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Parkinson’s disease rapid progressive – Improvement now after 4 months brain-stimulation


no time to write a long article, the two testimonials are clear.

The now 60-year-old patient started showing the first signs of Parkinson’s disease a few years ago (an immobile mask face like), but it was only recognized 3 years ago. Walking was hardly possible without L-DOPA – you can see that in video 1, also nice PLUS symptoms (tremor) and mask face.

We start at the beginning of September with brain stimulation according to Dr. Petros Kattou with tDCS, he continues to do this independently at home after finishing training with us with.

Finally a visit to me again today and we are all blown away:

Mask face completely disappeared, expressive facial expressions, no trembling, involuntary secondary movements (swinging arms, etc.) completely pronounced. We shed tears!!! Thank you Stefan for allowing us to publish this!

Please pass this on, there are so many Parkinsons now and they don’t know about this total new treatment modality that is ADDITIONAL to the wonderful prescription medications!


End of August 2023

Mask face, tripping step, start-up delay, tremor of the arms



23. January 2024

no mask face, no tremor (only late evening this starts), full mobility, all “neuro tests” for Parkinson’s were not present (fist closure, index finger-thumb closure, diadochokinesis, Gear phenomenon during forced arm movement, glabella tap, ….)

Medication same as above


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Doctors who want to learn this or patients who are looking for such a practitioner: Brain-stimulation.info