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Brainstem Abscess PostCovid – fully cured in 3 weeks taVNS


Dr. Petros Kattou SOZQ brain cente Zypern sends following Case

I use his whatsapp-language unchanged

“This case is the finest of all”

It proves without doubt full evidence how brain stem modulation treats severe case of idiopathic vestibular dysfunction. A mother of 4 children after Covid infection ! Long Covid

Constant vertigo imbalance falling down for chronic many years. Consulted all specialities , neurologists, ENT, rheumatologists, haematologists. Genetic Neurologics institute no findings !

Her life and quality of life caused her depression stress anxiety and despair due to 24 hours suffering ! No treatments relieved it.

She even tried alternative treatments, homeopathy, bioresonance , acupuncture and special chelation detoxification infusion , and a Medical doctor either infusion ozone therapy –> no response.

She was crying daily could not even perform daily house duties.

Her young child praying to Jesus and lady Panayia. The holy Relics of St Loukas, a sainted medical doctor from Crimea, came to her local church ! She prayed and pleaded to the saint for a sign.

They are very religious in Cyprus, Petros himself is proud and happy to be able to visit Athos Monestery and contributes to this monestery.

Now this becomes spooky: In her head she heard a voice unknown and her body was electrified because the voice said: “Dr Petros Kattou”

She told me this yesterday! I was astounded, Speechless!

I will post the videos before and after


Petros discoveres an Abszess in Mesencephalon

though being with so many specialists no doctor has told her about a scar in her brainstem.


Functional Tests before treatment

See this test functional rhomburg she is shifting backwards not forward never witness before



We placed brain stem stimulation and did taVNS

After 1 week vertigo nearly gone, functional tests improved


after 3 weeks brainstem-stimulation: fully cured

Now see the evidence scientific of brain stem Neuromodulation at week 3 fully cured
Yes full remission cured


Unbelievable functional Romberg test she could not believe it – a miracle in this short time!

No more vertigo. Her 4 children praying joy for mother’s miracle recovery! They bless SOZQ brain center, her husband personally thanked me! Your team has brought once again joy and smiles in our home and hearts

She gave me holy oil and her personal icon of St Loucas – Russian MD Crimea

You may all use this case ! Dr Helmut Retzek you can share the case on your site
Post Covid infection ! Brain stem abscess