect” of their own limitations and also of the improvement.

On several occasions we have experienced very astonishing mobilizations from “tripping step” to “running gait” in just a few minutes and the affected person subjectively notices no change – although we all, including the relatives present, are impressed!

see this video which shows initial gait and then after 10 and 20 Minutes tDCS

The worst case of “Neglect” is the case of Mr. Ka. below who could not walk befor treatment and came to us some weeks later walking like fully recovered nagging that our therapy is bullshit and nothing changed.


We have seen NO cures so far, but an astonishingly improved utilization of the medication. No patient has been able to reduce the medication so far, and in some cases the dose has even been slightly increased.

What we always see is the almost complete disappearance of symptoms that remained despite the medication, as well as a significant reduction in the side effects of the medication. With regular brain stimulation, patients with the medication feel so good that you don’t notice that they are ill.

Only a few patients allow us to film them and put them on the internet, but I would like to encourage those affected to do so because it is helpful to others and leaves a much better impression than if I talk about it.



Typical feedbacks


Gerhard – from Walker to Bike-Trips and running

Gerhard has had Parkinson’s since 2014 and was already using a walker at home in 2017 and was then unable to leave the apartment, and was actually close to having to use a wheelchair.

Thanks to Feldenkrais therapy (therapist Gabi Haslinger, Mondsee), Gerhard was able to walk better again and the brain stimulation with tDCS since 2023 has given him such a boost that he ran after the train arriving at the station again and he even went on a 50km bike ride in autumn 2023.


I also did an interview with his Feldenkrais therapist in the article and would definitely recommend it. Mrs. Haslinger is unique – one of a kind – and also treats many patients via Zoom or the Internet.


Mrs. Ka. “out of treatment” –> wheely – walking around like healthy

Mrs. Ka. was “out of treatment” after 30 years of Parkinson’s and no longer responded to any medication; she was dragged into our practice because she was no longer able to walk.

Worst case of “neglect of improvement” that I ever expierienced

After 6 weeks of brain stimulation (carried out at home), she comes to us angry and reproachful about what we are “talking her into”. She has now spoken to the head of the self-help group on the phone, “he knows all about it and it’s all nonsense,” she says to us; upset that we talked her into buying such an expensive device and sold her. She came without help herself, she stands upset in the practice and scolds us. We do a walking test and see that she can now actually walk like a “normal, healthy” 75-year-old.

When confronted with this, she is surprised herself because she had not even realized it until now. Because of her accusations, I demand the device back, which she is now refusing to give up.



Stefan – realy marvelously improved – but needs more L-DOPA

Stefan developed a really rapidly progressing Parkinson’s disease at the age of 57. Just 2 years after it started, he can only walk a tiny step and without medication he is completely immobilized.

His improvements are fantastic, everything is back: micro movements, micro facial expressions, he is as fast as a teenager. Impressive

Header says: Parkinson – rapid progression – 4 months after brain stimulation –> the linked post is in english translation

Nevertheless, the need for medication has increased from 4 times a day to now 5 times a day, so we have not yet been able to catch the disease.


Elisabeth improved a lot – gone are the Choreography Symptoms from Medication

Elisabeth has also had Parkinson’s for over 10 years. She responded very poorly to the medication: 40 minutes after taking Madopar, she developed severe positive symptoms: chorea-like choreographic movements (like Alois Mock in the late phase) as a sign of overdose, then 1 hour of movement, then FREEZE and spasticity again.

She has also been on brain stimulation for 8 months now – significantly less than others – namely only 3 times a week – and she is doing quite well now because theChoreography is very minimized, the medication is very good and effective for a relatively long time.

Brainstimulation for Parkinson*s – only slowly improvment possible


Petros has the most experience and his “star patient” – the actor and screenwriter who has been in a wheelchair for 2 years and can walk and dance again with brain stimulation


this are just a few of our Parkinsons-Patients – NO-ONE who did not improve – but only a few allow us to film them.



Brain stimulation is NOT a cure for Parkinson’s, but a fantastic contribution to significantly improving the quality of life, just like Madopar, CBD for cramps and Feldenkrais exercises.

We – Ordination Dr. Retzek – in any case, we also add our own orthomolecular Parkinson’s protocol –> you find this under this Picture-Link

Parkinson’s Disease, my 2023 Pubmed – Research


and would definitely recommend the exercise routines according to Joe Pepper and Norman Doidge

Parkinson ist Umkehrbar!
  • Pepper, John (Author)



Feldenkrais is an option

and take Feldenkrais practice lessons with Gabi Haslinger, who also offers these internationally because she worked in India for a long time and therefore speaks good English and has treated countless patients over the Internet during the pandemic.


seeking out brain stimulation?

If you are a patient and are interested in brain stimulation, we have now trained 30 doctors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, I still have to add the last ones – here is the link


Physician – want to learn brain stimulation

The next course will probably be in the USA with Dr. Simon Yu in his practice in St. Louis – date 23-24. August 2024, I’ll be there, as will Dr. Atel Hemat, you’re welcome to join.

In September is another training in Limassol Cyprus

Then we’ll do a course in Cologne or Berlin in September or October, I’ll announce it in good time

check out the Training-Website please