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Methylenblue for Brain Metabolism


The age pyramid sets in sustainably and we have to ensure that we are not getting “CARE-FOR-CASES”. The simple dye METHYLENE BLUE could become a building block of a rational “age program”.


The Köstler again…..

Prof. DDR. Wolfgang Köstler has been a mentor since I was a student; I learned and adopted a lot from him. Last year – when he was still young at 75 – he mentioned that with methylene blue he got back all-round performance

We – his “disciples”

  • the 70 year old Walter Surböck and
  • the 60 year old Heli Retzek

Sit there and look at each other. Professor, what does that mean?

Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Köstler senior – now 76 years old “young” Wolfgang still works 7 (“SEVEN”) days a week in the practice


Yes, says Prof. Wolfgang, the methylene blue is fantastic: he has already been able to use methylene blue to help autistic people, with LongCovid weakness and even in the beginning of dementia methylen blue is a great tool! And of course he takes it himself every day!

OK, we were all a bit incredulous, but on the way home I downloaded all the books on methylene blue


Methylene blue

Methylene blue is a versatile, non-toxic agent that was discovered back in 1876. and has been used in medicine ever since. It was originally used to treat certain types of blood poisoning and malaria. Recent research has shown that methylene blue can also improve the health of cells, particularly the energy suppliers in our cells called mitochondria.

This remedy has a special ability: it helps mitochondria to produce energy more efficiently and thus the cells to function better. This is especially important for the brain, which requires a lot of energy. Studies have shown that methylene blue can increase blood flow to the brain and oxygen consumption, especially when oxygen is scarce.

In addition, methylene blue is currently being researched in experiments to treat central nervous system diseases such as strokes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It has shown promising results in animal studies by helping cells in the brain protect themselves from damage.


Holistic Medicine Conference 2023


1h methylene blue lecture by Prof. Köstler as a download for 10,-

a talk of Prof. Koestler in Vienna 2023 on Methylen Blue (german)


The entire 3-day conference IGMEDT 2023 as a video recording on a USB stick for only 120,- (that’s a crazy price for > 20 hours of video).

Conference recording IGMEDT 2023 in Vienna 3 day super conference



I have written extensively about this conference:


Study: Glial cells are supported by methylene blue

Astrocytes are the most abundant cells in the brain – many more than nerve cells themselves – and surround both nerve cells and blood vessels. They help ensure that the brain is constantly supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Astrocytes are also important for supplying energy to the brain. They support nerve cells by providing energy in the form of lactate. If the function of the astrocytes is disturbed, this can lead to problems in the nerve cells and even to many neurodegenerative diseases.

The following very comprehensive study shows (full text linked to the screencut) that the astrocytes are supported and kept alive even by minimal amounts of methylene blue in the event of oxygen deficiency


a picture shows much more than 1000 words

Below you can see a cell culture with astrocytes (control), to which oxygen has first been turned off and then supplied again (OGD/REOX), as can typically happen with a minor stroke, a small embolism or a drop in blood pressure in the aging brain .

You can see that even the lowest methylene blue dosage (1/100) keeps the astrocytes alive in the absence of oxygen and hardly any disruptions to the micro-architecture occur.


What this looks like in old age when microcirculation in the brain no longer works properly….

I described it in the following article (english translation via google)



Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in old age is a mandatory program

Of course, in the longer term, every “old” household will receive a hyperbaric oxygen self-treatment chamber from its children, so that the valued parents can remain care-free for a long time thanks to the stem cell induction and regeneration ability.


hyperbare Sauerstoff-Therapie: Wirkung bei Post-Covid und Sensation im AntiAging


We learned HBO + brain stimulation from Walter Surböck

Walter places the patients with the brain stimulator in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and reports extreme improvements, including in glioblastoma patients.






Lenna now only takes 3 drops of methylene blue per week

of course we immediately started with medical methylene blue (1% Raffael-Apotheke Salzburg). With our ingenious bioenergetic test, we see a maximum daily dose of 7 drops for most patients.

After the first week, this is often reduced to just 3 times per week.

Lenna quickly went down to 3 drops and was still so “excited” that she woke up at 5:45 and went to work in the garden and then sat at the accounting until 10 p.m.

I can no longer take a midday nap (10′ power nap) under methylene blue because I’m no longer tired and I’m working again at work until 9 p.m. and my constant “I want to retire” chatter has significantly reduced.


7 drops of methylene blue in mineral water on my desk



The fact that we “age” was of course completely unforeseeable….

that my class of 1963 with 140,000 people has to be taken care of by a class of 2004, for example, where there are only 84,000 people left,

actually more than a halving of the population because the younger generation seems to have somehow run out of energy and ambition.


Peter Zeihan says that we – as a country – are already economically dead

Peter is one of the most brilliant “GEO strategists”, his books and almost daily vlogs are an absolute must for me

he describes very rationally and comprehensibly:

  • that China will soon dissolve and break up into individual states,
  • Europe is already dead, only France remains somehow demographically alive
  • Russia had to go to war now because their population will be halved in the next 30 years
  • and only the USA can survive as an industrial nation, whitel They are demographically solid and will still have as many people in 50 years as they do today
  • and because the USA in conjunction with Mexico (they have great demographics and the Mexicans have replaced the Chinese as the “workbench” because they only have 1/3 costs and twice the productivity) will be an extremely effective alliance
  • Peter announced the war in Ukraine years ago


I don’t understand why, despite all this demographic data, this population reduction program and racial mixing is being pursued with such vehemence in the West (USA/EU).


cool things are happening in this world right now...

Examples of politically controlled immigration and the consequences for society.




then of course something like that happens – the USA is once again a few years ahead of us







I could add 100 tweets from Sweden, France, USA etc, but what’s the point….



Peter Zeihan’s lectures are incredibly interesting and you hear and experience perspectives there that you never get anywhere else.


If all of this happens as Zeihan predicts….

Our salvation can only be OPTIMUS from Elon and of course the one that has already been introduced in Canada and there too quite brutally carried out euthanasia of the elderly.


So in order to survive the coming years without needing care….

I hope to hold out well until the pole shift with the HBO, the brain stimulation according to Petros Kattou and the methylene blue and some other “anti-aging” substances.



Midjourney: human head from the side with brain that is enhanced and improved by using methyleneblue, ultrarealistic


Image above created by KI Midjourney with the prompt “Brain enhanced by Methyleneblue”


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