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Organic lemon smoothie dramatically inhibits prostate cancer!!!


Extremely exciting study shows: almost complete inhibition of prostate cancer by citrus flavenoids!

Latest study confirms my father’s “practical discovery.”


here my lemon recipe “Dr. Retzek’s Smoothie”, tastes good, feels good!
A princely alternative is my lemon peel jam


Lemon peel dramatically inhibits prostate cancer

incredible study data: in the XENO transplant – mouse model (I have an explanation page for the xeno transplant written) shows that prostate cancer is almost completely inhibited by the lemon peel flavenoids.

The flavenoids were 1) injected or 2) fed to the prostate cancer-bearing mice, with the same result – fantastic regression of the cancer.

There are no side effects at all.

This inhibition is so dramatic that I have never seen it before with any other therapy! So lemon is the main remedy for prostate cancer.

By the way, my father’s tumor was reduced by 20% thanks to Dandelion powder, I also wrote an article about it.


Study from June 2013

….  dramatically reduced both the weights (57%-100% inhibition) and volumes (78%-94% inhibition) of the tumors without any observed toxicity ….

Food Funct. 2013 Jun 28;4(6):944-9. doi: 10.1039/c3fo60037h. Epub 2013 May 14.


My most effective discovery in cancer therapy is probably the “Smoothie according to Dr. Retzek” be!

There are currently 23 convincing studies on the topic of “Lemon x prostate cancer“. in Pubmed! However, much more can be found about other types of cancer.


Further studies “Citrus fruits and cancer”

I moved it to my own site “Lemons as medicine




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