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our best natural-killer cell stimulation protocol


With Sanum therapeutics you can actually optimize killer cells.


Sanum therapeutics – immune stimulation

I got it from Dr. in 2012. Thomas Rau – then the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle, today he has his own clinic – the Biomed Center Sonnenberg – learned.

Dr. Thomas Rau works a lot with Dunkelfeld and a “constitutional theory” derived from it, the basis of which is the milieu therapy according to Antoine Bechamp and Günther Enderlein, to which the SANUM therapeutics are based.

SANUM agents are micro-diluted lipopolysaccharides from certain types of bacteria and fungi that “provoke” the human immune system and produce corresponding immunological reactions.

better than mistletoe or y-INF in stimulating dendrites

Thomas told us that he himself had taken part in a study in which various substances were examined for their ability to stimulate DENTRITIC cells. Dendrites are the “master cells” of the immune system because they “process antigens” and present them to the T cells, which then use this information to stimulate killer cells or antibody formation.

In any case, MISTEL and y-interferon as well as interleukin-alpha2 and Sanum-Utilin/Recarcin were compared with each other and the Sanum therapeutics performed optimally


impressive case from 2014

A 50-year-old gas station tenant comes to me for additional treatment with lung cancer (AdenoCa), several brain metastases and an adrenal metastasis.

She is single and often has to work double shifts because her co-workers simply don’t show up for work after a wet evening. She then goes to the irradiation of the brain metastasis while she is at work, and then she continues working again.

What will become of it? Cancer and circumstances tell everyone that this cannot end well.

She is given Utilin/Recarcin, lots of linseed oil and homeopathic Sulphur (her constitutional remedy, no good cancer remedy has been found); we didn’t have Banerji back then.

After six months she is doing much better and I take the following dark field with maximally stimulated granulocytes


The patient is now – 2023 – still healthy, never had chemo but only radiation and stimulation of the dendrites.


Stomach cancer – patient – immune system collapse

After a certain stage, stomach cancer is difficult to treat. The patient had surgery for stomach cancer in 2020 and subsequent chemo.

We used homeopathic Cadm-sulph, Phos and Salvestrole, LDN and stayed healthy and we couldn’t find anything else.

After a vaccination in autumn 2021 we tested “restlessness” and “malignancy” again and also detected 1.5 million CTCs in the circulating tumor cells (Maintrac, Pachmann).

The immunotyping that is now taking place shows a collapse in killer cell activity – these are the 3 yellow columns in the picture. The important NK3 cells, which are primarily responsible for cancer defense, are now below 30% of the target value.

The collapse of the killer cells then triggers the ominous TURBO CANCER conditions, as well as chronic herpes zoster and other diseases that are accompanied by a weakening of the cellular defense system!

Today we got the new measurement (the picture below) – the killer cells are all back in the normal range, the NK3 at 76%, the NK1 even over 100%.

Here is a list of the individual pillars and their functions for your colleagues

Cell Type they show something
Leukocytes Total number of white blood cells = phagocytes and police cells
Lymphocytes Police cells – control immune system
T3 helper Total number of helper cells
(active + inactive)
T4 helper ACTIVES against bacteria
T8 suppressor the BRAKERS against bacteria
T4/T8 real antibacterial activity = active / braker
T8c ACTIVE against viruses
T8s BRAKERS against viruses
T8c/s real antiviral activity
TAC total number of all activated T cells
NK1 Killer against bacteria
NK2 Killer against viruses
NK3 Killer against cancer
B Antibody-producing lymphocytes = antibody-based defense
B19+5 Activity level of B cells
TReg IMMUNE BRAKER à skin switch of the immune system: too much = weak IS, too little = autoimmune
soluble-ILR overactivated IS à activity marker in many inflammatory carbohydrates



How do you treat the killer cells now?

with the following recipe


— Utilinsubt D4 Bacillus subtilis capsules (or D5) OP1/5
1 x / week at night at bedtime

— Recarcin D4 capsules (or D5) OP1/5
1 x / week at night when going to bed

(Importer = Spagyra, Grödig)

Long-term therapy – dendritic cells induced – please buy more yourself (!!!)


Specialists then inhibit the TRegs in addition

the TRegs are the master cells of immunosuppression.

TREGs – Meisterzellen der Immunhemmung


With cimetidine effective as an immune activator which repurposed slows down the TRegs and has interesting study data.

Cimetidin als repurposed Krebsmittel



This immune stimulation is one of our “treatment secrets” – we are very grateful to Thomas Rau for it, that alone made all the courses worth it, of course we learned sooooo much more from him! Thanks Thomas!