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IGMEDT 2024 – June 14th-16th in Vienna


Prof. DDr. Köstler, the organizer and head of IGMEDT and OeGMED, has a sensational list of speakers for the next IGMEDT in Vienna 14-16. June planned.

One highlight will follow the other.

Here are the speakers and roughly the topics, the detailed announcement will follow next week.

The keynote speakers with question marks? the final confirmation is still pending!

  • Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Köstler senior about Nicotine in medicine
  • Dr. Sabine Hazan from the USA gives a lecture on bifidus and cancer, also ivermectin, and has agreed to speak via ZOOM
  • Dr. Petros Kattou from Cyprus on brain stimulation in oncology
  • Dr. Simon Yu on parasite infections and insulin-potentiated anti-infectious and oncolgic therapies in oncology – has confirmed and will be present in person
  • Dr. Michael Weber on laser therapy in oncology, hemolaser adjuvanted with methylene blue
  • Prof. DDr Wolfgang Köstler on the latest research on the oncological immunostimulant Immocuthel – now in clinical trials for all carcinomas.
  • Dr. Heike Mitterhammer on Hyperbaric oxygen in oncology and ME/CFS
  • Dr. Walter Surböck on senolysis in oncology and chron. degenerative diseases
  • Heinz Haeckel on Hyperthermia – science and background
  • Dr. Heinz Mastall on practice of oncothermy and oncological basic protocols with a focus on TNBC
  • Doz. Ralf Herwig on new research on Interleukin 42 as an immune stimulant
  • Andreas Kalcker? via CDL
  • Two sessions about Electrosmog and its blockade are planned
  • a session on nanoparticles as disease factors
  • Dr. Helmut Retzek on LDN, Propranolol and Earthing in oncology
  • Dr. Helmut Retzek on chemoresistance blockers as adjuvants and enhancers for chemotherapy

and a lot more, that will be a full full 3 days. Please take advantage of this by participating and please book the Europahaus soon because the rooms will soon be fully booked.

Let’s be happy as long as the 77-year-old Köstler senior still has the strength and desire to organize something like that, after that…

IGMEDT is an open “scientific” event: for doctors, alternative practitioners and interested patients