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EMF Fields in our House


My workplace is enormously exposed to EMF radiation

  •  Laptop is marginally bright in comparison!
  • we can completely shield cell phone masts with earthing sheets

My workplace is directly in the office: maximum irradiation from at least 2 cell phone masts; right where I sit, no wonder the work tires me so much!

By hanging a grounded sheet, the e-smog can be reduced from 60 µW/M2 to 3.

  • The 6% linen reduces 60 to 3 µW/m2
  • The 3% linen reduces 60 to 7 µW/m2

You can get these sheets in the shop www.heilendes-erden.at

Electrosmog in our kitchen – enormous!

Eckhart from Seher-Tohs measures the electrosmog in my kitchen and demonstrates shielding using silver fabric.

Electrosmog in my bed / sleeping place

through the wall through an unrecognized cell phone mast that emits maximum radiation exactly at the head. Immediate, virtually complete shielding with an earthing bed sheet


Cell phones and iPads are enormous sources of electrosmog

I still have to add this video. We measured our cell phones this evening and were stunned every few seconds >> 2000 µW/m2, for example when Whatsapp or Facetime or Skype or another “push” application is active, this almost blows our measuring device.

WLAN enormous radiation cones

I will NEVER forget to turn off our WiFi at night again.


What to do next…..

Please be sure to read more on this topic, I have really compiled a lot of information here and divided it into various articles.

Here is the overview of all my electrosmog articles</ a>


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