Bifidus build up


Here are the instructions on how to successfully start an “intestinal cleanse”.

Miracle weapon Bifidus

For years we have been learning at EVERY medical conference that the microbiology of the intestine is the greatest health weapon we have!
That’s why many colleagues carry out “intestinal ecology” and “microbiological stool examinations”. If you then ask the patients “what is being done therapeutically” we get the answer: a pack of probiotics.

We continue to ask: “Did that help?“:

usually > 90% of patients say: NO.

With these hundreds of patients, a certain nihilism set in for me: “Intestinal bacterial capsules: that’s no use anyway“.

In addition: the “good intestinal bacteria” such as Akkermansia and others are unfortunately such that they cannot be given as capsules, they have to come naturally.

Then we have Dr. Met Sabine Hazan



  • She shows in her lectures and interviews that BIFIDUS was the main factor in whether people got Corona severely or lightly or not at all.
  • It shows: a good Bifidus colonization is the most important thing for the immune system.
  • And it shows that it is very difficult to build up Bifidus through food, because all the yoghurts and drinks in their measurements no longer contained any live Bifidus.

Background for bifidus construction

Dr. Sabine Hazan is an intestinal doctor (gastroenterology) and has a company that analyzes the intestinal microbiome (intestinal bacteria).

It can clearly show that in patients with TURBO cancer there is hardly any bifidus, but in patients with a very benign course of cancer there is a lot of bifidus.


enlarged and marked


In the left graphic of the poster above you can see that bifidus has almost disappeared in aggressive tumors, but in the non-aggressive tumors it is present as much as in the healthy subjects.

The middle and right graphics concern the germs Prausnitzii and Bacteroides; here there is no connection between the amount of germs present and the course of the disease, but there is a connection with Bifidius.

Why is the bifidus so important?

The BIFIDUS is extremely anti-inflammatory and important against a lot of carbohydrates. This has only become scientifically clear in the last 2 years, thanks to the research of the great US physician Dr. Sabine Hazan

I’ve written several articles about her work and included some of her interviews!


How to increase bifidus

Dr. Hazan has great self-confidence and business acumen; she won’t reveal it “yet” because it has to be published first.

But I read most of your bifidus studies and then extracted the following information from them and tested them in my own practice:

It shows how important Vitamin C is for “tackling bifidus” – I also have studies from the 1950s and later found,

here in particular the research by the Viennese Prof. Petuely , who I know from my time at the Biochemistry HTL Rosensteingasse as their boss (because of my many absences at the time – jazz musician and Cook on the side – I was often summoned to his house).

She emphasizes how important the administration of oligofructose = inulin = acacia fiber is

And you have to take very large amounts of the bacteria on an empty stomach with lots of water, for an adult around 100-140 billion germs – so at least 4-6Capsules of high-dose germs.

And in omnibiotics there are often only 5 billion. Germs inside and hardly any bifidus, no wonder this doesn’t do anything.

So I take 2 teaspoons of inulin + 4-6 capsules of the high-dose germs every day.

Here I bought several preparations with different compositions and alternate them.

Plus some vitamin C – I swallow 1 capsule of a sustained-release preparation with 1g VitC every day, which is released slowly over the course of the day (you can get it in our office)

Acerola Kapseln - Natürliches Vitamin C - 365 Kapseln für 12 Monate – Premium: Hochdosiert mit 750 mg je Kapsel - Ohne unerwünschte Zusätze -...
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The following bifidus preparations test well or very well in most patients

MADENA HistaEx Synbio – Milchsäurebakterien und Bifidobaktieren bei Histaminintoleranz und Fruktoseintoleranz – 60 Kapseln + 2 lösliche...
  • ZUSAMMENSETZUNG: Dieser Darmflora Komplex wurde entwickelt bei Histaminintoleranz (HIT) und Fruktoseintoleranz (FI)....
Vitabay Bifidyn - 120 hochdosierte VEGANE Probiotika Kapseln - 3 Milliarden aktive probiotische Bifidobakterien pro Kapsel - Bakterienkulturen Darmflora...
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best in our bioenergetic tests is this one

Bakterienkultur Genesis Bifidus Kapseln
  • Die Bifidobackterie sind menschliche Darmbacterien. Sie werden im Organismus seit frühes Alter enthaltet.

but as always, when we use more of it, dirty Amazon eliminates the product and replaces it with its own brand, this happened to me twice in the last year with Bifidus preparations.

Especially with this great product, which is only available in our own Wellnest shop, great product, tests super bioenergetically

in that you have 24 billion. Germs per capsule, great!

The following mixed culture preparations also test excellently

Premium Kulturen Komplex Darmflora 120MrdKBE, 30 Stämme Darmbakterien Probiotika: Lactobacillus Gasseri, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus,...
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As I said, you have to take over 100 billion germs, that’s 20 capsules at 5 billion per capsule!!! With the Wellnest preparation only 4 kps.

I take all of this in the morning before breakfast with lots of water before my first coffee, it should not be taken with food.

Initially stronger flatulence, but still a drastic improvement in the intestines!

And for the first time I notice effects – my toilet paper requirement has been halved.

Buy all 3 Bifidus preparations (Amazon, Wellnest Shop), plus a delayed-release vitamin C and the inulin powder.


Take the various Bifidus preparations alternately or together – in any case – 4-6 capsules (i.e. at least > 100 billion germs) on an empty stomach tomorrow before breakfast with plenty of water.

Add 1-2 TABLESPOONS OF INULIN (e.g. stir into the coffee), but don’t eat it straight away.

More brings more – but if you take too much you get flatulence.

Then with the morning daily NEMs such as VitD and VitK2 etc. – you also have to take some VitC, ideally a RETARD preparation 1000mg or the acerola preparation I prefer because it only contains L-ascorbate – so that it slowly but permanently enters the body.

Carry out this intestinal treatment for at least 6-8 weeks, buy the appropriate number of packs (250-300 capsules and approx. 1 kg of inulin necessary).


the story of “my intestines”

When I was around 15 years old, I was in Tunisia with my mother and sister. We all got an intestinal infection. My sister even had a fever of 40° for several days.

Afterwards I had “monster winds” for years; my classmates at the HTL were poor because I was constantly surrounded by the smell of manure.

I didn’t see any connection or need for treatment, that was just the way it was back then. As a 16-year-old alone in Vienna, I didn’t have anyone to discuss such embarrassing matters.

After a long-term course of antibiotics, which I prescribed myself as a medical student, the flatulence went away and later improved with homeopathy.

Nevertheless: The chair was sticky, clayey, greasy, I needed 3 “puffs” of toilet paper to clean myself and I spent a lot of time on the toilet.

The stool was always good when I took antibiotics. And because of various chronic In the course of my life, I have probably taken antibiotics for over a year for infections (Lung inflammation, Lyme disease, etc.). Then the chair was always perfect!

The various “omnibiotics” have never had any effect other than a worsening of the flatulence, nor have “effective microorganisms” or various other treatments.

Now the Sabine Hazan treatment is carried out as described above. The following contributes to the difference to all other previously carried out intestinal cures:

  • 100 billion. Take germs all at once (fasting)
  • Vitamin C too
  • Add 2 tablespoons of inulin

After 2 weeks I have a – now 3 months – lasting improvement:

  • The amount of time spent on the toilet per day has shrunk to ¼,
  • I only need 1 bag.
  • There’s no more flatulence anyway


according to Klinghardt

The Bifidus work optimally when administered rectally (open the capsules, with a little inulin together as an enema with lukewarm water) – it works about 50x as strongly as administered orally, he says, I haven’t tried it that way yet.