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SOZO in Cypres – improving the incurable


Lenna and I were together with Dr. Askold Novicky on 22. July 2023 SOZO Brain Center in Limasol / Cyprus with Dr. Petros Kattou for training of his method of treating incurable diseases.

this video here caused me to travel to Cypres

This man here has been in a wheelchair for 2 years because of Parkinson’s disease and is dancing Sirtaki again



And here in the following video you can experience Dr. Petros Kattou in a typical way: eloquent, energetic, fascinating, rousing




If I had one of the diseases that can be treated particularly well there, I would get on the next plane and let Petros treat me. Nicosia or Lanarka can be reached – at the right time – for less than 200,- from Vienna with a direct flight and the treatment is also affordable.


how was the training structured?

We were invited by Dr. Petros Kattou to learn more about his unique method of treating incurable diseases.

Petros is an impressive and engaging personality with great medical knowledge. There was no single situation where Petros could not spontaneously carry out exact medical backgrounds and clinical examinations. To be honest, I have never encountered such a precise and comprehensively trained colleague.

We looked at patients all day long from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. “In between” we were given rolls, water and coffee, but there was no break in that sense, it was “intense treatment”.

some of the patients were “new”

the new patients were all “seriously ill”

  • drug addict
  • suicidal depression after failure of regular treatment
  • severe intestinal problems after intestinal irradiation after colon cancer
  • Parkinson’s in a wheelchair
  • Tibialis anterior palsy


the other patients were controls

  • severe PTSD after 30 years of abuse with paresis and depression
  • Parkinson’s
  • …..
  • …..

the improvements we saw were “amazing” across the board and “never experienced or seen anything like it” –> see my Parkinson’s patient below.


How does the treatment work

Because of the NDA described below, I can only provide rudimentary and general information:

SOZO treats the brain stem – in which virtually all administrative tasks of the brain including inflammation control take place – so that there is a “reset” –> from above there is suddenly no (stress or mentally co-triggered) activity in the body disease pure but healing impulses.

SOZO treats the cerebrum – and can activate or slow down “regions in the cerebrum”, you can activate or slow down different centers in the brain in different ways in order to facilitate certain states or hinder others.

E.g. you activate the movement centers – eg in Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis or cerebellar atrophy patients


We then saw a Parkinson’s patient the following week in own clinic

I have to edit the testimonial video I recorded about the spectacular improvement according to the NDA.

…… Video …….

the patient has had 20 min of SOZO brain treatment at this time. At this point, his sense of balance was so improved that we crouched in our arms in astonishment, he performed balance exercises in the video where he would have just fallen over before the treatment.

In addition, he regained the mobility of his left arm, so that he could put his jacket on himself again, which hadn’t been the case for a long time.

If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!


What can they treat in SOZO / Cypres

any neurological disease whose main cause is in the brain.

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases.
  • Neuroinflammatory diseases
  • chronic pain disorders: fibromyalgia, burning mouth syndrome,
  • Depression, Bipolar Disorders
  • brain atrophies

To be honest – I don’t even know how far the possibilities go. In principle, the brain and the brainstem are switched on in a modulating manner in every disease and optimization at this high level is probably good for every level.


SOZO and AIMIS are US medical institutions

AIMIS – the superordinate organization under which the SOZO Brain Center operates is actually a US company. Here I was confronted with a “US-typical” protection for the first time: a NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement.

This means that everything we have seen and experienced can only be passed on after “confirmation” and “control by the head office”, a breach of this contract would lead to considerable lawsuits “across Europe”.

We are not allowed to pass any medical information that allows conclusions about the procedures, devices, dietary supplements, treatment steps carried out.

What “shocked” us all at first is in retrospect acceptable and also conclusive and logical:

an enormous amount of research and intellectual capital was invested here and in the USA medicine is not “free and state sponsored” like it is in Europe, where every physician is overbooked with ton’s of patients and is happy to share his discoveries to share the burden with other collegues.

In the US the medical sector is a profitable industry and if we want to have access we have to play their rules.

SOZO has signed contracts with many US clinics for their treatment protocols and “simply giving the whole thing away by telling everyone” is out of the question in a US reading.


I was ultimately so fascinated that I not only signed the NDA but also a cooperation agreement and am now the first SOZO partner in Austria / Germany. I expect tools and help here for “until now incurable diseases”

“Dr. Retzek becomes a SOZO member”

this is a declaration of intent for the time being, since I first have to acquire EEG and all the necessary equipment, train the scores, etc. etc.

In addition, we have an enormous shortage of appointments with a waiting time of many months.

However, we will endeavor – with the support of employees who can carry out appropriate tests and apparatus-based examinations – to expand the possibility of admitting patients in order to be able to offer a SOZO appointment reasonably promptly!

Parkinson’s will be our first “SOZO disease”

I try to offer with a maximum waiting time of about one month, training and support for Parkinson’s disease as the first disease that I will treat in cooperation with Dr. Petros Kattou.

We will “work on” the other SOZO diseases step by step – next I would like to learn Burning Mouth or Trigeminal Neuralgia from Petros.


Dr Petros Katou

Dr Petros Kattou is Head of the SOZΩ Brain Center of the AIMIS Clinics in Cyprus, these clinics offer state-of-the-art USA standard medicine in several locations: in Nicosia, Lanarka and Limassol.


Where is Petros

Here is the google map link for the private hospital where Dr. Petros Kattou resides in Nicosia.

SOZΩ Brain Center in Nicosia – in the middle of Cyprus – is part of the AIMIS Clinics

Nicosia Airport or Lanarka Airport – both are served by MUC and VIE with direct flights, with luck you can find a flight around 200,-


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