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150MHz assisted Mental Fielding


Two of our employees (Lenna, Michaela) have finally completed the course on mental field therapy with 150MHz


about 150MHz therapy according to Dieter Broers


150MHz according to Dieter Broers

in the videos linked below, Dieter Broers, now over 70 years old, explains the background:

  • how he discovered the effectiveness of the 150MHz frequency on bacteria and cells in the research laboratory at the university
  • how various university disciplines (neurology, cell biology, psychiatry) were able to confirm this
  • how this therapy suddenly came into the media through the “cure” of billionaire Bosch
  • how this invention was then turned down by US secret service and this 150MHz was blocked as a military frequency in the USA and can only be used here under strict conditions (very low field strength).
  • due to the “accidental discovery” by Dieter Broers discovered that a palliative patient had gained profound insights into her life and her problems through the field treatment of a tumor, and as a result the soul field treatment was developed
  • Life coaches and psychotherapists use the 150MHz “soul” field treatment as an “astonishing effect enhancer” of their work.


Dieter Broers tells in the interview linked below ….

how a dying cancer patient on the palliative care ward suddenly came to “insight” into the cause and background of her illness through a 150MHz treatment. “I suddenly see what went wrong in my life” …… He tells that this released so much energy in her that she was able to leave the palliative care ward and live for a few more months and was able to “fix” a lot of things.

This was the first of many indications that emotional changes can also occur through the 150MHz field!


We have been treating with 150MHz for 1 year

When Broers then gave an interview about its effectiveness in cancer, it was clear to me that this device would disappear immediately and so we bought three of them. In fact – as expected – the devices are currently no longer available – probably because of the run on them.

At the time, I wrote a comprehensive article about the field exposure

150MHz Befeldung

I also spoke several times on the phone with Robert Muntendorfer, who carried out the German approval studies and put a lot of research into it and sells the device,

also with the now 82-year-old DI Peter Feucht, who built the device and obtained the medical device approval.

So we now have 1 year of experience with it, I will certainly never sell this device but will take it with me to my retirement for my own use.



The following “psychology” video fascinated me

The Swiss psychotherapist and potential coach Astrid Nafziger says that she has brought “big company bosses” to comprehensive inner insight with a single “mental field” with this device, so that many of her clients were finally able to follow through on life-changing decisions.

The esteemed colleague is very credible, has 30 years of coaching experience and apparently often has “high rollers” or patients with high pressure to succeed in her coaching practice. When someone like that tells you something, you listen, because only after many years of learning and applying do you have the experience and opportunity to compare different approaches.

So if she is “so enthusiastic” about this method, there is actually a high “added value” here compared to “normal psychotherapy practice” or the result of an otherwise usual coaching session.

Something like that fascinates me, of course!

Where can you learn this soul fielding?

Because of this interview, we really wanted to do the training in soul fielding with 150MHz and my wife Lenna and my DKS Michaela were finally able to complete it at Easter 2023.

Together with Lenna & Michaela, the holistic medicine pope Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Köstler senior and the potential coach and talent promoter Mag. Andrea Ristl were in the course with Martina Fricke.


Course leader Martina Fricke

Martina Fricke is, in her own definition, a life coach and potential developer and has taught the course very patiently and comprehensively.nd led, thank you for that!

This course was not “so-so” but comprehensive, 3 days of non-stop training and fieldwork.

Now – several weeks later – I can report that Lenna has 1 hour more energy per day for work and another hour more energy per day for her hobbies. She herself attributes this to this course, which “brought her more to herself”.


Martina Fricke
Coaching * Seminars * Training
In the “Center for Life”
Holländische Reihe 31a
22765 Hamburg
Fon 0170 8766608
YouTube channel Spiritual field


Background of the soul field

Background of the soul field

every trauma that one experiences in the course of one’s individual development is stored in the “body armor“.

This was already appropriately appreciated by Dr Wilhelm Reich 100 years ago, later rediscovered by Mrs Boisen, John Diamond, Dietrich Klinghardt and many other therapists.

Wilhelm Reich – and many other therapists too – even see prenatal “systemic” traumas and disorders that are effectively stored in the “body field”. These disorders are usually the domain of “family constellations” or “mental field therapy”.

In the body, these traumas are stored as tension or pain and “no longer consciously spit around in everyday consciousness”, but remain effective as the “subconscious” and lead to pain, discomfort and limitations.

Ultimately – if I interpret it correctly – the mental field is “technically speaking” focusing.

I found this approach to be highly effective in homeopathy practice; in most cases, no homeopathic remedy was even necessary because the emotional conversation process conducted on the symptom was often the “healing medium”. Including initial deterioration and physical excretion reaction after “Hering Regel”.

This anamnestic approach also corresponds to modern psychotherapeutic homeopathy (Sankaran, Scholten), which is often highly effective for “life problems”. Here I suspect that the conversation process is the curative medium.

about focusing as a psychotherapeutic method

about focusing as a psychotherapeutic technique

Focusing is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Eugene Gendlin in the 1960s. The method is based on the idea that access to physical perceptions (the “felt sense”) helps the client to better understand and solve emotional problems and blockages.

“Where exactly do you feel that in your body when you talk about it? How does it feel? As pressure, as oppression, as a feeling of heaviness……?”

In the focusing process, clients are instructed to concentrate on their inner sensations and feelings and to describe them.

The therapist supports the client in developing a mindful and accepting attitude towards these inner experiences. Focusing can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other therapeutic approaches.

It has proven to be helpful in various areas of application, such as stress, grief, anxiety or depression.

from ChatGPT: “Focusing as a psychotherapeutic method in 100 words” – a little spiced up by Dr. Retzek


with the 150MHz mental field…

the conscious and subconscious are “focused” on them through a series of targeted questions about possible causes of painful areas or problems in the body and at the same time “resolved” by 150 MHz fielding at the location.

The underlying emotional component is also dissolved – a liberation of the subconscious occurs, potential and decision-making ability is released!

This leads to a much deeper “healing” of the disorders localized in the body than if one only “irradiates” the painful area, because the pain is often based on traumatic psycho-neurologically fixed tensions that are “resolved by the focusing process”.

The “solution” here does not occur by talking about the trauma, but through the physico-therapeutic effect of the high frequency on the connected body part.

“Basically, you don’t talk about the trauma, you let the device work,” Michaela tells me in her broad Upper Austrian dialect.

So you don’t actually have to know (as a therapist and also as a patient) exactly what is fixed there, which is particularly helpful in the case of systemic (prenatal or from previous generations or previous lives) traumas.

“If the patient wants to talk in more detail about the content of the underlying trauma, this form of treatment may not be the best option,” says Michaela.


Soul fielding with 150MHz

is offered by Michaela and Lenna in our practice and can be booked.

NB: Michaela often leaves the device running empty in the treatment room in order to be “under the influence of the 150MHz”. She also borrows the machine at the weekend and fields the house and family at home, and has been doing so for a long time, not just since the soul fielding course.


Informational interviews with inventor Dieter Broers and Martina Fricke





Videos by Martina Fricke – life coach and potential development





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