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Loss of Smell after Covid – Nicotine might help


Stunning information: Nicotine could be an improving substance for many chronic conditions, and it is NOT ADDICTIVE!

Youtube interview by Dr. Bryan Ardis

Here I am discussing the YouTube interview with a US doctor Dr. Bryan Ardis who has compiled a lot of research information about nicotine over the last few years.

According to Dr. Ardis is a great remedy for a variety of diseases for which there is currently no causal therapy: this article is about the Covid loss of smell, more articles will follow, because

Nicotine is also said to have an effect on LongCovid, ME/CFS Parkinson, MS, dementia and even cancer,

but more on that in future articles. Before I believe something like that, I have to convince myself with the studies. Here we present Research Information that:

  • SPIKE-Protein from Covid is related to a Snake Venom
  • bites and blocks nicotinergic Acetylcholine Receptors
  • can be removed by chronic Intake of Nicotine
  • and Nicotine is not addictive – the addiction is produced by another Byproduct they add to cigarettes

The “toggles” contain explanatory and more in-depth information that is not necessary or even a distracting distraction to understanding the article content.


I’m affected by it myself, I’ve had a complete loss of smell since March 22 after Covid, which meant I could only taste sweet/sour/salty/bitter. Each additional spice was like “chewing on paper”.

With my homeopathic stem cell stimulation – which I only started many months later – some of the smell came back ,

But it’s only since I started taking nicotine that I suddenly taste basil, wild garlic or lemon peel “like normal” again.


Loss of smell due to irreversible blockage of nerve receptors in the brain by SPIKE

What was completely new to me: SPIKE is genetically or structurally related to snake venom and therefore – just like a certain part of snake toxins – binds irreversibly to the acetylcholine receptors (AChR). and blocks it.

I was aware of the binding of SPIKE to the ACE receptor. The direct andirreversible binding to the acetylcholine receptor was unknown to me, although the “nicotine test” for LongCovid had already predicted this scenario, I wrote about it last year. At that time I still suspected that “autoantibodies” were being displaced by the AChR.

Nicotin gegen Longcovid und ME/CFS


SPIKE can block ACh receptors everywhere?

Therefore, they can be found at chron. SPIKE exposure not only causes loss of smell but also (among other things)

  • Memory weakness,
  • Dampness of the respiratory center with perceived shortness of breath as well as muscle weakness,
  • Disturbances of the vagus and sympathetic nervous system and
  • Weakness of the adrenal gland.
  • and much more.


where are nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) are found primarily in the central nervous system (CNS), peripheral nervous system (PNS), neuromuscular junction of skeletal muscles, and some other tissues such as the adrenal cortex and certain immune cells.

1. **Central Nervous System (CNS)**: Here they are involved in transmitting signals between neurons and play a role in various functions such as learning, memory and attention.

2. **Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)**: They are involved in autonomic signaling, particularly in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

3. **Neuromuscular junction**: This is the location where motor neurons innervate the skeletal muscle fibers. nAChRs here enable the conversion of the chemical signal (acetylcholine release) into an electrical signal that triggers muscle contraction. This is the main mechanism of muscle activation during all voluntary movements.

4. **Adrenal Cortex**: nAChRs are involved in the release of adrenaline, a hormone that plays a role in the body’s “fight-or-flight” response.

5. **Immune cells**: There is evidence that nAChRs play a role in the modulation of immune responses, although this area remains under further research.

The highest density and diversity of nAChRs are found in the brain and at the neuromuscular junction, where they mediate signaling and muscle activation.


in the brain: where are the receptors damaged by SPIKE

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) are widespread in the brain and play important roles in various neurological processes. They are found in high concentrations in several areas including

here is a list of the places where nicotinic acetylcholine receptors occur frequently in the brain

1. **Hippocampus**: Important forlearning, memory formation, etcngandspatial navigationnAChRs contribute to the modulation of neurotransmitter release and neuron plasticity.

2. **Basal Ganglia**: Involved in the regulation of movements as well as various aspects of learning. nAChRs in the basal ganglia are important for dopamine release, which is essential for motor control and reward-related learning processes.

3. **Prefrontal Cortex**: Plays a role in decision making, personality expression and social behavior. nAChRs influence attention, working memory and cognitive functions.

4. **Thalamus**: Important for processing sensory signals and functioning as a control center between different brain regions. nAChRs modulate sensory signaling and attention control.

5. **Cerebellum**: Involved inmotor controland possibly some cognitive functions. Although the cerebellum is not as rich in nAChRs as other brain areas, they still play a role in modulating cerebellar functions.

These receptors are involved in modulating the release of other neurotransmitters (such as dopamine, serotonin and glutamate), which explains their wide-ranging effects on brain function and behavior. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are thus crucial for normal brain function as well as for the pathophysiology of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

I am currently concentrating here on the NICOTINIC acetylcholine receptors because we have the therapy here – of course, in many LongCovid / ME-CFS sufferers the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors are also blocked.


let's ignore the immune deficiency caused by SPIKE for now

Whether the decrease in NK2/NK3 killer cells that can be observed through SPIKUNG (see Patient “Stomach cancer” in the article) now

  • through the snake venom homologous sequences or
  • come through the 4 AIDS virus homologous inserts in the furin cleaving region of Spike (1, 2 ) – of course completely natural were crossed in there –

I haven’t figured it out yet

our best natural-killer cell stimulation protocol



In any case, a Covid infection leaves behind devastation among the killer cells which are reduced in both number and function – over a long period of time – and therefore can no longer eliminate Covid-infected cells ( 1)

–> That’s why we and my colleagues in practice have observed an enormous increase in chronic… Zoster, chronic herpes, recurrent Pneumonias, cancer recurrences or relatively fast-growing tumors in young patients, etc. are signs of a selective and persistent weakness of the immune system.

The evil predictions of the virologist I don’t believe Geerd vanden Bossche at the moment, I have to read his book on it first.

In my practice I actually see more of these cases in unvaccinated people than in vaccinated people, so I myself cannot confirm vaccination as the “main factor”.

Since 5G was introduced at the same time as Covid, this could actually also be the aggravating environmental factor. Officially you are certainly not allowed to talk about such things, otherwise you will be immediately delisted everywhere and therefore silenced anyway.

In any case, EMF cleaning / protection of the living environment is important, and I have written a lot about how you can protect yourself:



important: Nicotine is not addictive!!!

It’s important to explain this clearly, then see the “evidence” below in the form of studies and congress statements.

The addiction is actually triggered by a “secret ingredient” in cigarettes we learn from Dr. Ardis! Why doesn’t anyone else know this? Below is the evidence.


Youtube by Dr. Ardis is breathtaking!

by Dr. I got Ardis from my most innovative colleague and mentor Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Köstler, “old gentleman”.Austrian holistic medicine and biological additional treatment for tumors.

In this interview you will learn a lot about nicotine and its helpful effects on the body.

At the same time, unfortunately, there are also a lot of crude and absurd conspiracy theories.


a groundbreaking interview for me!

From this interview I will extract a series of articles and reference them with the relevant studies, making it clear that Dr. Bryan Ardis is not a principled “denier” but a serious doctor who uses the research database Pubmed.

We can ignore the fact that he fantasizes about alleged secret agendas. I have to give this hint here because Bryan Ardis is blocked on both YouTube and Google and is badly framed by agenda-loyal fact checkers.


so we process the information with the help of Pubmed and ChatGPT


There is a structural and genetic similarity between SPIKE and a toxin from snake venom

Snake poisons

are a mixture of many different toxins that can cause a wide variety of harmful effects in the body.

Some of the toxins go irreversibly to the acetylcholine receptors (AChR) on the muscles and thus irreversibly block this “neuromuscular junction” – where the activating nerve stimulus should arrive in the brain –> the muscles become paralyzed.

According to Dr. Bryan Ardis, these peptide toxins also cross the blood-brain barrier and dock in the respiratory center of the brainstem, where they block the important acetylcholine receptors that are responsible for breathing and the heartbeat are responsible.

The bitten animal basically suffocates because breathing impulses are no longer triggered in the brain, so the snake can eat it.

15,000 studies show interactions between NL- Snake toxin with acetylcholine receptors.


SPIKE behaves like snake toxin and blocks AChR

SPIKE protein from Covid contains sequences homologous with certain AChR toxic snake venoms, this sequence is now named NL1 Toxin Homolog250 studies

Details from some studies


Here is the essential presentation from the study in which a high level of agreement is found between part of SPIKE and NEUROTOXIN HOMOLOG NL1.


Homology with NL1 neurotoxin peptide –>




SPIKE blocks and binds nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

There are 25,000 entries for this Google Scholar


do acetylcholine receptors play a role in the olfactory system?

nAChR important in smelling? Let's ask ChatGPT

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) play a role in the olfactory system, including the olfactory bulb and upstream and downstream centers involved in the olfactory process.

nAChRs are distributed throughout the central nervous system (CNS) and participate in various neuronal functions, including the modulation of sensory perceptions such as olfaction.

In the area of the olfactory bulb:

– nAChRs contribute to the modulation of synaptic transmission. They can influence the release of neurotransmitters and thus modulate the signal processing of olfactory information.

– Experimental studies have shownthat nAChRs are involved in the regulation of the activity of mitral cells and other neurons in the olfactory bulb. These cells are essential for the transmission and processing of olfactory information from the olfactory epithelium to the brain.

In upstream and downstream centers:

– nAChRs in olfactory cortex areas and other brain regions associated with smell influence the processing and perception of odors.

– Acetylcholine, which binds to nAChRs, plays an important role in attention and learning, including olfactory learning. Modulation by nAChRs may therefore influence how odors are perceived, remembered and discriminated.

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors serve to finely regulate olfactory signal processing and are indirectly involved in the smelling process.

Their precise role and the mechanism of their action in the olfactory system are the subject of current research to gain a deeper understanding of the neurochemical basis of olfactory perception.


Nicotine displaces SPIKE from the n-acetylcholine receptor

Nicotine has the highest affinity for these receptors, about 30x more than SPIKE and can therefore suppress the SPIKE. I haven’t found any studies on this, here we have to Dr. Ardis believe:

Dr. Ardis says he sees many patients with  who experienced several years of loss of smell in a relatively short period of time by giving nicotine chewing gum (2 mg four times a day) and got the smell back.

The more SPIKE there is, the longer you have to supply NICOTINE.

It’s even better if you also take SPIKE-binding measures for “SPIKE DETOXIFICATION”:

Appropriate doctors with additional training in holistic therapy (Retzek, Köstler, Surböck, Becker, Wührer, Santos, Königshofer, Mitterhammer, Hofmann …..) can assist here.


Here is some important “evidence” surrounding certain statements made by Dr. ARDIS to demonstrate

Nicotine is not addictive

A long-term study was conducted at Harvard to show nicotine addiction. They didn’t succeed.

In a US Senate hearing in 1994 – linked here below – the heads of the 7 largest cigarette companies were questioned under oath and they stated that they knew for sure that nicotine alone does not cause addiction.


then why the addiction?

Dr. Ardis now claims that this is all “done on purpose” and is following an “agenda” or “playbook” to get people “addicted” and deliberately “sick” and “deliberately” prevent them from taking the cure nicotine , because the chain smokers among the Chinese Covid patients did not die – but who believes a Chinese study?!

But no matter, let’s follow his advice without ideologizing them:


Pyrazine is added to tobacco to create addiction

this study was still done at Harvard. For many months, scientists were unable to prove the addictive effects of nicotine in any experiment. It is the addition of pyrazine to cigarettes (just like arsenic and cadmium used to cause cancer) that makes cigarettes addictive.



Of course I still smoke – now and then – but only American Spirit

the only cigarettes without pyrazine are American Spirit

Dr. Ardis says that the US authorities have approved 550 (!!!) different products as cigarette additives.

Arsenic and cadmium are added and cause cancer; natural tobacco is said not to cause cancer. I haven’t looked for any studies on this.


It’s almost nowhere near us anymore, I have one nearby Time I found a tobacco shop that offers this variety.

In any case, I know the most famous biological dentist in London – the doctor of Kate Middleton and many royals – Dr. Shabir Pandor, who flies to Germany several times a year to get his American Spirits there, which are not available in England.



So, the content of this article is only a small part of Dr. Bryan Ardis. In any case, everything he says seems to be proven by studies, which means we should take it seriously – it doesn’t matterwhat crazy conspiracies he suspects –and thus should include nicotine as a therapeutic agent in the “functional medicine” arsenal!

In any case, NICOTINE is currently the first choice for loss of smell due to Covid – chew 2 mg of chewing gum 4 times a day for 10 minutes.


Dr. Ardis is blocked and censored....

Dr. Ardis is blocked everywhere

I was unable to find his website on Google: https://thedrardisshow.com/

On YouTube when you search for Dr. Ardis mainly presents “reaction videos” that “badly” him and portray him as a “denier” and “pseudo doctor” – similar to Tony Heller with his critical comments on the current “man-made” climate propaganda.

Dr. Ardis is like me: my homepage is down-ranked by Google and can hardly grow with the number of hits, even though I have collected so much really good information that is helpful for many! Please subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Twitter</ a> / Facebook follow.




IGMEDT – International Holistic Medicine Conference 2024

IGMEDT is an open “scientific” event: for doctors, alternative practitioners and patients

Prof. Köstler, the organizer and head of IGMEDT and OeGMED, is trying for the next IGMEDT in Vienna 14-16. JuneDr. to fly in Bryan Ardis. Yesterday we did the program layout and one highlight will follow the other.

Probable keynote speakers – at ? Final confirmation is still pending, it is a sensation the density of top-class speakers that Prof. Köstler has brought together this time!

  • Prof. GDR. Wolfgang Köstler sr. about nicotine in medicine
  • Dr. Sabine Hazan from the USA gives a lecture on bifidus and cancer, including ivermectin
  • Dr. Petros Kattou on brain stimulation in oncology
  • Dr. Simon Yu on Parasite Infections and Insulin Potentiated Anti-Infectious and Oncolgic Therapies in Oncology
  • Dr. Michael Weberon laser therapy in oncology, hemolaser adjuvanted with methylene blue
  • Prof. GDR. Wolfgang Köstler on the latest research on the oncological immune stimulant Immocuthel – now in clinical trials for all carcinomas.
  • Dr. Heike Mitterhammer on hyperbaric oxygen in oncology and ME/CFS
  • Dr. Walter Surböck onsenolysis in oncologyand in chron. degenerative diseases
  • Heinz Haeckel about Hyperthermia – science and background
  • Dr. Heinz Mastall on practice of oncothermy and oncological basic protocols with a focus on TNBC
  • Doz. Ralf Herwig on new research on Interleukin 42 as an immune stimulant
  • Andreas Kalcker? via CDL
  • Two sessions about Electrosmog and its blockage are planned
  • a session about nanoparticles as disease factors
  • Dr. Helmut Retzek on LDN, Propranolol and Earthing in oncology
  • Dr. Helmut Retzek on chemoresistance blockers as adjuvants and enhancers for chemotherapy

and a lot more, that will be a full full 3 days. Please take advantage of this by participating and please book the Europahaus soon because the rooms will soon be fully booked.

Let’s be happy as long as the 77-year-old Köstler senior still has the strength and desire to organize something like that, after that…