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Parkinson’s Disease – Feldenkrais a game changer – Brain-Stimulation a great Booster


Content of the article: We were not only amazed but even overwhelmed at how well a Parkinson’s patient was not only stable but actually significantly improved through a simple “Feldenkrais” movement training over 10 years.

Update Gerhard March 2024

Petros examines him during our March Training in Austria in my clinic and posted a reel about it on Instagram



Parkinson patient Gerhard – came to us in 2013

At the time, Gerhard had a massive cobalt contamination – no idea where from – and after the metal removal he felt significantly better for a while and was able to resume his job as a computer programmer.

I linked the video testimonial from 2014 at the bottom

After 5 years – it was 2019 – we saw him again by chance and unfortunately discovered that this chronic neuro-degenerative disease had progressed despite everything.

My last communication about Gerhard was about 3 years ago with the unfortunate information that Gerhard now mostly sits in a wheelchair and can only walk at home with a walker.


Gerhard is great in 2023

In the fall of 2023, Gerhard suddenly appears with his Feldenkrais trainer Gabi as his accompaniment and Lenna and I are completely blown away:

He’s actually doing great, he can walk quite well, looks very good – much, much better than in 2018, we are completely thrilled and are starting brain stimulation.

After a few weeks we received a positive response via WhatsApp from Gabi:

… we are thrilled, Gerhard is doing much better.

…. he even went on a 50km bike tour…..

The last time at the Feldenkrais training Gerhard was late and even ran after the train at the train station…….


Here is the video of Gerhard in December 2023 with Gabi



Gabi Haslinger – Feldenkrais breathing technique trainer, yoga

Gabi comes from here and went to school with my sister Ilse.

A few years after her studies, Gabi spent many months in India several times to learn/train yoga and has established a great reputation in the area as a yoga trainer.

Website: https://www.gabriele-haslinger.at/

Gabi has completed further training in recent years and is now an experienced Feldenkrais and breathing technique trainer

By the way, these face-to-face courses in Mondsee are very cheap – 20 per course

Gabi also trains via ZOOM, Skype or Whatsapp


Interview with Gabi Haslinger – Feldenkrais expert

In February 2024 I conducted a short interview with Gabi about her experiences with Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases using Feldenkrais and breathing techniques



First testimonial from Gerhard after metal rejection in January 2014

Now more than 10 years have passed and Gerhard can still run after the train and ride his bike for 50 km

I show all of this to give those affected HOPE and to motivate colleagues to also offer these therapies: metal and heavy metal detox as well as brain stimulation.

In my experience, a neurologist or rheumatologist has NEVER looked into a patient’s mouth and looked at the seals. Knowledge of these things is taught exclusively in courses on functional and orthomolecular medicine and is completely excluded from conventional medicine.

On the contrary: the health insurance company only pays for amalgam seals – absolutely negligent and medical malpractice in one opinion!!!