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Remyelinisation possible for Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain-Injury, ME/CFS and Longcovid


I just became aware of the concept of remyelination and was simply blown away:

Even a Lancet study from 2017 shows clear effects in multiple sclerosis, even in patients who suffer their symptoms for > 15 years have improved!

The animal experiments are great, e.g. spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries or schizophrenia, etc.

And I saw from DrDan’s tweet that this is especially important for ME/CFS and Longcovid because Corona causes significant nerve damage



here is latest research on the significant myelin nerve damage by covid



Fantastic – old antihistamine Clemastin can restore MYELIN

only few studies on Scholar (approx. 900) but they paint are clear picture

Clemastine is a drug that is classified as a first-generation antihistamine – today these are actually only used as sleeping pills and cold remedies because they make you tired.

Clemastine has been shown in studies to have the ability to promote the formation of myelin, thereby helping to repair nerve damage, and is being studied in research to treat neurological diseases. The studies to date have been successful across the board.

The drug is well known, approved, has a clear effect and side effect profile, there is no reason not to use it immediately for these mutilating diseases!

How come we don’t know this!!!!!!!! It is once again unbelievable how carelessly the lives and quality of life of severely affected people are treated through this research neglect, just because it is an “off-label” or “repurposing” of a cheapest drug whose patent protection has expired . I’m ashamed again!



So – here are some studies

Multiple sclerosis: double-blind crossover study (humans) – Lancet

Multiple sclerosis with demyelinating optic nerve atrophy with damage that has lasted for 15 years:

50 patients were treated crossover with 5.36 mg (4 tablets of Tavegil) daily

–> significant improvement. LANCET-Study 2017  (!!!!)


Multiple Sclerosis:  Review

This review cites several human studies that have shown that clemastine can be used to remyelinate the SCARS in the brain in MS.

Review 2021 | FullTextPDF


Schizophrenia – mouse model

the mice have their myelin destroyed, develop schizophrenia and other problems, with clemastine treatment there is a very significant improvement in behavior and you can see how remyelination was fueled. Study 2015


Spinal cord injury (rat)

After a spinal cord injury, nerve fibers die and the protective nerve covering (myelin) is lost. Researchers have found that the drug clemastine, which promotes the formation of new myelin layers, can improve healing after such an injury in rats. Treatment with clemastine helped protect nerve fibers and improve movement ability. This suggests that promoting myelin formation could be a possible treatment for spinal cord injuries.

Study 2022


also see the following study on spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord of a mouse was severely injured by injection (dissolution of the myelin sheaths) –> With clemastine + movement training, the regular architecture of the nerves could actually be restored! Study 2018


Traumatic brain injury

In a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the protective covering of the nerves, myelin, is often lost, which can impair memory and thinking performance. Researchers are studying the allergy drug clemastine as a possible treatment because it may promote the formation of myelin. In a study of rats that had suffered mild TBI, treatment with clemastine was shown to reduce myelin loss, protect nerves, and improve memory. These results suggest that clemastine may help reduce cognitive impairment caused by TBI.

Study January 2024


I think that’s enough for now. If you’re more interested, you can use the link above to find further studies and, if necessary, translate/summarize them using ChatGPT.


my Coimbra MS patients –> especially the chronic progressives ones – as well as ME/CFS or LongCovid Patients – please contact us by email using this link with a current photo so that we can check whether they are eligible for clemastine off-label therapy.

I’ll check next week where we can get the drug, it’s no longer available in Austria.