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Turbo cancer, Crohn’s disease, Covid weakness – all bifidopathies? Bifido is much more important than previously known!


Dr. Sabine Hazan is currently the best-known intestinal microbiome doctor, book author, study witch and company boss. It shows that bifidus colonization could play a significant role in the progression of a variety of diseases.


Dr. Sabine Hazan – colorful biography

“….. after 20,000 colonoscopies I thought to myself that this wouldn’t get me anywhere. That’s why I went back into research and started studying the microbiome of patients with intestinal problems and at the same time doing studies for pharmaceutical companies.”

“….. so I delivered > 300 studies to the complete satisfaction of the companies and the FDA authority …… it was always the best collaboration with the authority …”

“… because I was so dissatisfied with the reproducibility of the stool findings, I founded a company myself with which we can now measure the intestinal bacteria in the stool perfectly: qualitatively quantitative…”

“…. our first results with CHAIR TRANSPLANTATION were fantastic, the transfer of the intestinal environment from a healthy family member to Parkinson’s, dementia or autism sufferers has brought about significant improvements….”

“….. I wrote a book about the Stool microbiome and stool transplants together with the world’s best expert Dr. Thomas Borody….”


new tweet with updated research on bifidus

Sabine posted a new tweet with new posters 2 weeks ago. It shows that BIFIDUS plays an extremely modulating role in Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, turbo cancer and the course of Covid and Long Covid



Turbo cancer – Bifidus only 1/5 present as in “benign tumors” and “healthy”

Unfortunately, she cropped the poster as a screen-cut, but you can easily orientate yourself on the graphics. The first left graphic refers to Bifidus – significantly reduced in aggressive tumors, while the middle and right graphics show other bacteria that have no connection to the cancer progression.


But: Correlation is not causation – these clues are just that: clues.

No longer. It must first be investigated whether an “improvement” in the intestinal environment leads to an improvement in the treatment process for tumors. This will probably never happen due to the structure of clinical trials, as Bifidus are not patentable.


similar to LYME – bifidus is missing

Lyme is the umbrella term for the disorder caused by Borrelia or co-infections. Often those affected are still not healthy after taking antibiotics. It will probably turn out that an autoimmune disease has been induced in the context of fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

In any case, those affected have a significantly lower Bifidus colonization, which is no wonder since the patients have been on antibiotic therapy for many months.




Bifidus is important in Crohn’s disease

Healthy people have 4% bifidus, Crohn’s sufferers have 0.05% bifidus and the asymptomatic “recovered” people have 2.35% bifidus.



Microbiome change after mRNA vaccination with bifido loss

more than halving of bifidus 6 months after vaccination.



Ivermectin may work because it enhances BIFIDUS

Hazan has of course published it, she sees that the BIFIDUS increases significantly with ivermectin.



What’s special about BIFIDUS?

These bacteria eliminate the inflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha and Interleukin-1 etc., therefore hardly anyCytokine stormand all inflammatory diseases relieved and improved.



Bifidus needs vitamin C

By giving VitC you increase bifidus.


How to increase bifidus in the intestine?

Dr. Hazan has tested all yogurts etc in the USA, out of 40 bifidus preparations only 2 contained live bifidus!

She hasn’t revealed her “secret” yet because she wants to publish it first – and probably patent it too.




How has Sabine Hazan fared during the pandemic?


Covid-19 – collapse of the honeymoon with FDA

Dr. Hazan found out very early on that with ivermectin and azithromycin, Covid sufferers healed quickly and promptly and without any problems and without side effects.

When she did what is her everyday job – namely, do studies on it – she was promptly banned from doing so.

She has now become very clear in naming an “AGENDA”, an agenda that is only concerned with pushing through the VACCINATION,

she describes that all anti-ivermectin studies were paid for by Bill Gates and are lies

The famous Dr. Pierre Kory in his new book:


Hazan treated 3,000 seriously Covid patients, none died

Dr. Hazan was frustrated and describes in interviews how she treated THOUSANDS of patients with her patented treatment.
Patents, Patent 2   not a single Covid sufferer died!

Nevertheless, she was suddenly attacked by the FDA and experienced character assassination attempts. She describes this very clearly in recent interviews.


Dr. Hazan realizes that SPIKE is a Bifidus phage

A phage is a virus that attacks and kills bacteria. Spike is a special protein that transports the Covid virus into human cells. At the same time, it attaches to bifido bacteria and opens them so that they “run out” and die – like a phage.

SPIKE kills all BIFIDUS like a Bakterio-Phage


in the interview and on Twitter is Dr. Hazan is now quite direct and refers to the agenda, purchased studies, the persecution of world-renowned experts if they did not follow the agenda, corruption and oddities surrounding this pandemic.



Our most important official in Austria….

was Dr. Clemens Martin Auer – who I noticed at the time was very committed during the crisis, because when journalists asked about statistics and figures, he rebuffed them and didn’t release them (“if you need them for scientific work, you’ll get them”).

Dr. Auer is now a consultant and federal government liaison for the WHO.



USA as well as UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Italy, Germany and Austria

All of these countries have disavowed and silenced the experts who have been critical of the agenda or who have developed working early therapies as swearers, right-wing radicals, etc.

Austria was no better but rather very eager to follow the agenda. The most important official at the time is now in the WHO.

The Austrian Medical Association was particularly keen to persecute doctors prescribing ivermectin and – together with pharmacists who were using drugs – promptly threatened or reported them – citing the Viennese virologist Christoph Steininger, who campaigned very strongly for MSD – against ivermectin – during the pandemic has (described in more detail here).

These internal processes have taken away my faith in the chamber and university experts! As long as there is no legal investigation, “this system” is questionable.



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