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Alcaline Powder and Cancer


The topic of base powder has been bothering me for many years now! I actually researched this article in 2013 and just published it recently, it is full of interesting information and links and should therefore be “public” knowlege.


I was skeptical about the “need for base powder”

for a long time

Originally, like most doctors, having studied medicine, I was critical of alkaline powder administration.

We learn that there is a very high self-pH adjustment power of the body, which, when too much acid is supplied, makes the urine more acidic and keeps both blood and tissue pH absolutely constant.

pH as a measure of the degree of acidity

The pH is a measure of the acidity. The higher the pH, the more basic, the lower the more acidic. Neutral is the value of 7.

For more technical readers: pH is the negative logarithm of the H+ ion concentration. pH of 7 means 10-7 mol/l H+ ions. One pH degree more or less means a tenfold increase or a tenth of the original H+ concentration, which has very serious effects on the form and function of biological molecules.

Cells extremely sensitive to pH / acidity

Normal cells are highly sensitive to pH, from a pH of 6.8 growth is no longer possible, from a pH of 6.2 cells die immediately.

All metabolic processes always produce too much ACID, which is why the body makes every effort to keep the acidity constant. We have several mechanisms to protect ourselves against too much acid, hardly any to protect ourselves against too much base, so we are generally very acid-stable.

You just have to take a few strong breaths – until you get dizzy – this shows the low protection against “deacidification”, because the forced exhaled CO2 (carbonic acid –> Carbon dioxide) reduces the acidity of the blood, the calcium is bound in the slightly alkaline pH and cramps then occur.

Acid is not “toxic” per se

“Acid makes you fun” – it’s not an everyday saying for nothing: all athletes know that they have to warm up in order to achieve full performance. Only in hyperacidic tissue do the erythrocytes release their oxygen well and completely; this is called BOHR effect, here in the link is a good explanation for that effect.


Alternative medicine forced “Deacidification”

Poorly researched books with lurid titles like “Acidosis, cause of cancer, hair loss and death” put me off rather than making me taking the topic seriously.

So – in view of little “real evidence” but only a lot of blah in courses etc. – I couldn’t bring myself into believing in the “Acid and Base Business” to actually convince the patients about the base capsules and the base powder.

What should I do, I believe the studies, not the “BlaBla”.

Although one of my complementary oncology teachers, Dr. Werner Steinkellner, strictly instructed every patient to take the alkaline powder, for me and my patients it was often “forgotten”

I wasn’t really convinced!

If the patients complain anyway that they should now take enzymes, selenium, vitamin E, carotin, Q10, ….., then you end up leaving out what you least expect.



It was only my research into prostate cancer in 2012 that brought me an extraordinary and completely convincing result:

Specially bred cancer mice that were given alkaline powder to drink remained healthy and died of old age, while the control mice without alkaline powder developed their prostate cancer after 25% of their lifespan and 50% of theirs Lifespan died. I wrote an article about this.


Research on acidosis and cancer for IGMED Congress 2013

This TRAMP-MICE research was the reason for my intensive research over 600 studies on the subject of ACIDOSIS and CANCER at the 2013 National Holistic Medical Congress.

Here you can download my lecture manuscript as a Powerpoint PDF, there are also all studies that I cite here for this article are shown.


my research in the pubmed told me

The cancer/acidosis connections were OVERWHELMING!

In short: Acidosis is the beginning, engine, pacemaker of cancer; it is only through acidosis that cancer and metastasis actually occur….


longer summary – acidosis and cancer development

Maybe you don’t have to put it in such extreme terms as the retired biochemist and author Marc Sircus

In this book he describes that you can cure any tumor with maple syrup + bicarbonate together – I can definitely say nonsense because the patients then sit with me. Nevertheless, chronic tissue hyperacidification plays THE CENTRAL tumor-promoting effect!

Here’s the process –> The numerous studies for reference can be found in my lecture manuscript on acidosis.


Start of cancer development: lack of oxygen

Lack of oxygen leads to a switch to sugar fermentation metabolism because sufficient oxygen is required for complete combustion.

This lack of oxygen occurs when microcirculation is disrupted. I have created a fascinating-interesting page with lots of videos about this.

Fermentation causes the acidification of the tissue

During fermentation, sugar is broken down into lactic acid, this works practically without oxygen, an “emergency program” of the cell, in the studies this is referred to as the “Warburg mechanism”.

Now the lactic acid that is sweated out causes Tissue ACIDOSE,

It is only this acidosis together with oxygen deficiency that causes cells to completely derail their metabolism, the cells subsequently degenerate and change genetically because there is no longer enough energy available is available to enable normal, healthy, complete cell division.

Acidosis immortalizes the cells

It is only through acidosis that the resulting cancer cells are “immortalized” and lose their ability to undergo apoptosis – the programmed cell death that should occur if the cell somehow degenerates.

The surroundings of these “tumor cells” become more and more acidic (acidotic) due to increasing lactic acid exudation from the tumors into their surroundings, because the vast majority of tumor cells ferment sugar into lactic acid.

bad blood vessels due to acidosis

Due to tissue acidification, poor blood vessels form in the tumor that cannot transport blood well. This causes oxygen deprivation and thus acidosis to increase further.

Readiness for metastasis only in the case of hyperacidification

Only sufficient acidification enables the next step in tumor development, the so-called epidermal-mesenchymal transition EMP,

EMP is the reprogramming of cells that can only grow on certain “ground/connective tissue” into “connective tissue-like cells” which can now continue to grow anywhere in the body. This is essentially the transformation of the tumor cell into a cell ready for metastasis.

I have also written my own article on this subject .

Extracellular enzymes (cathepsins) require the acidosis to clear the tumor cells from the underlying tissue (studies),

The matrix metalloproteinases probably also contribute, but are not acid-dependent (no study available).

Immune blockade by tumor environment

This hyperacidity and lack of oxygen is now referred to as the “tumor microenvironment” (direct tumor environment). This micro-environment influences the tumor cells, the immune cells, the ground tissue cells (fibroblasts) in such a way that they support the tumor in its destructive properties!

The acidosis (hyperacidity) of the tumor tissue inhibits the migrating immune cells. The tumor is full of immune cells that just lie around and do nothing.

If you deacidify the tumor on one side with bicarbonate, the immune cells immediately start working again, the tumor dissolves; on the other side, where there is still tissue hyperacidification, it continues to grow and begins to metastasize from there.

Chemo and radiation resistance only in of acidification

Only through the hyperacidification of the “tumor microenvironment” does the cancer cell’s chemical pump enzyme develop, which is known as the “multidrug resistance gene” and which triggers the tumor’s resistance to chemo.

Acidosis hinders chemotherapy drugs

In addition, chemotherapy drugs in an acidic environment are hindered from re-diffusing into the tumor cells. You then need unnecessarily high dosages to overcome this “acid protective mantle”.

Inhibition of acidosis activates the immune system

As described above, the killer cells begin to attack the tumor as soon as the tissue acidosis in the tumor has been eliminated.

Exercise eliminates acidosis

Through a still unknown mechanism, exercise causes tumor tissue to deacidify through temporary hyperacidification during exercise. This reduces tumor growth and its ability to metastasize and extends survival time

Summary IGMED 2013

I was able to summarize everything described through my study research, so for me this is absolutely evidence-based, study-backed knowledge, there is no doubt about it.


Simoncini has partly. excellent results

Dr. Simoncini in Italy treats tumors by administering high doses of base powder, similar to the mouse experiments cited above. His results are reportedly excellent. That you Dr. Simoncini’s portrayal of everything negatively is the usual reaction of the establishment to innovations – if anything, it’s an indication that his findings work. People have also tried to hack my website every day since I started the “PharmaWatch” section.

In the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland as well as in Bad Aibling, St. Georg Clinic and many other tumor therapists – as well as ourselves – base infusions are used with great satisfaction and success.


Deacidification – what, how, why

As described above, the question of “what for” in tumor diseases does not arise at all: local tissue acidosis is the engine of tumor activity, improvement in acidosis improves the prognosis – this is definitely scientifically clarified.

However, when it comes to other illnesses, you can certainly ask questions:

what about “stomach hyperacidity”, what about acid blockers (PPIs), such as rheumatism, fibromyalgia, inflammatory diseases,

What about drinking vinegar, lemon juice, etc.?

I will answer these specific questions in another article; here I will limit myself primarily to the tumor process.


Bicarbonate as the “main base powder”

Bicarbonate dissociates at a pH of 6.1 – this roughly corresponds to the pH value in the center of a tumor. However, the average tumor pH is 6.8.

H+  +   HCO3  –> CO2   +   H2O

At a pH of 6.8, most of the bicarbonate is actually present as HCO3

Bicarbonate now absorbs the acid in the cancerous tissue, creating a molecule of carbon dioxide and water according to the above formula.

The carbon dioxide can – because it is lipid-soluble – diffuse freely through the tissue and can therefore enter the tumor cell again, where it can combine with water to form carbonic acid and release another acid atom H+, which occurs in the alkaline cancer cell. can easily take place inside the cell, so that in this way the acid from the outside of the cancer cell gets back into the inside.

Therefore, the cancer and acid/base expert Dr. Wolfgang Zöch in the bicarbonate therapy of a “cancer hyperacidification therapy

Normally, carbon dioxide from the tissue in the red blood cell is exchanged for a molecule of oxygen, but in cancer tissue, which is usually anemic, this is less possible due to the lack of erythrocytes.


Citric acid – citrates

Important metabolic intermediate in energy production

Citric acid is an absolutely important metabolic intermediate for energy production and is constantly produced in the body.

In the case of metabolic diseases or metabolic disorders (enzymes of the energy metabolism are blocked), metabolic acids such as propionic acid or lactic acid can accumulate and trigger severe hyperacidity, which can be life-threatening conditions.

A brand new study shows http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23412866


Addendum 2019 – up to this point the article was from 2013, here are some new tips on pH in tissues

pH is voltage of the liquid

Dr. Jerry Tennant gave me a very interesting tip that pH actually represents the tension of tissue water. That cells absolutely need negative voltage to mature and healAcidosis represents a positive state of tension that favors cell division (cancer disease).

That’s why I made an EXCEL table to calculate the cell voltages.


Here is Jerry Tennant’s lecture, you can find other lectures on YouTube



Books by Dr. Jerry Tennant






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