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Leber optic neuropathy = mitochondriopathy – improved with brain stimulation


Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) is a genetic disorder that affects vision. It is caused by mutations in mitochondrial genes and is typically associated with a sudden, painless loss of vision.

CASE: the now 8-year-old boy has been with us since he was a toddler – back then because of severe horizontal nystagmus which went away with a homeopathic remedy “agaricus”.

Because the boy’s vision did not improve despite the nystagmus gone, the diagnosis of LHON was made during an appropriate check-up in the clinic.

We then started with our self-developed homeopathic stem cell stimulation


Homeopathic stem cell stimulation for LHOB

  • Nerve optic D30 + retina & Choroidea D4 (daily)
  • Carbon-sulph C30 (weekly)
  • Bar-sil C200 (weekly)

Read about homeopathic stem cell stimulation in my blog-post:  “homeopathic stem cell stimulation

So the boy used this procedure now for a year and he starts reading in school but only very big letters, the first 2 lines of our test-chart in a distance of 2 meters


vision supported with brainstimulation according to Dr. Petros Kattou

I remembered the improvements in general performance of kids when using auditory stimulation with Benaudira that we did years back, we gave up on Benaudira because it was not financially viable for physicians office though the results were partially wonderful.

I myself use the brainstimulation-device for longer Autobahn rides and I know I can read the overhead signs much better when I do optical brain-center training.

So we tried it on the boy and were really amazed that we got such a noticeable improvement in vision in the eye chart.

Connie, my nurse who is performing the tDCS-training with our patients came to me full of enthusiasm and joy (love her for that!): after 5 treatments the boy is now reading 2 lines better!


Reminds me of BENAUDIRA or TOMATIS

Through hearing training, the brain can be remodeled in such a way that serious developmental leaps can be stimulated in children.

So – thinking of Benaudira –  I thought: if we stimulate the VISUAL CENTER, it might be able to better deal with the fuzzy information from this genetically disturbed optic nerve –> which is actually the case.


We gave up on Benaudira in our office because it was far too cheap and wasn’t financially viable for a doctor’s practice with the high side-costs that have to be covered, but the effects we experienced were phenomenal and I am sending again and again kids to Benaudira-Trainers.


I think that BENAUDIRA should be done by EVERY child. In our own child, we got rid of a tormenting lack of concentration so quick – actually “overnight” that had been going on for two years.

We’ve heard this again and again from the mothers: “since Benaudira, homework has been done in 15 minutes instead of 2 hours.”

BENAUDIRA is like the super great TOMATIS method, only much cheaper (that’s why we stopped providing ist).