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Arteriitis Buerger – improvement after one week with Brainstem-Stimulation


Mb Buerger – blood vessel destruction

an autoimmune arteritis – also called Endarteritis obliterans, death of the toes (=necrosis) – mostly induced by prolonged smoking

before treatment – 3rd toe black after 1 week of treatment: toe regenerates
before treatment: no O2 saturation could be measured, the blood flow was too weak

after 1 week of treatment, O2 saturation of 80% can be measured


The patient wasalmost completely sleepless for many months, crying, screaming in pain,repeatedly receiving injections in the hospital that didn’t help

Before the treatment: it was not possible to take a pulse or oxygen saturation,

1 week after treatment: Oxygen saturation at 79-80% in the toe, the necrotic 4th toe largely regenerated.

Video is 1 week after the start of the BRAINSTEM stimulation: the patient is practically pain-free and can sleep through the night.



Where can you get such a treatment: brain-stimulation.info or doctors trained by Petros Kattou, we now have 18 doctors in the German-speaking linguistic space.

There on this website there is also information about training courses for doctors (current course in Vienna in March unfortunately fully booked, maybe there are still places in Limassol in Cyprus in February?)


So anyone who is that sick will get an appointment with me in the same week.

We now have a similar case ourselves with 20 years of Mb. Sudeck of a lower leg (after a cast that was too tight) with dead toes, the patient could only sleep 2 hours a night sitting up because of the pain. After 1 week sleeping through the night while lying down is possible.


Further help for Thrombangitis Obliterans Buerger is Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

here is our website – which I never fully finished, here is a page on where I have linked the providers I know.

I would particularly like to draw attention to OA Dr. Heike Mitterhammer in Graz, who has a high-pressure 4-person chamber and the diving doctor diploma: dr-mitterhammer.at