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CFS-Testimonial – amazing Improvement in short Time with Brain-Stimulation


two video testimonials from Petros from Cyprus with severe Fatigue Patientes who improved significantly in a short time.


Case 1 – Fatigue + Brain Fog after dental treatment

5 months ago dental treatment, as a result: dizziness, brain fog, weakness, hardly left the room, could no longer work –> ENT specialists, cardiologists, neurologists – they then diagnosed DEPRESSION and gave him antidepressants.

The neurologists at the SOZO Brain Center in Cyprus have diagnosed severe Fatigue.

Specialists in SOZO Braincenter in Cyprus use MR and EEG and can rate the degree of neurological down-regulation or deterioration.

Now – in the video below – it is 2 weeks after Neurostimulation transauricular: 80% energy, is around people again, his brain is clear again, yesterday he was playing cards with friends, sleep is good – woke up only a few more times.

Petros explains: There was a brainstem infection caused by alveolitis that had spread up into the brain.

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When you lie down at night, the inflammation runs along the veins into the brain if you create a slight excess pressure by coughing or straining or something like that.


In addition, the lymphatic vessels also have no valves and the inflammation runs along the lymphatic tracts into the brain.

That’s why dental status is the most important predictive factor for Alzheimer’s!!




Case report 2: Fatigue for 14 Years improved in weeks

Another Video testimonial from Petros from Cyprus with a long-time Fatigue-Patient who has improved significantly in a short time using Brainstem-Neurostimulation

The patient was very active until 2009, had 3 jobs and also taught martial arts 3 times a week, was always on the go and worked a lot.

In the video he tells us

I fell ill with CFS after influenza in 2009:  Fatigue, chron. Sore throat, brain fog – “was like dead”.

Has been at many specialists and clinics, officially “everything is fine”, blood results were good, but since 2009 he has been like “switched off” (14 years!)

Received the brainstem stimulator from Petros – 2 weeks ago!!!

Throat problems have disappeared since day 1, on days when he is treated he feels almost normal!

No wonder that the first time I flew home from Cyprus I thought “are those actors? These patients treatment results are unreal”.

We now have such cases ourselves and also my colleagues who did their training at Petros



Case Treatment History

After 3 days of treatment the patient gets a strong reaction: severe headache in the back of the head, like a bad viral infection – had to stop treatment and take a day off.

After clearing of the “reaction” he startet treatment again and found out he needs to do it “intermittently”, meaning he always needs breaks in between because otherwise he would get a headache.

Now after 2 weeks he is feeling much better!

He has a lot of energy, especially during the treatment phases.



Which Therapy is done by Petros Kattou?

The decision as to which kind of therapy will be carried out is actually NEVER decided in advance. There is nothing “indication-related”.

This means that different patients with the same disease receive individualized, targeted, sometimes completely different therapies.

Petros has developed own neurological examinations of the brainstem that are indicative in an event of damage or brainstem inflammation.




Is this the usual course?

Definitely not! My own cases look different:

With real ME/CFS patients I have seen improvement in all cases – but much, much slower, tougher. In some cases in the millimeter range, not in the kilometer range like here.

We use beside the HBO-Chamber the established off-label drugs: LDN, Mestinone, Ketotifen, Low-Dose-Abilify, Famotidin, Ivabradin, Cromoglycin, Valaciclovir, Quercetin, Montelucast, Diphenhydramine, Nicotine, Lorazepam, we did not use yet: Imunovir (Inosin Pranobex / Delimun D / Isoprinosine )


one LongCovid Patient – about 2 years sick – is back to work after being treated with RIFE-Frequencies – I still have not got together with him because if that is really holding up, I get the RIFE machine right away!!!



Petros has miraculous improvements

This improvement can be easily explained by this brainstem neuro-stimulator, which is particularly targeted at the vagus. The neurostimulator works via the tractus solitarius – this is the higher-level zone that influences the vagus.

This cases of Petros are by far the best CFS case I have seen so far.

–> Comparison of different fatigue syndromes

I doubt we would find corresponding ME/CFS autoantibodies against various autonomic receptors in this Petros case.


If you’re interested, you should select “Brain stimulation” in the menu above. There you’ll find all the articles I’ve written on the topic of “SOZO therapy according to Dr. Petros Kattou”.


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what is Brain Fog

Brain Fog – “Brain fog” refers to a state of reduced mental clarity, concentration and memory that often occurs in various medical and psychological conditions.

“Brain fog” is a symptom complex characterized by reduced cognitive functions such as inability to concentrate, memory problems and mental clarity.

The physiological background is diverse and can affect several systems of the body:

Neurotransmitter imbalance: Disturbances in the balance of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine can impair cognitive function.

Inflammatory reactions: Systemic or cerebral inflammatory processes, for example due to autoimmune diseases (EBV, HHV, Covid, Lyme disease, bartonellosis, babesiosis, toxoplasmosis, parasites… ….) Infections or allergies (= mast cell activation) can lead to impairment of brain function.

Hormonal changes: Hormonal fluctuations, such as those caused by thyroid diseases, menopause (progesterone deficiency!) or chronic. Stress can also trigger brain fog.

Blood sugar fluctuations: Hypo- or hyperglycemia can affect brain function because glucose is an essential source of energy for the brain.

Nutrient Deficiency: Deficiencies in important nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and iron can impair cognitive function.

Sleep Disorders: Insufficient or poor sleep affects brain function and can lead to brain fog.

Chronic stress and overwork: Long-term stress and mental overload can lead to exhaustion and cognitive impairment.

Toxic Exposure: Exposure to toxins, heavy metals and certain medications can impair cognitive function.

Tooth lesions: Inflammation flows into the brain when lying down at night and triggers corresponding reactions from the microglia (= actually macrophages)