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Prostate Cancer and Tissue Acidity


a new study confirms my previous acidosis reports:

Mice are bred in a way that they automatically get cancer

TRAMP mice are an experimental model for prostate cancer because they all develop prostate cancer. In the experiment described below, all 18 control mice developed prostate cancer on average at 13 weeks of life and died from it at 37 weeks of life.

Base powder in drinking water prevents this

However, if the mice were given bicarbonate (base powder) in their drinking water before they were 6 weeks old (i.e. before the tumor became manifest), they all reached the normal age of 76 weeks.


When the mice were examined after their death, “prostate hyperplasia” (enlargement) was found in the prostates of 70% of the mice, but no cancer.

A small but relatively benign cancer was found in the remaining 30% of the mice.

Unfortunately only as prophylaxis, not as therapy

However, if the base powder was administered after the tumors had formed, the development of prostate cancer was no much different than that of the mice that had not received any base powder.

I described these cancer-acidity-relation in much more detail in the following article:

Basenpulver – Teil 1


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