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Influenza – Prevention and Treatment


I have summarized some information with actual effectiveness for flu prevention from my research news here.

Article is from 2009 – I just run it through google translator now in 2024 – everything is still relevant but may have been expanded today – 2024, so also search for other articles with the keywords at the end of the article.


The summary at the beginning

  • Regular intake of Vitamin D3 is for me one of the most important preventive medical measures for a variety of Diseases, but especially for influenza. I found vitamin D as the most important “health remedy” a few years ago through an internet search for influenza:
    On this website the research work of Dr. Carnell described how in a huge US prison, 70% of all inmates and guards had influenza, except for the abnormal offenders unit: they all remained flu-free because their doctor – Dr. Carnell – gave them vitamin D.
  • Influenza prevention with 25-30mg zinc daily during the high-risk period (I reject permanent substitution off)
  • Vitamin C (3g throughout the day in several small portions) is used as a flu prophylaxis optimal and mandatory for chronically ill people anyway
  • In an infection, a MINI dose of Iron can potentiate the virus-static effect of VitC (10mg, e.g. Ferrobet for children)
  • Selenium deficiency increases defense deficiency against various influenza strains, selenium administration improves defense li>
  • Chicken soup is considered to be an excellent tasting and very effective influenza prophylactic, here is our recipe
  • Stinging nettle contains a lectin, which very efficiently prevents the spread of influenza viruses (SARS) – concentrated nettle tea seems useful.

Ultimately – with these subsequent measures in my hands, the influenza became a mild illness, practically everyone was back at work after 1 week!

Ah yes – a good homeopathic remedy is like magic! However, this must be individually adapted.


Here is a very detailed article from me about the research work of Dr. Carnell on VitD and influenza or other viruses


Important note: Even with optimal stimulation of self-healing, the flu requires 7-10 days until you are reasonably resilient again at home, 3 weeks for greater physical exertion or real stress. Don’t ignore it, I’ve often had to treat patients who had been sick “since a cold flu 15 years ago.”

below are the studies


Zinc against colds

· The trace element zinc reduces the unpleasant symptoms of a runny nose, according to a new American study published in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”. Zinc prevents so-called rhinoviruses from binding to the mucous membrane cells in the nose and throat, reports the German Green Cross in Marburg. The pathogens could therefore not penetrate the cells and spread further. The large number of different pathogens has so far made effective vaccination impossible. Now American researchers believe they have found an effective remedy with zinc.

· Although it does not prevent infection, it does reduce the duration and severity of symptoms, according to the Green Cross. While test subjects without zinc were sick for more than eight days, “zinc patients” were back on their feet after about four days. According to Rudolf Schopf, allergist at Mainz University Hospital, it is important to start zinc treatment within 24 hours of the first signs of a cold. Especially in combination with the body’s own amino acid histidine, the trace element can be easily absorbed by the body and effectively inhibit inflammation.


  •  Please read my fantastic research articles on zinc, e.g. “Bird flu virus and swine flu virus due to zinc completely repressible!”


Dr. Retzek recommends

Various zinc preparations are available, e.g

  • Zinc Picolinate Tbl (30mg Zinc) Pure Encapsulation
  • Berocca plus zinc (contains 10mg zinc)
  • Zinc “Hermes” effervescent tablets (25mg zinc)
  • Biolektra zinc effervescent tablets (25mg zinc)
  • Immune 44 caps

For flu prophylaxis I recommend 30 mg zinc per day at least 3 times a week, if the flu is breaking out even 3 x 1 Tbl zinc picolinate (no longer than a few days), which has eliminated practically every influenza in a very short time.


Vitamin C against pneumonia (pneumonia)

Pneumonia is one of the most common infectious diseases and still leads to around 2 million deaths in children in developing countries every year. In industrialized countries, pneumonia is a serious problem, especially among older people. It is the most common cause of infection-related death in the United States.

Animal studies suggest that vitamin C may be an effective measure to prevent infections. A team from the Cochrane Collaboration has now evaluated the effectiveness of vitamin C for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia in humans in a systematic review.

3 studies on prophylactic use and 2 studies on therapy with vitamin C were identified. In 2 of the 3 prophylactic studies, the participants were soldiers; the third study examined the effect on students at a day school in England in the 1940s. The two studies examining the therapeutic effects of vitamin C in pneumonia examined patients aged 66-94 or residents of the former Soviet Union whose detailed social backgrounds are unknown.

The results of the 5 studies: Vitamin C appears to be useful in both the prevention and treatment of pneumonia. The therapeutic effect seems to be particularly evident in people with low vitamin C levels. The circumstances in which the studies were carried out are certainly not simply transferable 1:1 to the entire population.

The authors conclude from the results that prophylactic administration of vitamin C is particularly useful in countries where the incidence of pneumonia is very high, especially if intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin C with food is not guaranteed. In the treatment of pneumonia, vitamin C supplementation should be considered in patients with low vitamin C levels. However, the evidence is so far too weak to make a general recommendation of vitamin C for the prevention of pneumonia.

Source: H Hemilä, P Louhiala : Vitamin C for preventing and treating pneumonia. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2007, Issue 1. Art. No.:CD005532. DOI:10.1002/14651858.CD005532.pub2,   March 10, 2007 obtained via EBM radar


Swine flu case, cured with vitamin C against doctor resistance

Also interesting the following link from Mercola: “Swine flu sufferer and almost dying with vitamin C – given against the wishes of the doctors with the help of a lawyer – promptly recovered”

Now – In 2011 a study is finally being published which confirms this therapy concept.

Dr. Retzek recommends

VitaminC is available both in the optimal “biological form” (acerola preparations, lemon juice, orange juice) and in the technical form of the racemate. I recommend the simple and cheap version: 120g costs just under 5 euros at the “DM”, 1 teaspoon full dissolved in a little orange juice once a day, sipped – enjoyed in small portions throughout the day (otherwise – taken all at once, most of it goes through and hydrates just the chair). VitC and selenium should not be taken together, leave them a little apart.


Selenium deficiency makes flu more severe

  • Sufferers are sicker more seriously and for longer – Chapel Hill (pte Apr 30 01/09:00) – A diet low in selenium can cause illnesses like the flu to be more severe and last longer. This is the result of a study by scientists from the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill http://www.unc.edu. In the experiment, the flu virus caused significantly more damage to mice with low selenium levels than to animals with high levels. This group was also more susceptible to pneumonia, which subsequently lasted significantly longer. The FASEB Journal

    Scientist Melinda Beck told the BBC that it has long been known that malnutrition makes people more susceptible to infectious diseases. It is crucial that the lack of selenium affects the immune response of the femaleuse changed and they became sicker than normal. “This means that the balance of all important nutrients is crucial and even a deficiency in one substance can have profound effects.”
  • Selenium is mainly found in wheat, rice and meat. Therefore, an average balanced diet as well as a vegan or vegetarian diet should provide sufficient amounts of the trace element. Selenium is said to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body and protect against various forms of cancer. In addition, it is said to play a key role in male fertility. End) May 7, 2001  was: http://www.pressetext.com/open.php?pte=010430002& chan=lb  pte010430002 (no longer available)
  • Selenium deficiency in a large number of viruses, including various influenza viruses, increases the viruses’ willingness to mutate and reduces defense. If you give selenium, then there is a lower mutation rate and better protection against viruses. Study February 2011, as early as 1997 shows rapid Mutation rate of Coccsacki viruses under selenium deficiency: Study 1997


Dr. Retzek recommends

I recommend 200µg selenium per day for prophylaxis and therapy (that is 2 tablets of a commercially available 100µg selenium-methionine preparation, such as selamine). Can be taken at this dosage for a longer period of time without any concerns.

However: if you are exposed to amalgam, never take selenium, but rather remove the mercury first, because selenium binds the mercury irreversibly in the tissue –> see my page Amalgam, as well as my page selenium and mercury.)


Vitamin D3

For those who understand “casual colloquial English”, I can recommend the following website: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles /51913.php, an excellent summary of new findings on vitamin D3 in influenza prophylaxis. On my own Vitamin D page there is also detailed information about studies on influenza -Prevention through VitD.

Dr. Retzek recommends

Vitamin D is available as simple, cheap versions of children’s drops in the pharmacy: OLEOVIT D3 – drops, 5 drops daily are 2000 units of VitD3, if you have a lot of stress increase it to 1 x 10 drops daily, but only during the winter season. Ev. Have a vitamin D level measured in January to avoid under/overdosing, as there are high inter-individual differences in absorption!


Stinging nettle lectin prevents the lethal effects of SARS in a mouse model

  • NETTLE extract contains a lectin and can prevent deadly SARS – VIRUS infections in mice. The virus spreads, but the symptoms of the disease are significantly reduced and the animals do not die. Study January 2011</li >


Homeopathic treatment for influenza

 This year (2009/2010) I was able to promptly treat each individual case homeopathically with a single epidemic remedy:
this means
  • Fever/free from pain within 24 hours,
  • rapidly accelerated process (coughing day 2-3, coughing day 4, day 5 “healthy”)


For correct homeopathic treatment the remedy must be selected precisely based on the patient’s complaints. For this you need it

– the exact course of the illness up to now,
– fever picture,
– Pains,
– thirst behavior,
– temperature behavior,
– emotional behavior during illness,
– Cough abnormalities
– and other noticeable “secondary complaints”.

Call 07672-23700 in the morning or 0664-2642765 at any time (e.g. SMS if I don’t answer)


further scientific studies

on scientifically proven measures to prevent colds

  • Sport – reduced Susceptibility to colds BBC – 2010
  • Micronutrient deficiencies are highly associated with increased susceptibility to infections and weaker immune systems. this innovative study from ECUATOR 2009 clearly shows the connection between undersupply with micronutrients and susceptibilityto diseases in the elderly population. The study shows the connection between Vit-C deficiency and reduction of interferron-gamma, as well as in zinc deficiency: interferron-gamma and interleukin-2 –> both important immune mediators (cytokines) that are necessary for defense against viruses.

Vitamin C probably doesn’t work directly, but rather through its oxidized form: dehydroascorbate. In vitro, this is 10x more virus static than ascorbate. The effect of a mini dose of IRON is probably based on this, as the iron molecules act as a catalyst and oxidize vitamin C very intensively.

in this context I always remember Dr. Romed Recheis, a great “practitioner” of homeoapthia, who additionally administered Ferrobet 10mg, the “children’s iron”, for every infection and saw a significant improvement in overcoming the disease.

study from 2008 – was, however, done in connection with HIV and was able to effectively suppress virus production in the affected cells by dehydroascorbate.



Ultimately, you will find many studies on the corresponding main pages: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, selenium.




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