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Depression improves with Neurostimulation

"To be honest, I hardly care about my cancer. What's killing me is my depression. I've been struggling every day for 30 years to...

why cancers still evade great immun-therapies

The following picture explains very precisely why we fail in practice in many tumor diseases despite numerous immunostimulatory procedures. Patient with prostate cancer I have been...

Methylenblue for Brain Metabolism

The age pyramid sets in sustainably and we have to ensure that we are not getting "CARE-FOR-CASES". The simple dye METHYLENE BLUE could become...

years of spastic colitis “cured” within weeks by neurostimulation

A patient with spastic colitis, who has hardly been able to eat anything for years, goes on kebab + cola after 10 days of...

my Senolysis-talk at IGMEDT 2023 Conference

I gave a pretty well accepted talk about my senolysis experiences at IGMEDT 2023. Immediately afterwards did Dr. Walter Surböck provide an overview of...

SOZO in Cypres – improving the incurable

Lenna and I were together with Dr. Askold Novicky on 22. July 2023 SOZO Brain Center in Limasol / Cyprus with Dr. Petros Kattou...

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