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severe longtime Parkinson’s with “miracle improvements” due Brain-Stimulation


Here is an astonishing case of a “30-year Parkinson’s disease” from my own practice as well as two “miracle cases” from Petros, both with vascular dementia and spastic Parkinsonism in a wheelchair – the man begins to walk and talk after 3 treatments, the woman after 3 weeks of brain stimulation

Update on Sunday May 5th

Petros is sending a new case today

Parkinson – hour 4 – wheelchair user with dementia

— Petros sends case via Whatsapp —-

“Miracle” – 86 year old lady 👵 Stage 4 – Wheelchair & Dementia – Walking 🚶 after 6 weeks of neural brain modulation.

This 86-year-old woman is obese and has chronic Parkinson’s disease that has stopped responding to stage 4 L-dopa medications. She is very stiff, can no longer move freely at all, freezes (“freeze” – complete inability to move) and therefore her son, as the carer, has difficulty getting her in and out of bed to bring. She suffers from psychological depression and cognitive decline, including dementia and neurovascular degeneration

Here is the compilation of PETROS a few weeks “after treatment”, he did not record the video “before treatment”.

Fantastic results, true miracle.

Her dementia has improved significantly. Your pain scale on VAS: improvement by 60 percent, no more opioids.

Now easy to move, no more stiffness or freezing, can walk independently. I did not record the first video because she no longer had spatial and global awareness due to cognitive decline and dementia.

Her son, a Machsbical engineer, was successfully treated by me for chronic pain syndrome and depression and so – after four months without symptoms – he decided to bring his helpless 86-year-old mother with him.

Great case, I will introduce her at the training in Limassol

—– end of Petros Whatsapp ———-

Here is my own case of a severe stage 4 patient with a video testimonial

“Head of the Parkinson’s self-help group” tells you: what we are doing is nonsense, a waste of money….

…. with these words this Parkinson’s patient came accusingly and practically accused us of having talked her into something and of “ripping her off” because we gave her a brain stimulator for 1400 as a therapy device< /strong> would have talked into it!

Here is (1) an amazing case of a “30-year-old Parkinson’s disease” from my own practice as well as (2) another miracle case of Petros with vascular dementia and spastic Parkinsonism in a wheelchair – who begins to walk and talk after 3 treatments.

First my own case with video testimonial, if you want to jump down to the Petros case here is the link to it


“Head of the Parkinson’s self-help group” thinks what we are doing is nonsense, a waste of money….

…. with these words this Parkinson’s patient came accusingly, she accused us of having talked her into some bullshit and of “ripping her off” because we gave her a brain stimulator for 1400,- as a therapy-device.

She has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 30 years, now she no longer responds to the medication and was permanently needing care as she could only walk with strong support on her left and right sides, actually it was more “being dragged around”.

Unfortunately, she could not stand on her own, even leaning against furniture she was so unsteady that she would have fallen over without someone to support her.


well yes, the device is expensive – but aren’t you running around without support now??!!

While we are – concerned – accepting her accusations and the accusations of the “head of the self-help group”, we notice that the patient couldn’t only stand freely but even could walk around freely after doing her self-training for a month, so we did a quick neurological test and everyone – including the patient – was moved:


can walk – stand up – turn around – sit down again…

…like a healthy person!!!

She actually is doing so well in the “chair test” (get up – walk around – turn around – sit down) that it corresponds to a healthy one. And one month ago we “dragged” her around !!


Is such an improvement normal in “End-Of-L-DOPA” Parkinson’s cases that have been treated?

For me this is an unheard of miracle because I have never experienced such cases in my 30 years of practice!

Please decide for yourself: I filmed the chair test and linked it here with the patient’s permission. I pixelated the faces of the other patients present


In any case: we were very dismayed

Because of the accusation made by the “Parkinson’s self-help group” I was enormously affected because I find exactly this accusation: “taking financial advantage of sick people” as an enormous disgrace and extremely unethical and evil and we are doing everything we can to avoid this accusation ” to get out of the way:

  • So we NEVER give away these expensive medical therapy devices unless it is guaranteed that the patients will actually noticeably benefit from them. This was actually the case with this patient, after the first training with us she was already able to walk on one side with assistance no longer fell over while standing.
  • and we only hand out these expensive therapy devices after intensive practice and training, so that it is guaranteed that the therapy can be carried out at home.
  • We have not yet charged anything extra for this training!
  • Official medical devices are always expensive due to the test certificats and approvals. This legal approval will be only granted because we can monitor and control this home therapy from a distance.


In hindsight I’m annoyed….

well even angry about such “emperors” of Facebook groups “self-help groups” who unsettle patients so much through unqualified statements that – despite the improvement she has experienced herself – she doubts it as “non-existent” and blames us.


The neglect of improvement is particularly strong in Parkinson’s disease i noticed

Stefan – one of the first brain stimulation patients – claimed after the training that he saw no change.

Please watch the first video in this article here, where you can see Stefan BEFOR of brain stimulation – then after 10 MINUTES – and then after 20 MINUTES of brain stimulation! His wife and I looked at each other and laughed!

Parkinson’s disease rapid progressive – Improvement now after 4 months brain-stimulation



Speaking of expensive brain stimulators….

From May 2024 we will charge extra for the trainings that were previously free in our office. These now will cost 40,- for a maximum of 1 hour – at Petros’s in Cyprus these training cost 100,- per appointment.

Given the 10% wage increases for two years in a row, various “bonus payments” to staff and the multiplication of energy costs, we certainly cannot maintain this price for very long. I am already announcing a price increase in 2025.


Long time Parkinson’s and dementia case by Petros Kattou

Petros writes to us:

God bless your family. An elderly man with severe neurovascular dementia/Alzheimer‘s disease who suffers from hallucinations and has had Parkinsonism for 4 years, causing great distress to his caring relatives. He suffers from advanced memory and cognitive dementia and is therefore stiff and rigid due to Parkinson’s disease

Therefore, it is difficult to get him in and out of bed 🛏, shower 🧼 and mobilize 🏠 at home, i.e. go to the toilet 🚽 and do simple daily tasks.

We begin with the goal of our neurologists, neurophysiologists and technicians to use the SOZΩ method.

Within just 3 sessions there is an enormous improvement in cognitive, mental and memory performance, and with it the stiffness of the Parkinson’s patient also improves, and so can Caregivers mobilize him much easier in just 3 sessions.

Neural brain plasticity increases neuronal synapse connectivity and shifts the brain from alostasis to homeostasis. Many thanks to the family and the SOZΩ team. www.sozobraincenter.com


Before brain stimulation treatment


after 3 treatments

and here after only 3 (“THREE”) assisted treatment in the SOZO Brain Center



originally I flew to Cyprus to train with Petros Kattou…..

because of this Instagram video of a Parkinson’s patient who has been in a wheelchair for two years and then starts dancing Sirtaki under brain stimulation,

SOZO in Cypres – improving the incurable


because this is “a miracle” – and if someone can do MIRACLES in this world, I want to see it and learn!


I am “addicted” to real curative therapies

because as a normal conventional medical doctor I use the entire spectrum of conventional medicine anyway – but I would like to achieve “more” than conventional medicine provides me with.

This is not about “alternatives” – but about “something more”, all of these are pure “additional therapies” that have been developed by good doctors or professors with a scientific background!

  • So I went to Dr. several times. Simon Yu in St. Louis / USAto learn parasite therapy
  • with Prof. Cicero Coimbra in Sao Paolo / Brazil to learn the Coimbra Protocol
  • Several times with Prof. Yoshiaki Omurain Los Angeles to learn his test and therapy
  • often with Dr. Friedrich Douwes at the St. Georg Clinic in Bad Aibling to learn his cancer therapies
  • often with Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Köstler in Vienna for a course to learn his therapies
  • often with Vijayakar, Spinedi, Pareek, Scholten and Sakaran to learn their homeopathy

I share a lot of this expensively acquired additional knowledge with colleagues in lectures at conferences, or on this homepage here. You can imagine how the “normal system” reacts to something like this –> see my medical association disclaimer


In 2023 I was in Cyprus for the first time with Petros Kattou

After my first training with Petros, I flew home and thought to myself “they were actors, that simply couldn’t have been true.”

Parkinson’s is a thankful brain-stimulation disease

Until I treated my first Parkinson’s patient at home with brain stimulation. I’ve already interviewed some of them on the website

We now have comparable cases every week, including my other SOZO colleagues who have learned this therapy.

Oh yes: so far we haven’t had any treatment failures with Parkinson’s. This doesn’t normally happen, even Petros says that this “ADDITIONAL THERAPY” to normal neurological treatment is only successful in 70% of cases.

but brain stimulation can do much more


All courses at Petros are currently fully booked, I’m flying back to Cyprus with Lenna next week where we’re doing a PSYCHIATRY course, in June we have a medical course in Vienna, which is unfortunately completely overbooked again.

I can’t keep a “waiting list” of interested doctors because I don’t have enough time/capacity.

If you – valued colleague – want to learn this yourself: I will announce the next courses here on my homepage, please sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss it, that’s all I can do administratively.


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