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chronic crippling pain – CRPS


Patient with severe “pain cripple syndrome” improved dramatically in just a few sessions, so he is now doing mountain bike safety training.

Case history

Karl has been suffering from almost unbearable back pain since 2001 after falling off a ladder with a TH12 fracture – 9/10 on the VAS scale – “burning” (very typical for CRPS), which is why he is unable to work.

After 4 x neuromodulation treatment with us, he was able to taper off the morphine and is >80% pain-free.

He was now doing so well that he completed a mountain bike safety training, fell during it and now has a huge bruise on his thigh!


CRPS – terrible disease

This pain syndrome occurs mainly in the brain after an injury – like “ampuation pain” – and is often only improved for a very short time by local manipulations at the site of origin (e.g. follow-up operations, infiltrations, ….), sometimes even worsened. It is described quite nicely in the DocLexikon.

I call it the “pain cripple syndrome” because the patients are only plagued by pain and try to get through the day. We now have several such patients –> Link to the pages



We love these patients very much

because we have so much joy in being able to experience something like this, its simply a miracle – since 2001 in Pain. God and Petros, we thank you soooooo much!

Please come to us

If you suffer from similar problems, you will get an appointment with my team immediately and without a significant waiting time, just ask for an appointment with Conny or Michaela for pain syndrome, a treatment session currently costs 70,-



this is certainly a particularly successful course of treatment.

As a rule, our patients are “trained” to use the neuromodulation device – but do by far not see an improvement to this extreme extent – and buy their own treatment device (1400,-) to continue the treatment at home.

I don’t think this will be necessary for Karl, he will be completely pain-free after 2-3 more treatments.



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