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Training in Limassol in Cyprus with Petros Kattou in May 2024


In May 10th-11th there will be a doctor training with Petros Kattou in neuromodulation / brain stimulation in Cyprus / Limassol and there are still places available.

The course is held in English, but Petros speaks very clearly, we had no problem even with old / retired colleagues who took this course.

Since the Vienna course in June was completely booked out in just a few days,this is currently the next opportunity to learn this therapy.

Petros is currently being courted by everyone worldwide so that the courses in Europe are becoming fewer, his next plan is to go to Australia and train doctors there (he studied medicine in Australia and worked as a doctor there for the first few years).

I’ve been to Cyprus several times, the travel is completely easy – from Vienna have 2 x daily 3-hour direct flights down to Larnaca, from Munich probably even more often, interestingly the flights from Munich cost significantly more.

The organizers there take care of the transport from the airport to Limassol and also the accommodation and transport from the hotel to the training.

We always stayed at the Pefkos City Hotel and were very happy with the rooms, Petros also sleeps there when he is in Limassol overnight (he lives in Nicosia).

The course costs 3,000 and you have to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), which is completely normal and unspectacular for US companies. I was stunned because such a NDA was new for me when doing a training.


Petros was seriously ill himself

After a serious car accident with a C1 plus C2 fracture, he developed spinal pain syndrome, was operated on five times and even sat in a wheelchair.

Petros then returned to university and studied neuromodulation in London and Maastricht and then finally healed himself and was so successful with these methods in his own practice that as an osteopathic doctor he now hardly has to use osteopathy anymore, but treats nearly everything nowadays  with Neuromodulation.

He only rarely needs osteopathic “manipulation” – mostly in the neck, in this article here I’ll show a video of it.



What you can successfully treat with it:

Here I have now presented many testimonials from Petros and ourselves as separate articles

Petros always says he can crack it 70% of the time. If you add detox and ortho and teeth, in my experience the success rate is better than 70%

I think Parkinson’s is the coolest because we haven’t been able to do much about it so far. The most spectacular are the “complex regional pain syndrome” patients, these are those where the pain (typical after surgery or injury) has increased with each intervention. Depression also reacts very definitely (in our case so far).

I can also confirm that we are having success with MS and ME/CFS, with the latter very slowly – but really.

The spectrum of diseases that can be treated with neuromodulation is incredibly large because the brain is involved somewhere in diseases.

Neuromodulation is currently only an “additional therapy” and in no way replaces regular conventional medicine. It is also carried out exclusively by doctors and specialists.



is this humbug or “scientific medicine”

Neuromodulation is a research hotspot and will “explode” – we are the avant-garde because, thanks to Petros, we can get the research translated directly into practice.

I have put together a page with studies on a wide variety of diseases

Scientific Research about Neurostimulation




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