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Earthing – new approach improving a wide variety of health problems


EARTHING/Grounding/Earthing as Electron Therapy: a very simple mechanism for improving health has been discovered.


Discovery of healing grounding

Clint Ober 2
Clint Ober – TV technician and Earthing inventor

Clinton Ober is a retired television technician. Grounding was his everyday work: a television signal became fuzzy if a TV cable was not well shielded.

That’s why he came up with the idea of questioning people’s electrical insulation through rubber shoe soles and plastic floors in the house and he began to “measure” himself:

Static charge typical with rubber soles

he found relatively high static charges: up to 6,000 mV

With a voltmeter you can easily determine whether you are statically charged

After he grounded himself by contacting his bare feet on the damp grass, the static tension suddenly disappeared.

Grounding makes him “spontaneously fall asleep”

Initially, Clint Ober only grounded the beds with a copper shielding band by placing the band in a cross shape over the bed glued to the bed and grounded directly with a cable

When Clinton Ober “earthed” his bed as a test, he was immediately able to sleep deeply and undisturbed; he had always needed sleeping pills for 20 years.

Test groundings of his friends gave the same result: once the static was gone, the grounded people were able to sleep much better and more refreshed.

Unexpectedly, the following feedback also came: After a few days, inflammation and pain also decreased in some test subjects who slept grounded.


Clint Ober tests on sick people

The first “treatment cases” were severe polyarthritis with a bedridden man who was able to walk after 1 week and was symptom-free after 6 months, after which his sleeping place was grounded .

Or a doctor’s wife with severe menstrual symptoms, who was pain-free and sustainably improved after 15 minutes of grounding.

You can read it in the exciting book by Clinton Ober, in which at least 70 well-described cases are described, along with names and further background information about the person

Detailed information can be found on HEALING EARTH website.


How can you benefit from grounding?

The approach is simple but absolutely convincing:

Earth is negatively charged: lots of free electrons

The Earth is like a battery: the surface carries a strong negative charge, so it is full of free electrons.

The atmosphere, on the other hand, is positively charged, with over 100V per meter.

If you are “grounded”, ie. is in electrically conductive contact with the earth, the many free electrons are transferred to the body.

This neutralizes any static tension that you wear and protects against “extraterrestrial radiation” and atmospheric tension.

Electrons neutralize free radicals

During inflammatory processes, many free radicals – chemically highly aggressive substances – are produced. These are molecules that are missing an electron, so they are “unstable” and steal an electron from other molecules, thereby damaging cell membranes and genetic material.

If we are offered an “electron stream” from the earth, i.e. an excess of electrons (via the soles of our feet), these electrons immediately cover the free radicals and thus limit the tissue damage.

This effect is immediately visible in thermography images:

Inflammation is slowed down by “Earthing”

The following picture shows a painfully inflamed knee in the thermal imaging measurement.

Walk in the grass on the left before grounding, on the right after 30 minutes of grounding through Blossfüssig: the inflammatory heat is significantly reduced, and so is the pain.

walking bare-footed on the ground reduces inflammation
walking bare-footed on the ground reduces inflammation Amalu_thermographic_case_studies_2004.pdf


Sleep improves significantly – better melatonin production

This was even published 2004 in a study which caused a lot of attention.


Stress and burnout normalizes – better cortisone production (stress hormone)

This was even published in a study in 2004 that caused a stir.

It turns out that in 12 test subjects who slept in a grounded manner, the stress hormone: cortisol daily profile was clearly re-regulated towards the “norm state”. This was accompanied by an improvement in the feeling of “being freaked out” and “less prone to stress”.

 earthing-cortisol comprehensive

Dark field blood improves sustainably through grounding

The excess electrons from grounding charge the erythrocytes so that they repel each other. This leads to an improvement in blood flow.

I can actually confirm this. My blood has improved sustainably and stably in the dark field. In a darkfield course at the Paracelsus Clinic with Dr. Thomas Rau, my blood was highly stable for 24 hours, the Erys membrane was stable, no high valencies and an incredibly dense population of low-valent proteins.

earthing before-after-grounding

All of this is clearly documented in published studies.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/ articles/PMC3576907/pdf/acm.2011.0820.pdf


Stephen Sinatra
Stephen Sinatra, cardiologist and author

Amazing blood thinning effect on blood pressure

In our practice we see that in grounded patients after a blood draw the “hole” in the arm does not close as long as the patient is grounded, even if we have pressed the blood draw site with a swab for 5 minutes. At the exact moment I removed the grounding cable from the patient, the bleeding was immediate.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a world-renowned cardiologist and author, reports amazing improvements in blood flow and also amazing improvements in blood pressure through grounding.

Dr. Sinatra had to reduce blood thinning and blood pressure medications for most patients who grounded regularly.

This was usually accompanied by an improvement in vitality and cardiological performance, which is why Dr. Sinatra is a vocal EARTHING supporter and co-author of Clint Ober’s book.

It was because of Stephen Sinatra that I believed all the miracles in the book. The case descriptions are partly so miraculous that they must seem unbelievable to an experienced practitioner and participant in the health profession.

As I said, my first experiences not only confirm what I read in the book, but even exceed them.


Dr. Retzek: thrilled after his own experiment

after I grounded my bed with simple copper wires, similar to Clint Ober, and experienced a massive improvement in the quality of my sleep, now waking up every morning refreshed and alert at sunrise and feeling more energy during the day,

I immediately tried to try out the principle in the ordination. In fact, initial attempts were so promising that I realized that we had found “a health gold vein” here.

Mercola promotes Earthing and even sells Earthing products

Also Dr. Josef Mercola, mA great role model as a health researcher writes only the very best about earthing and has conducted several interviews with Clint Ober:

Clint Ober with Mercola

The fact that Mercola sells some earthing pads in its own shop is an honor, as Josef Mercola is an incorruptible and objective representative of the concerns of affected people and does not sell anything that he absolutely stands behind.


World-famous doctor: Dietrich Klinghardt: “Healing grounding is a central therapy principle”

This video excerpt from a lecture by Dr. I uploaded Klinghardt to YouTube



Typical feedback from a colleague

Dear Heli,

……  By the way, the grounding sheet is amazing. I have 100% energy again for the first time in years. Really incredible. I’m finally no longer tired all day and can probably get by with 1 1/2 hours less sleep. It’s been like this since Thursday. On the Monday when we were with you I still had maybe 30% energy. It’s been like this for weeks. I always felt like I had to drag myself through every day. But since Earthing… just great. I’ll never sleep without it again!!!!

I always let my daughter sleep on it at lunchtime. Since then she has been sleeping much better. :) Lg Kati

Dr. med. Kathrin Mathes / Gmunden, specialist in anesthesia, top athlete (climbing)


Well, I felt the same way myself. Anyone who sleeps well and is full of energy and has no complaints will hardly benefit from it. For the others, now that we have around 50 sheets in use, we see in > 90% of cases positive feedback like that from Kathrin.


New Film on Youtube regarding EARTHING / GROUNDING



Own website for healing earthing

My enthusiasm for the effects of healing earth ultimately led me to want to spread this active principle further.

I have created my own website dedicated solely to Healing Earth and providing information about this fantastic health principle. There you can see a lot more information about grounding and can even get grounding products.



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