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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS – “Pain Cripple Syndrome”


I call this the pain-cripple syndrome because no matter what you do, the patient only gets worse. A torture for every practitioner, no matter what you do, it only gets worse afterwards, not better.

In the first reading, the book by Norman Doige was a big help, I understood what was going on “Brain on Fire”

That was the first time I understood it – but I wasn’t able to implement it in my own practice.

Our first patient with a “miracle cure” opened my eyes: it was my friend Goriza – 9 years as a pain cripple under morphine and constant infusions and infiltrations, so I wrote a detailed article with TESTIMONIAL videos.

In the meantime, depending on how we counted, we have seen 4-7 such patients improve significantly, some of them. even painless.

another patient who spent over 10 years in bed as a pain cripple

Video is in German, so sorry



Doing now Brain-Stimulation according to Petros Kattou for 6 Months

I now believe that this can be treated quite promising and with a high degree of reliability.


MIRROR therapy

Here we have a variant of the therapy that is especially effective

Mirror therapy with simultaneous brain stimulation tDCS

Dr. Petros Kattou SOZQ brain cente Cyprus is writing about this case

The patient has been suffering with severe right neck refer down entire arm! She commence having pain only in right wrist 12 years ago!

Then the crippling pain story started:

  • Surgery carpal tunnel syndrome failed to remove the pain.
  • Then after 1 year pain constant daily neurotrophic changes operation release ulnar nerve
  • Then they performed surgery by thoracic surgeons thoracic outlet two surgeries fail
  • Constant daily use LYRICA, BEUROTIN,AMIROL, Opiods all failed
  • Her MRI Findings cervical spine and brain clear
  • She then consulted the finest pain clinic in Athens:
  • All EMG studies clear, she performed RF radio frequency Neurolysis
  • Pain subsided 50%
  • After 6 months pain got worse could not sleep
  • At all 12 years suffering

Final diagnosis CRPS complex regional pain syndrome

We performed first taVNS and then tDCS on 2 brain-regions plus mirror therapy, within a few weeks pain 90 % gone.

Now in the meantime she is been now 7 months pain free

Not taking one type of medications – Medications free !!!!

She is a lawyer

Great case



you think you are suffering CRPS?

Its a very peculiar Pain-Disease: whatever is done increases the pain or just helps temporarily. Pretty all patients are like “Goriza” or the Laywer of Petros.

You can do this therapy with us at any time, we have all the equipment/mirrors on site, but any SOZO-trained doctor can also do this carry out.

We have almost no waiting times for this therapy, the patients do not come to me but are looked after directly by my best-trained nurses Cornelia or Michaela, who do this all day long. To make an appointment, please call my office and ask for 3-5 dates with Cornelia or Michaela for a “pain appointment”. Whole treatment takes about 3 months but is mainly done at home via hometreatment.


Dr. Petros Kattou is coming to IGMEDT in Vienna on June 14, 2024

This Friday at the conference (which runs for 3 days until Sunday) is absolutely sensational: Sabine Hazan, Petros Kattou, Simon Yu – everyone speaks for 1 hour about their area with a special focus Attention to cancer adjunct treatment.

Please be sure to register soon because the last IGMEDT was completely booked, we only have 160 places available.

It is primarily a medical conference, but we also allow interested laypeople and HP/energeticists in because holistic medicine needs every single person to stay alive.


Pain therapy for doctors with pain patients

This therapy would be helpful for pain clinics or pain centers. We now have 1 place available for a doctor for the next training course, It will definitely be gone by the end of this week, the waiting list for patients for this training was overflowing in 2 days.


Here is another nice Pain-Case from PETROS

20 year pain cripple dramatically improved due to neuromodulation