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John Boels fantastic new Acupuncture


John Boel, the “acupuncturist of the century” has developed several new acupuncture systems that offer previously unseen successes. Here are some testimonials.

As long as John Boel still exists: please learn this, valued colleagues!


John Boel – the master

It’s been about 12 years since Lenna and I learned macular acupuncture from John in Vienna and since then > 100 patients have maintained and even improved their eyesight.

Lenna was so enthusiastic that she worked as John’s assistant over the next few years.

She was last in Denmark in November 2023 for his “very last course” and came home thrilled because the international student community participated in a completely different way, much more openly and more committedly.

Since November, Lenna has achieved success in our practice that I simply thought was impossible!


Dupuytren contracture noticeably improved

During the course, the participants allegedly made a LIPOM disappear using acupuncture, Lenna told me.

Should I believe something like that??

Then I come into her room and see Lenna messing around with a Dupuytren – these are tendons in the palm of the hand that harden and shorten and ultimately pull in and cripple the fingers.

After 4 such sessions, the patient finally canceled her appointment for the operation because the contractures had gotten so much better!

If I hadn’t experienced it myself – I wouldn’t believe it!


six broken ribs – pain-free after 2 acupunctures

Bad case because Doris was crushed between 4 skittish horses and broke 6 ribs. When I had a bruise, I needed morphine for a month to be able to work.

If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!


Gustis sciatica

My friend Gusti – a retired carpenter – has worked hard all his life. He’s now paying the price in retirement: sciatica has been so bad for over 3 years that he can hardly do anything anymore, he can’t carry more than 3-5 kilos.

He likes to invest a lot in his health and was constantly visiting all the physios in the area, orthopedists, pain therapists, and masseurs. strong>, 3 weeks cure in Moorbad Harbach, “Boandlrichter” – and with me of course. Nobody was successful.

After 3 x acupuncture, Lenna was 98% symptom-free. Unimaginable. It’s stupid that I can’t find the video testimonial, I’ll add it later because this improvement is unbelievable for me!

If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!


my own hip

After a fall in spring 2023, the hip pain hasn’t stopped. The MR shows a labrum tear, osteoarthritis and bone edema.

The PRP injection by Prof. Stefan Becker reduced the pain by 70% for half a year, but then after overloading, the pain limped again with every slight overexertion.

As long as I sit around it’s OK, walking distance limited to 300m otherwise I’ll limp and have shooting pains for up to 1 week.

With 3 x acupuncture on the navel and above the hip I am completely pain-free – I was at the Munich FREE trade fair last week and walked 10.2km (!!!!)

That’s why I did 10x squats with a dumbbell yesterday: slight hip pain today –> acupuncture and everything is gone again.

If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe it!


John Boel’s MAKULA acupuncture – just as miraculous

In this article I have linked some video testimonials from patients. The same applies here: if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t even believe it!

Makula-Akupunktur – hilfreich bei jeder Form der Makula-Degeneration



John is 84 years old

and supposedly held the last course in Denmark.

His son and successor runs his clinic in the middle of nowhere in Denmark, but has no ambition to bring his father’s many discoveries to the people; there will probably be no more courses.

probably the last courses with John

But – no – he’s giving a course twice this year – the Hamburg course in June is almost completely booked out, but there’s another course in September.


If there is another international course in Denmark: it is much, much better because the presence of US, UK, GR, AT… participants makes the course much more relaxed and dynamic, says Lenna, who is 7th had taken courses in Germany.

Colleagues, please do this to yourself – thisis a super fantastic method.

My idea: when we retire in 3 years we will drive around the world in the campervan and do acupuncture wherever we stop and be able to help many, many people suffering from pain! I already know that people will follow us there!