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Coimbra-Protocol and Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


Here is a medical confirmation that I wrote to a Coimbra patient who has just had a baby because the pediatric specialists are putting a lot of pressure on her overdosing on vitamin D.

Medical confirmation

In October 2017 I was in Brazil for 1 week for training with the University Institute Director of Neuro-traumatology at the University of Sao Paulo Prof. Cicero Coimbra.

Prof. Coimbra is an eminent neurologist who, for example, also treated and improved Pope John Paul II’s Parkinson’s disease.

Prof. Coimbra has developed a high-dose VitD therapy (1000 IU / kg body weight) with which a miscontrolled TH17 autoimmunity can be reduced and at the same time converted back into TH1/TH2 immunity.

In the case of relapsing MS, I can confirm Prof. Coimbra’s information of 95% freedom from relapses, rather higher/better (currently 164 Coimbra patients).

A therapy with “vitamin” can never be included in the guidelines because they are always tied to companies, as only they can finance the corresponding studies. Since in the clinical setting only guidelines can be used, this excellent therapy cannot spread among the esteemed colleagues in the clinics, so knowledge about it is not available.

Among other things, the Alpine Ski Squad’s doctor, Dr. Stefan Hainzl deals with it, who wrote a book about it

Comeback: Mein Weg zurück ins Leben
  • Hainzl, Dr. Stefan (Author)

The top Austrian doctor and top athlete Dr. Stefan Hainzl suffered from multiple sclerosis and found himself in a wheelchair. With the Coimbra Protocol, among other things, he is now completely symptom-free and is experiencing a completely new dimension of medicine by dealing with “holistic approaches”. Stefan also has some interesting YouTubes and TV appearances.


Now in 2023 a brand new book has been published by a patient with necrotizing myositis as an autoimmune KH. Ms. Sander went into full remission with Coimbra in just a few months:


Coimbra protocol and side effects

We adjust the VitD level by regularly checking the parathyroid hormone value, the kidney values and the Calc/serum and Ca/urine levels.

At the same time, a strict calcium restriction to 500 mg / day is required and an increase in the amount of water consumed to 2.5 liters of daily urine excretion in order to justify permanent kidney irrigation.

In fact, in the first year I experienced 4 cases of hypercalcemia and temporary (1-2 weeks) nephrocalcinosis and renal failure with complete remission in a short period of time. Three cases turned out to be “protocol non-compliance”; one case had an undetected plasmacytoma, which caused hypercalcemia through osteolysis of the myeloma cells.

Since 2019, I have not experienced any more hypercalcemia due to the intensive inculcation of the protocol rules and more frequent blood checks.


Prof. Coimbra and pregnancy

In Brazil, Prof. Coimbra was always enthusiastic about his Coimbra babies, he played us several videos with baby films, children who were born under the Coimbra Protocol and were breastfed.

Prof. Coimbra – with an experience horizon of around 10,000 patients – sees no need for dose adjustment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The newborns are always in excellent condition and there are no complications.

Since I have only “accompanied” 3 children under Coimbra, I cannot point to a large number of cases; everything went well with these children.

In summary

The Coimbra Protocol is an excellent new high-dose VitD therapy for relapsing MS and other autoimmune diseases.

With regular laboratory checks and strict adherence to the protocol rules (Ca restriction, drinking quantity, magnesium substitution), there are no problems.
Due to the nature of this therapy (=vitamin), it will never be included in the guidelines and therefore doctors in the hospital do not know about it.

So far, there have been no problems with numerous births under this protocol.

Based on Prof. Coimbra’s statements, I therefore see no need to adjust the dose of VitD for Ms. XXXX, but we will carry out the laboratory and urine checks monthly and not every 3 months.

Ms. XXXX had three relapses of her MS in 2023 – following the birth of her first son, so I am rather skeptical about reducing her VitD amount.


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