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chronic visual vertigo cured overnight with neuromodulation


Dr. Petros Kattou SOZQ Brain Center Cyprus sends another Miracle Treatment

Visual vertigo is a syndrome triggered by intense visual stimulation caused by a sensor, a most rare condition


Young construction CEO in November 2023 had a quarrel, explosive anger they held him back not to hit an architect

While driving increase cortisol brain surge, he nearly fainted car sway to the left.

  • He went to emergency department private hospital , cardiac EEG, ultrasound send him home with Holter cardiac monitor. Severe vertigo even when lying down and closing eyes.
  • He consulted ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat-Specialist), he found nothing send him home
  • He consulted neurologist could not find anything
  • He consulted 2nd ENT and said it’s BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), prescribe Betaserc, vertigo med follow up one month no difference
  • In late December 2023 symptoms worse constantly squinting eyes to focus , could not drive nor stand constant spinning
  • He consulted 3rd ENT, after testing loss of left ear 50 percent of hearing.
  • Hospitalised oral and infusion cortisone, no difference
  • January consulted 4th ENT: DIAGNOSE LEFT LABYRYNTHITIS
  • LOSS 90 percent of hearing, specialist said initial ENT wrong diagnosis BPPV.
  • Again hospitalised regain 40-50 percent hearing
  • However vertigo containing
  • Consulted two eye specialists olthalmologist nonthing pathology with visual or optic nerve

Patient in January 2024 suicidal

Chronic Symptoms

  • Eyes open nor close constant vertigo,
  • can not focus
  • cannot walk straight nor stand
  • constant nausea and
  • suicidal
  • even when lying in bed and eyes close vertigo continues no changes

His friend from UK contacted us at SOZO brain center, appointment for September 2024, patient is suicidal, married with one child

He said it’s worse than roller coaster


See examination process …..

(DrRetzek: I dont show all because of patented NDA)

I consulted him yesterday at my lunch break

See the oculomotor muscles indication of brainstem and cerebellum dysfunction.


Look at the positive reactions and how it activates vertigo during H eyes eye motor testing.

Slow tracking, or “pursuits” are assessed by the ‘follow my finger’ test, in which the examiner’s finger traces an imaginary “double-H”, which touches upon the eight fields of gaze.

These test the inferior, superior, lateral and medial rectus muscles of the eye, as well as the superior and inferior oblique muscles.!

Forget that he did MRI OF BRSIN, MRA of Brain, CT scans of whole body, CSF no positive antigens – all this tests are clear

This simple tests show you the exact location and real extension of the affection of the Brainstem


Glabella Tap Test

very positiv, a sign for Midbrain Disease (Inflammation?) mostly to identify Parkinson’s, but also other diseases. This test shows us, that we have to treat also the mid-brain



How do you perform Hirschberg test?

Another test for Brainstem and Okulomotoric.

Instruct the patient to focus their gaze on your light source. From a distance of 2 feet, shine your light source equally into the patient’s eyes at midline. Observe the reflection of light off the cornea, which should appear as a pin-point white light near the center of the pupil in each eye.

All positive

More brainstem tests are

  • spheno palatine ganglion (facial nerve endings)
  • Pterygoid Palatine ganglion (TRIGEMINAL nerve)

See the reaction a scene from Exorcism

(not shown because of patented NDA)


Negative Test for BPPV – benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

The Dix-Hallpike maneuver is a test that healthcare providers use to diagnose benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV is a common inner ear disorder that causes a sudden spinning sensation when you move your head into certain positions.





Then I decided to treat him with neural brain modulation _


first we did Low intensity magnetic field treatment: rTMS

this is a new device that was developed by Dr. Petros Kattou using 6 magnetic coils with 0.3 Tesla each. We will have this device in Austria in Praxis of Dr. Retzek and of Dr. Heuberer.


for 30minutes, than we put the transaurikular Brainstem Neuromodulator on

And then see power of Neuromodulation in 30 minutes stabilised instantly

taVNS put on via right side, since his hearing device on the left because of loss of hearing! He had no improvment after one month with hearing device, actually severe tinnitus and vertigo is worse!


Treatment left sideSee the miracle

Only 30 minutes Brainstem-Treatment major improvement of the abnorm reflexes and signs


Glabella tap test negative


next day

  • Dr Heli:  patient called me this morning: first time he slept 6 hours through
  • vertigo only very minimal
  • 20 minutes taVNS and low filled magnetic pulses
  • That’s science, That’s the power of neural brain target modulation


Love you all see you people soon in Austria

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Dr. Retzeks remark: “cured is a strong word and rather inappropriate. We just now already how the case will end out of our expierience: 95-100% restitutio ad integrum.



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