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Triple Anticoagulant Therapy for Long-Covid – Brain Fog


Today the colleague was there again who had to take early retirement because of Longcovid and was completely cognitively and physically switched off and “came back to life” 15 minutes after being given a blood thinner.

I found out about this triple therapy on Reddit, in the USA the main representative of this therapy is Dr. Jordan Vaughn, about whom I gave several links in my first article:

Long-Covid – Triple Therapie funktioniert tatsächlich


Here I have another one of the Pubmed – Article read about it and because of the really amazing success with my patient – which is confirmed in this article below – translated into German:

Treatment of Long COVID symptoms with triple anticoagulant therapy, Gert Laubscher et al 2023,

This working group led by Gert Laubscher has many studies in the Pubmed on the topic


Abstract (=summary) of the article


Fibrin(ogen)-amyloid microclots and platelet hyperactivation are important pathological findings in patients with acute COVID-19 infection and also in patients with long-COVID/post-acute sequelae COVID-19 (PASC). These pathologies may represent a suitable target for pharmacological treatment of LongCOVID

    • These micro clots can be deposited as amyloid deposits in the heart or larger blood vessels –> see clots from embalmers in the US on Odyssey and then lead to “sudden death” like he is currently experiencing is observable. This can also take place as NW during spiking, with Astra-Zeneka-xRMA I+mpfng it was even recognized in the mainstream media at the time that some women died of blood clots in the brain.
    • here the Original article on Epoch-Times Unfortunately, due to the agenda-driven censorship in the leading media, this can no longer be found in search-machines – here they only stonewall or only present distracting articles. Twitter, Telegram, Odysee and Rumble are the only uncensored news platforms – Google and YouTube are completely agenda-driven and, like Wikipedia, are no longer credible when it comes to the pandemic and Pharma.


Here we report the symptoms of a cohort of 91 South African Long COVID patients at baseline and after completion of physician-initiated anticoagulant treatment.

For laboratory

For analysis, patients provided a blood sample before and after treatment. Presence of fibrinaloid microclots was examined by adding thioflavin T to platelet-poor plasma (PPP), while we examined platelet hyperactivation of two platelet markers – PAC1 and CD62P (P-selectin). .

The anticoagulant treatment consisted of a

  • dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT-clopidogrel 75 mg + aspirin 75 mg) once daily
  • and a direct oral administration of anticoagulant (DOAC-Apixaban = Eliquis (r)) 5 mg twice daily.
  • A proton pump inhibitor (PPI) Pantoprazole 40 mg/day was also prescribed for gastric protection.

Each of the cases treated reported their main long-COVID symptoms and whether or not their symptoms resolved after treatment.


In our cohort, most participants reported no comorbidities prior to acute COVID-19 infection.

Hypertension and dyslipidemia were the most common underlying diseases and also the most common.

Commonly reported Long COVID symptoms included

  • Fatigue,
  • cognitive dysfunction,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • and joint and muscle pain.

After completion of treatment, each of the various symptoms disappeared in the majority of patients.

This was also reflected in theLaboratory analysis reflected where a decrease in the severity of fibrin-amyloid microcoagulation and the degree of platelet pathology was noticeable.

No adverse bleeding events were reported.


  • Fibrin-amyloid microclots,
  • Platelet hyperactivation/aggregation and widespread
  • Endothelialitis

inhibits oxygen transport at the capillary/cellular level.

This provides an explanation for the symptoms of Long COVID, with normalization of the failed coagulation physiology leading to a reversal of the symptoms.

In endothelialitis, triple anticoagulant therapy appears to represent a promising treatment option that is highly effective and would warrant controlled clinical trials.

We caution that such a regimen should only be followed under expert medical supervision due to the risk of bleeding.

This is correct, if bleeding occurs during this therapy, it can hardly be stopped! So far I have only carried out double therapy with Eliquis + ASS with clear symptoms and increased D-dimer, as this is a “commercially available” blood thinner for cardiac indications and hundreds of thousands of patients have received this from an internist.


detailed description of the colleague about his cognitive deficits as a result of endotheliitis post covid


Dear colleague, can you describe to me in detail how long you’ve been feeling so bad, how exactly, what was abnormal or hypofunctional and what got better with blood thinning. I’d like to make an article out of it (anonymously, of course). We can help a lot of people with this because many colleagues don’t know this and helping is so easy if you know them

Best regards and all the best

—Dr. Helmut Retzek e.h. —



Dear helicopter!

I’ve been feeling bad since the end of November 2023. I had to complete my tax return for 2018 by mid-December. I had previously submitted my tax return for 2021 at the end of November. I realized that it would hardly be possible in my head, but I forced myself to do it. The last 3 days when I wanted to calculate the distances, i.e. with mileage allowance for training courses and doctor’s visits, I noticed that the headaches, which had previously felt light and distant, were getting stronger, more pounding and more unbearable. I knew that I should actually stop, but unfinished things are not my thing, so I forced myself to continue anyway. I was still missing an invoice, I left it out because it was no longer possible and half an hour later I handed the documents to my tax advisor. Just sticking up the bills and sorting through the receipts has gotten me to the point that I can’t do it anymore. There’s nothing left to do…just lie there. It’s like an organ piece, where at first all the pipes sound brilliant and magnificent and then suddenly, stop by stop, the thinking organ switches off. Even now, 2 weeks after taking the blood thinner, I am very fragile. Driving is still not possible. My short-term memory is probably better, but overall still very poor. With Eliquis and Thrombo Ass I can finish a thought but after 14 days I still don’t have all the functions or organ pipes. I’m still very exhausted and have to lie down for about half an hour several times a day, sometimes for an hour or I fall asleep for 2 ½ hours like I did yesterday. Only then can I do a little bit of housework in a minimalist way. But at least I’m getting into the activity. That wasn’t possible before. Nothing worked at all. I couldn’t talk on the phone or just for 5 minutes once a day, I couldn’t listen to the radio and I couldn’t meet anyone. These conditions have been repeating themselves again and again since December 2020. Immediately after Corona, I couldn’t drive for nine months. My thoughts were obstructed by a smoke screen. My friend is a homeopath and recommended Bryonia to me, but I didn’t notice much with Bryonia C 30. It was only when I took Bryonia C200 that the wall of fog completely disappeared within an hour, so that I could think clearly again. Then I dared to drive a car again. This time it wasn’t so much a wall of fog but a buzzing in my head that was getting closer and closer as if from a distance. I couldn’t read anything, just a few newspaper headlines. I had to go out to eat because I wasn’t able to cook anything. The Kronenzeitung is always on a table in the restaurant. There is always one picture that differs from the second by 5 errors. When I found only 2 errors after 10-15 minutes, I gave auf.

In the end that wasn’t possible for me either, so I didn’t find any errors.

I’ve also been an unsteady pedestrian in the last few weeks. I had to concentrate a lot to understand all the traffic lights correctly. I live in Vienna, in the middle of the big city, where I have to deal with a lot of traffic, cars, trams and intersections right from my apartment door. Concentration has improved with the blood thinner, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Doing things that are outside of your daily duties are only possible with great effort and effort.

That’s also the reason why you unfortunately waited in vain for my report last weekend. Please forgive me for being late…it’s not normally my style…I was just euphoric when I immediately experienced a significant improvement thanks to all of your remedies, especially the blood thinning, but I still have to be patient. Unfortunately, my mental organ doesn’t work as well as before. It also seems to me that the reasons for creating such situations where nothing works anymore are being triggered more and more frequently, at shorter intervals and by less and less activity. In the summer I had my 60th birthday and for two days in a row I was happier than I have ever been in my life. After that I felt very bad. I felt the same way throughout August as I do now.

Because everything is too much for me again, I have to close today. If there is anything else you would like to know, please let me know. But I only read my emails a maximum of once a week. I have the feeling that after every crash there is less and less movement

I also always have severe sleep problems during these phases, both difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. I’m incredibly slowed down, can’t write or read emails and can only respond minimally on my cell phone, usually just a short smiley so that my girlfriend knows I’m still alive. During these phases I sleep a lot, 10 to 12 hours, and have to lie down for about half an hour to an hour several times a day.

After Eliquis and Thrombo Ass, I’m online again and can write messages normally on my cell phone, get more active, my breaks have become fewer and shorter. But, as you saw yesterday, my performance phase is unfortunately very limited. It is in the states where nothing works anymore that you feel that a thought that initially wants to come cannot develop to the end, but rather dies out in front of you before you can grasp it. And so nothing works anymore because you need your thinking organ everywhere, no matter what you do. This is a short addendum from yesterday with kind regards to Lenna too. I am so grateful to you that something is working again, even if it still takes time!!! These conditions are unbelievable and unbearable. Thank you both again from the bottom of my heart!



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