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years of spastic colitis “cured” within weeks by neurostimulation


A patient with spastic colitis, who has hardly been able to eat anything for years, goes on kebab + cola after 10 days of brainstem stimulation and no longer has any problems.


Petros “reprimanded” me on the phone yesterday

When I reported this article to him, he interrupted me right away and corrected me because I used the word “cure”:

  • we do not cure with this brain stimulation, we only optimize the conventional medical therapy that runs parallel to it”.
  • “The system is officially called NET for Neuro-Enhancement-Treatment“.
  • “This is not a new system, there are thousands of scientific studies behind it“.
  • “We only have summarized the scientific background – where the brain needs to be stimulated – summarized as a learnable and applicable system. From research to practice.”


Dr. Petros Kattou from Cyprus

Petros told me this patients case on the phone already a month ago:

just think, he could hardly eat anything for years and I sent him for a kebab. Of course he thought I was crazy, but I told him: do it, try it – if something bad happens call me up – but call me only if bad, not if anything is OK“.

A patient with spastic colitis who has hardly been able to eat anything for years goes after 10 days of treatment using a brainstem stimulation to eat kebab + cola and expieriences no abdominal problems and feels great since then.

When Petros tells me such improvements I am silently debating within myself: can this be really possible? Is this a hoax?!

Now in the meantime we are 6 Physicians in Austria who are trained by Petros and we all turned into “beliefers”. Such results are possible using “Brain Enhancement Treatment” or “Neuro-Stimulation”.


Neurostimulator = vagus stimulator

These incredible improvements can only be brought about by vagal regulatory treatment from the neurostimulator. The famous scientist and bio-hacker Gary Brecka explains the connection below.



What are we all doing with our “gut renovations”, “microbiome updates”, “leaky gut treatments”, with piles of nutritional support – while Petros simply “blows away” the diseases through neurostimulation!??!

I contemplate with embarrassment, disbelief, and inner contradiction: can something like that even be possible?

The better is always the enemy of the good – that’s what I think when training with Petros,

I simply did not know it better, I tried my best up to now and studied and trained so much more than was necessary for being “physician” – and still I have no clue I realize now!

This is just the next step.


Finally the Video-Testimonial

what I see is what I belief! So I always want to here it from the patient himself!

Now Petros sent now the testimonial from this patient via Whatsapp to our SOZO-doctors group:

This patient of Petros had been suffering from severe diarrhea, cramps, bloating and abdominal pain for 8 years.

He has consulted numerous gastroenterologists, dieticians, nutritional consultants, bioresonance, psychotherapy, homeopathy, etc. over the years without getting any improvement from the numerous cures, diets, intestinal reconstruction, etc.

As a result, he developed severe depression and panic attacks.

In the video he says: he could no longer do anything, was in constant pain and was very irritable. He could barely go out, couldn’t do anything, had anxiety, depression, panic attacks, pain, pain, pain.


after 3 weeks of brainstem stimulation, he says

  • after the 1st week he no longer had any pain
  • Now after 3 weeks – it’s a miracle – he can eat everything: burgers, kebabs, cola, sugar, nonsense – without getting any problems.
  • His mood is sooo much better! No more anxiety, no more panic attacks, no more depression
  • He can now confirm that the “brain-gut axis” is 1:1 correct: if the intestines are good, then the mind is also good.




For us doctors again

If I hadn’t experienced this myself at Petros – now also with my own patients – I simply wouldn’t believe it!


How can something like that work?

In the meantime I belief when Petros tells me “impossible things”. Petros has given a talk to neurologists in Carintia / Austria and they said: “this is a hoax, I never belief that improvement can happen”. Everyone being confronted the first time with such crazy improvments would think the same, me too.


But how is something like that supposed to work?

I found the solution to this puzzle in an interview with a fantastic biohacker Gary Brecka, I’ll start the video at exactly this point where he explains the mechanism:


Summary Gary Brecka on gastrointestinal problems

Intestinal problems are states of DESYNCHRONIZATION of the INTESTINAL MOTILITY, so that the individual sections of the “production assembly line” no longer work together correctly (as an allusion to assembly lines in the automotive industry that have to be precisely coordinated).

As an example, he cites Henry Ford, who developed the assembly line. A worker stood every 2 meters and completed a certain assembly step on the growing car. The car drove from worker to worker.

Imagine if Henry Ford suddenly increased the speed of the assembly line by lets say 33%.

Or in a certain section the direction would have been reversed so that the cars would drive backwards up the assembly road.

Abdomen is perfectly attuned assembly line

Our intestines are just such a finely tuned assembly line. At the top of the stomach it is very acidic, in between it is very alkaline and at the end it is slightly acidic again.

If I mess up the motility, the whole system is no longer correct, and no matter how much I throw in “intestinal repair” or “omnibiotics” or “inulin”, it would be like giving the workers on the assembly line better tools, if that If the assembly line is programmed incorrectly, it still won’t help.

By the way: Gary Brecka

I’m really excited about this fellow:  he has an absolute memory, not a good one but an absolute one, for example he claims to remember sub-point 2 in paragraph 23 of his employment contract 25 years ago, word for word.

As a biologist, Gary evaluated mortality statistics for insurance companies for 10 years.

There is a mortality database in secret available only to insurances by which you can accurately predict mortality correct to 1 month lifetime based on history, age and vaccination status and current blood values.

Often it is enough to tweak just a few adjustment wheels in your lifestyle to double or triple your lifespan. Gary did that with the famous football player Dana White whose Lifespan he extende from 10 years to 30 years in a few weeks.


To understand this “tiny changes”: e.g. the blue zones where all 100-year-olds are clustered are in very sunny places;  southern zones,

while the average life expectancy in northern Alaska and above is 56 years –> VitD

Brecka says that VitD deficiency causes “pseudo-arthritis” symptoms with morning stiffness and joint pain. If you then use cortisone, the date for joint surgery is already set in the insurance companies, because statistically the first joint replacement occurs exactly 6 years + 1 day later.

I think I’ll learn a lot from Gary – and then hopefully find the time to report here!


So what does Petros do for the intestinal patient?

With the neurostimulator – which synchronizes the brainstem and – among many other functions – is also a “vagal stimulator“, the intestine is perfectly synchronized and as a result – when the assembly line runs normally again – the microbiome and leaky become good and the whole thing Food intolerances and allergies etc. “disappear by themselves”.


Petros bombards us with such healing reports almost every day

Its simply impossible to keep up this pace sharing these fantastic testimonials about this fantastic new method.

the first batch of Austrian doctors was trained

Also now Feedback is slowly coming in from the Austrian SOZO doctors, there is feedback that will “blow your brains out!” – especially when you see the videos that I can’t show here because of data protection:

  • A glioblastoma patient with paralysis after the operation dances completely without any symptoms (paralysis disappeared) – after 2 weeks – Dr. Walter Surböck
  • a boxer with small brain atrophy who could hardly stand without falling over is giving training lessons again – PD Dr. Philipp Heuberer
  • I now have two ME/CFS or LONG-COVID patients who are getting better very slowly but noticeably – Dr. Retzek
  • I have a BURNING-MOUTH syndrome patient myself who was on the verge of suicide and is now 60-80% better – Dr. Retzek
  • Gori – is still doing well, she has now been freed from her back pain that required morphine thanks to 5 x brain stimulation (not brain stem!) – Dr. Retzek
  • Patient with daily cluster headaches for 15 years is completely pain/symptom-free – Dr. Vera Skarya
  • a friend of Prof. Köstler who has myasthenia gravis post-covid – autoimmune KH with muscle paralysis – got out of bed thanks to Wolfgang Köstler’s brilliant diagnosis and his Mestinon treatment and infusions – now almost symptom-free after 2 weeks of brainstem stimulation – Dr. Köstler – Dr. Retzek
  • Yesterday there was an MS patient who had been given the neurostimulator by Petros in Vienna: significant reduction in spasticity, can now walk well – Dr. Retzek


Where can a doctor learn this therapy?

You contact me. Training takes place in Cyprus, I organize the courses for Germany and Austria. The next course will be in February (we haven’t set a date yet).

In October, a neurosurgeon from Graz will finally be trained and I would really like to motivate the specialists to dedicate themselves to this therapy. You have success in practice from day one.

The training is certainly very expensive (3000 for the 2d course – PLUS 5000 annual contributions to AIMIS) but these successes justify the investment.


Where can you find a therapist like that?

In Austria we already have 6 doctors, in Germany we only have 1 doctor but in December I am flying to Cyprus with 5 German and 1 US doctor.

On this page here you can find updated information about the trained SOZO doctors.


What does this treatment cost?

the treatment is very expensive!  I’ve already written above about the training costs and annual “franchise” costs to SOZO – the doctors have to recoup that first,

In addition, there are the neuro/brain stimulators that are only provided by doctors and are absolutely necessary because they carry out the therapy.

These devices are expensiv because as doctors, we cannot work with “toys” but have to use medically certified devices and unfortunately this certification process makes them very expensive.

Here on this page I have written down Petros’ treatment costs. This serves as a guide and will be covered by my colleagues to a large extent.

On the other hand – if it works – it doesn’t matter what it costs, it just has to work.


our current problem neuro stimulator and brain stimulator

Due to the large run (Petros has 20 patients a day, 6 days a week), the devices are run out and have to be produced so that we have quite a delay.


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