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Years of knee problems was cerebellar atropia – “cured” after 3 weeks with a neurostimulator

"miracle treatment" by Petros Kattou (DO) in Nikosia / Cyprus


Patient suffered persisting pain and difficulty walking despite knee surgery. Actually she had a cerebellar ataxia. She seems “cured” after 3 weeks of brainstem-neurostimulation.


why cases from Greece from Petros

because Austrian patients are shy and do not like videos of themselves shown on YouTube. We have comparable cases, I can confirm all of this “Petros Kattou Cases”.


“Cured” is a strong word

As a doctor you are actually never allowed to use it, so actually we mean “noticeable improvement”. On the other hand, the videos speak a clear language, please watch for yourself.


Videos of a patient with “KNEE problems”

Left knee replacement 2019, not pain-free afterwards, hardly possible to walk. Therefore, after 3 months, the right knee was operated on. After this operation, the left knee was “stiff” and was forcefull mobilized under anesthesia.

Complaints: Continuous leg pain, Restless legs, Stiffness Knees when she stands up, unsteady walking, balance problems, tendency to fall.

Orthopedic surgeons only blamed the “incompetent” physiotherapist, she did physiotherapy for years without improving!

Her problem is not the knee but an ATAXIA (inability to walk) that comes from the cerebellum. Petros does a cerebellum test (toe-heel gait –> like an alcohol test).

Video of cerebellar test


Due to the brain stem inflammation, which Petros can identify with special tests he developed himself, the patient is given by Petros treatment with a BRAIN STEM neurostimulator.


3 weeks later – everything is pretty good

Pain is gone, ataxia is essentially gone. I do not show the video of examination but of her leaving the clinic!



Knee examination

both knees have full – pain-free – extension and flexion below 90° as well as pain-free manipulation and “tight fitting ligaments” –> the knees are perfect!

The knees are both PERFECT – unfortunately a proper neurological US was never done!

Even in Vienna, when Petros treated 40 patients in September, we saw 2 patients with ataxia in whom clear brain atrophies were visible on the MRI; Petros saw these but not the radiologist!




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In December, 8 doctors in Cyprus will learn this method again, including 2 neurologists. We even have now a neurosurgeon in Graz / Austria that has learned this wonderful treatment method.

Doctors with SOZΩ training can be found on Brainstimulation.info

The next course is in February 2024, if you are interested please contact me.