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Urin Examination – Uroscopy – ancient but phenomenal diagnostic tool


HP Tobias Eisenkolb, our new employee, brings a new “naturopathic” diagnostic into the practice: the so-called Urinary examination or Urine diagnostics or Uroscopy (Wikipedia: Uroscopy – an “ancient method of natural medicine”)


Case 1 – chronic pain, weakness, “bulemia” due to nausea, unable to work for years because of this

Graduate nurse, sick for 10 years, had an infected tooth and amalgam, got inlay, persistent pain – dentist said it would calm down.

Then it started massively: whole body pain without increased inflammation levels. Especially in the right upper abdomen (gall bladder?) after eating – that’s why she finally starts vomiting after eating to relieve the pressure.

She becomes increasingly weaker and eventually becomes unable to work

10 years go by…

She then had a root canal done on her own initiative, which didn’t improve the situation. In fact, the tooth was completely gangrenous at the root

–> Be sure to take a look at my articles about root canals, especially the following “dental foci as a source of multiple complaints“.

Came to us last month, the tooth was black and we motivated her to have a 3D radiograph done and have the tooth removed.

One month later: no improvement, the wound after the tooth-removal is still not healed, the self-dissolving stitches have not come off, the wound still looks like it was freshly operated 4 weeks after the operation.

A clear sign that the NICO Dental Osteonecrosis was not scraped out correctly and completely during the root canal treatment.

Here on the right you can see the extent of the branded, inflamed bone around a seemingly completely bare root-treated tooth (left). This entire osteomyelitic area must be completely removed, otherwise there will be no point in extracting the tooth.

That’s why please only ever visit a dentist with additional training in biological dentistry for such procedures, the highly valued colleagues learn NOTHING about it during their university training (my cousin’s son is a dentist and recently graduated and confirmed this to me).

Below: this is what a tooth lesion around a root canal looks like in the anatomical specimen, this patient donated his jaw for research, he committed suicide because of extreme trigeminal neuralgia.

(c) Dr. Johann Lechner / Prof. Jerry Bouquot


Despite the fact that the “poison tooth” had now come out, she was still just as exhausted as before, as well as the terrible constant pain all over her body.

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has whole body pain especially right upper abdomen and left arm, whole left side painful

That’s why she vomited after eating because she got relief from the pain that had been massively increased by eating.

Very faint fragile expression, my own nurse is very worried

“… she can’t do it anymore, she doesn’t like it anymore…”

Tobias has now analyzed the urine and found that she is suffering a massive loss of magnesium


Urinary examination – uroscopy of the patient

In tube #2 (from the left) you can see a cloudy, milky precipitate at pH7

This precipitate at pH 7 is magnesium phosphate which precipitates when the urine is boiled.

then you add acid and now the precipitate dissolves. This proves – as in the “separation process” that every HTL chemist learns – that it is magn-phosphate.

Tobias tells me: with pH 9 precipitation there would be calc-phosphate and an indication of calcium loss as part of massive tissue acidification because here calcium acts as an “acid buffer substance” is broken down by the bone and there is also an increase in parathyroid hormone, which is not the case when Magn is lost.

Uroscopy calls the phenomenon “milk pee” or “melancholic urine,” because yesn in the “early times” the connection between “melancholy” (depression) and this precipitation was known (eretic scrophulosis)


and now the miraculous turnaround comes – thanks to Harnschau –

We now gave high doses of magnesium and ……

…. the next time the patient comes back is relaxed, the pain has disappeared, she can keep her food for the first time in a long time and she has a positive feeling, the family is also happy because she can “eat” normally again for the first time !

She feels much better, but is now tired, which Tobias interprets as follows: She is now starting to regenerate for the first time in years, which was not possible before due to the sympathetic stress.

We are now of course using the vagus stimulator to support this and will neutralize the operated tooth lesion with LASER treatment.

Our explanation: the Dental Inflammation (NICO) has triggered permanent sympathetic stress and this leads to magnesium loss. We would never have diagnosed this without this urinary inspection and would have continued to treat the patient only with dental foci and liver/bile medications, etc.


Magnesium and sympathetic stress:

We already learned this from Prof. Cicero Coimbra, who taught us that when the body is under stress, the kidneys can no longer hold magnesium and therefore a magnesium deficiency situation occurs, which increases sensitivity to stress and neuroinflammation, which is why MS The administration of magnesium is absolutely important – I have already written several articles about it.

I have already written several articles


Tobias says: he himself has suffered such a melancholic state, you catastrophize everything and don’t understand where these strange, negative feelings come from. You just take magnesium and it goes “poof” and everything is gone again.

Prof. Coimbra in Sao Paolo told me the same thing during my training: “You can’t imagine what positive effects magnesium can have on you.”

Prof. Coimbra therefore insists that MS sufferers – for whom any stress can trigger an attack – take high doses of magnesium as part of the Coimbra Protocol have to take.


I will write up case number 2 in a new article: Patient with chronic inflammation excretes high doses of copper and zinc, which Tobias can detect in the urine (just like arsenic and cadmium in smokers). At home he has zinc pipes for the water supply to the house and copper pipes in the house, with a BWT system in between.