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SPIKE kills all BIFIDUS like a Bakterio-Phage


US doctor gastroenterologist Dr. Sabine Hazan discovers that after severe Covid infection and vaccination, bifido levels go back to ZERO. Even more interesting: breastfed babies from vaccinated people are completely bifido-free, something she has previously only seen in autistic people.

Dr. Hazan thinks that SPIKE protein behaves like bacteriophages against bifidus, because even after 9 months there were still no detectable bifidus bacteria in vaccinated people!

Extremely exciting interview from Epoch Time

Turn on subtitles if you don’t speak English very well

Dr. Hazan is obsessed with stool cultures and stool microbiome! At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, she and her friends collected stools – as early as 2020 and very soon found Covid RNA in all the stools of sick people.Even back then she was able to show that HCQ and Z-Pac (azithromycin) made the stools Covid-free – she soon got into trouble because of this.

A Research- Article of mine about <HCQ as a potential Covid remedy> earned me a complaint from the Upper Austria Medical Association for “negligent homicide” on the same evening of March 14, 2020.


Dr. Hazan developed a protocol against the then-malignant Covid at an early stage

Dr. Hazan had some thousands of patients. She took especially High-risk groups with very poor oxygen levels – treated with VitD, zinc, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and ivermectin and, according to this interview, not a single patient was lost.

But she was soon banned from these ongoing clinical trials with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, as she explains in the interview.

Since ivermectin is even given to babies with scabies and doxycycline is given permanently to children with acne, she has it another study, it would have been impossible for the FDA to block these two drugs in a clinical trial.

But she has been “persecuted” by the FDA many times because of this one study, she has been doing clinical trials for 30 years and she has never been persecuted like this because she has been in the business for a long time – a completely new experience to be hindered on all levels, while at the same time Their work saved many people’s lives – treated thousands – no one died!

This data is still unpublished, but has been very successful.


She tells here in that interview that the anti-ivermectin studies were all paid for by Bill Gates, which was news to me!

She also says: Ivermectin has to be taken with fat, it is absorbed much better – this was also new to me.


Because she was so disabled during the “cure” from Covid…

she thought that the point was actually to propagate this vaccination, that there was an AGENDA running in the background.

That’s why she began to question the vaccination and investigate its effectiveness and to carry out relevant studies at her own expense (“that was the money for my pension”) (from minute 44 of the interview above) and found that after the vaccination the BIFIDUS content of the chair turns back to 0. The same with newborns, where 90% of all bacteria are BIFIDUS, these also have 0 Bifidus.

Autistic people also have 0 bidifus, which is something they all have in common.

Based on her experience with autistic people, she feared: if the BIFIDUS in the stool completely reverts to 0, then these vaccinated children would stop speaking after a few years??!

Years ago I wrote an article about living bacteria in the brain and the indications that it is precisely these that may give us our ability to think .

In any case, she was able to publish this work “Spike consistently eliminates all Bifiidus bacteria from microbiology” as a poster and even received several prizes for it. SPIKE acts like a bacteriophage and kills the bifidus bacteria, she says.


Dr. Hazan killed her own Bifidus in her own attempt

In her own experiment she eliminated her own BIFIDUS in order to test the start-up on herself using various measures.

Then drank KEFIR –> didn’t help – that’s why she tested KEFIR: it didn’t contain any bifidus.

Tested 23 different preparations that were on the market, only 3 of which actually had BIFIDUS bacteria in them.

Dr. Hazan has filed patents for it

Here 11 patents can be viewed on Google, but she doesn’t execute these patents, she wants to this knowledge is freely available.


Exciting research

Dr. Hazan says that if someone eats 10,000 kCal and still stays slim and healthy, or someone only eats junk food and still runs marathons and stays perfectly healthy, the microbiome is responsible! This is what she wants to find out, this is what interests her!

She has always been a “frontier crosser” who continued to search and was not satisfied with the established knowledge.


Dr. Hazan has many short interviews from her on RUMBLE  some longer interviews on Youtube.


Sorry for the poor translation, I guess Google “always do evil” wants to suppress Dr. Hazan in any possible way.



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