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150MHz mediated Mental Fielding with Mag. Andrea Ristl in Vöcklabruck


Last year we did training in spiritual fielding with the 150MHz frequency according to Dieter Broers, where during a subtle interview with the help of this profound healing frequency you can gain deep “life-changing” insights or free yourself from situations where you feel “stuck“.

I reported on this in detail and linked the incredible videos of a Swiss coach who reported that many patients have freed themselves from serious legacy issues and in some cases have been able to change their lives in a much more fulfilling way.

150MHz assisted Mental Fielding

The feedback we received was very positive – Lenna and Michaela were very happy to do it – but – WE in the office simply don’t have time for it because we are endlessly booked up with everything else with our broad spectrum and we don’t have the “time frame” and the “necessary leisure” for it.


a therapist friend of mine offers this

Mag. Andrea Ristl from Vienna – coach, trainer, university lecturer – and a real “ray of sunshine” – spontaneously agreed to carry out this mental fielding in our office and she is coming to Vöcklabruck on the weekend of July 6-8.

Almost all the appointments are already booked, but Andrea can still take 2 or 3 interested people.

If there is more interest, she could perhaps offer this opportunity once a month in our practice to gain “deep insight into life issues and problems” with the help of the magical 150MHz, and we would then create a waiting list.


if you are interested, please call

If you are interested, please just call 07672-23700 to arrange an appointment with Mag. Andrea Ristl for “mental fielding”. Andrea can also provide excellent instruction in English.



Andrea charges 180 for the 1.5-2 hour therapy session with the 150MHz device




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