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Training with Simon Yu and Petros Kattou in St.Louis AUG 2024


for colleagues:   in August we are going to St. Louis / USA to see Simon Yu, where a 4-day training will take place:

  • 2 days of AMA / Parasites with Simon
  • 2 days of PETROS Neuromodulation

August 22-25, 2024 St. Louis, MO


Flight from Munich about 600, hotel will cost about 100, we definitely have 2 seats left in the rental car, Atel Hemat will be there.

We’ll stay 2-3 days longer to see something, it’s definitely the cheapest way to get a full course with Petros, with us it costs 3000,-

This is such a cool combination of training – maybe someone wants to join, then register with SIMON and let us know

Atel Hemat – Heli Retzek – Kathy Yu – Simon Yu – Rene – Petros
in the Europahaus at IGMEDT 2024


Petros and Prof. Köstler at the IGMEDT 2024 – Heli in the background



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