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more Testimonials – beautiful Improvements due Brainstimulation: FMS, Vertigo, MS, Brain Atrophy, Pains, Depression, Spastic, Paralyzation,


Petros Kattou entertains us “students” with daily video testimonials from his practice. Here in Austria it is rather difficult to do testimonials because patients don’t want to go in front of the camera; the Greeks are more relaxed about this.

This provides insight into what we can achieve using brain stimulation as treatment


Nurse with severe dizziness

Constant dizziness, no treatment was successful, miserable life, which is why feelings of fear and panic developed. Returned to life in 2 weeks with brain stimulation (Petros did not write whether brain stem or tDCS therapy)



Cervical and lumbar spinal canal stenosis, severe back pain and sciatica, weakness

here are the MR images of the cervical and lumbar spine

Cervical spine stenosis lumbar spine stenosis


and here the situation after a few weeks of taVNS with brainstem stimulation

The patient is practically completely pain-free and has his mobility back. Not to be forgotten: all of these patients have previously seen a large number of specialists and have often been pretreated for a long time.



Fibromyalgia, migraines, shoulder pain, anxiety, depression

long-pretreated patient, classified as “fibromyalgia” by regular doctors. Got the NeuroStimulator (taVNS) first and then brain stimulation (tDCS) –> Pain-free, fear-free, happy, does housework



Multiple sclerosis – walking again possible

Thanks to neuromodulation tDCS, the young woman can stand and walk again; previously she simply collapsed while standing

Don’t forget, these videos are made after 1-2 weeks of therapy when people come for a check-up. If you continue this therapy yourself at home, the results will be significantly better after a few months.

now see here two of my own patients

Parkinson’s disease rapid progressive – Improvement now after 4 months brain-stimulation


Parkinson’s Disease – Feldenkrais a game changer – Brain-Stimulation a great Booster




Fear-panic states in a technician

Under neurostimulator (taVNS) there was a dramatic improvement within just 1 week: he was able to almost stop smoking cigarettes and also reduce his coffee from 8 to 1-2 and feels much better


Update of the boy with spastic quadriparesis after a cerebral hemorrhage at birth

He is getting better and better, has been doing the brain stimulation for 6-7 months now, you can see the improvement very well in the first video which is shown in the article below.


In this article, the writing sample under brain stimulation is visible as well as the video that the father sent, where you can see how the 16-year-old boy can pour himself something for the first time in his life, which was previously not possible due to his spasticity!

this post hier I didnt translate to english, but you just look at the videos

Spastische Tetraparese – SOZΩ Wunder-Therapien bei Dr. Petros Kattou



Update from the woman in the wheelchair who came about 6 months ago because of severe cerebellar atrophy


That was the video of this woman about 6 months ago

Lying in bed for 6 months as a full-care patient, he walks again with help and a Therasuit


The following articles on my homepage also fit in with this.


Years of knee problems was cerebellar atropia – „cured“ after 3 weeks with a neurostimulator


this following post also not translated to english: 4y wheelchair because of Spine Cancer stands up walking after 1 Week of Brainstem-Stimulation

4 Jahre Rollstuhl nach Rückenmarks-Tumor, Patientin steht nach 1 Wo Hirnstamm-Behandlung auf und kann gehen


chron. Migraine – complete insomnia

diagnosed by neurologists as whiplash / myelopathy, by another as multiple sclerosis. Was evaluated in the SOZO Brain Center by the neurosurgeon who found nothing, massively improved with first taVNS and then tDCS




my comment on this

Petros sends a case like this every day, he is completely overbooked, up to 50 people a day who he now sees in Nicosia from all over the world.

We now have 6 months of experience with this method in my office, two great nurses who carry out brain stimulation with the patients and see comparable “miracles” every day!

Treatment is carried out by precisely testing the disorder with neurological tests

  • afterwards – depending on the test – taVNS = brainstem stimulation for a few weeks
  • then – depending on the test – possibly tdCS = brain stimulation, after the patient has learned this from us, he carries it out independently at home.

According to Petros, 70% of the patients treated in this way are successful, I can confirm this in my practice – I have the feeling that we are actually having more success, so far we have seen around 60 patients treated in this way and are experiencing fantastic improvements every day – really every day.

For example, yesterday evening there was an 18-year-old with cerebellar atrophy since she was a baby (at Cisterna Magna), which is why she is severely disabled and so on unsteady on her feet that she can only walk if someone holds and supports her. After 15 minutes of stimulation on the cerebellum, she was able to walk alone – for the first time in her life – with an almost normal gait –an absolute miracle!

For some it takes longer (brain atrophies, ME/CFS), some give up quickly (e.g. MS, Parkinson’s), but overall most people actually get better.

Just now there was a patient who, 6 weeks ago, was diagnosed with severe SUDECK’s disease of the lower leg (pain, swelling, pain) that had been present for 21 years. Circulatory disorder, toes dissolve, dark blue skin color, leg swollen to twice its size, can only sleep 2 hours at night) – patient has had 81 operations on this leg so far (!!!!!)

Now after 6 weeks of treatment she can now sleep well, pain is at 20% of what it was before, when she trains tDCS with us she is completely normal.

Prof. GDR. Wolfgang Köstler from Vienna happened to be there and kept mumbling “a miracle, a miracle”.


Where can you get such a treatment

  • Cyprus is a 3 hour flight away at 70-100,- –> Petros
  • With us – but we are also endlessly booked, long waiting times
  • But we now have almost 20 doctors in Austria who are trained in this –> https://brain-stimulation.info, including 2 neurologists – now in the next training round in March 8 doctors and 2 neurologists will be trained again .