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why cancers still evade great immun-therapies


The following picture explains very precisely why we fail in practice in many tumor diseases despite numerous immunostimulatory procedures.

Patient with prostate cancer

I have been treating this patient with prostate cancer for about 1 year.

We usuually do see our therapy adjuvant in addition to conventional medicine. In his case, however, he is currently refusing any hormone blockade as would be provided for in the medical guidelines, so we are currently (forced) to pursue an “alternative medical” course.

Yes, he is doing great, better than ever – but the tumor marker is increasing and has now reached 60. At the moment I can’t persuade him to undergo hormone therapy followed by senolysis: the hormone blockade causes the prostate cancer cells to go into temporary senescence and could then be treated with can be cleared away with a senolytic kinase inhibitor cocktail.


Incredibly highly stimulated immunity

here is the microimmunotherapeutic lymphocyte analysis of his blood

This immune subtyping shows the following:

The KILLER CELLS (NK1, NK2, NK3 – colored yellow) are incredibly well stimulated between 120-500% thanks to our “dentrite induction therapy” with special Sanum preparations

the immunosuppressor cells TREGs (green) are suppressed below 50% – thanks to our beloved CIMETIDINE, an old antiacid drug which we use “repurposed” as an immunomodulator in many tumor patients.

This Picture shows probably the best and strongest immune system I have seen so far. It’s no wonder that the B lymphocytes (red) are low, the killer cells clear everything away immediately, so hardly any antibodies are needed.

By the way: many colleagues leave out the TREG measurement because you have to pay for it yourself; the rest of the examination is covered by the health insurance. In the case of cancer or autoimmune KH, the TRegs are absolutely necessary because they are the “master cells” of immune suppression; without this column, the immune system cannot really be assessed.


super stimulated immune system…….


This is extremely frustrating and very typical for prostate cancer and other tumors that the immune system simply “gets along with” because they can camouflage themselves from the outside.


ultimately: tumors are often simply not immunogenic!

The tumor cells are so similar to the body’s own tissue that the immune system does not recognize them as foreign.

Immune modulation: Tumors can modify the microenvironment to attract immune-suppressive cells (TRegs) that inhibit the immune response –> In this case we have solved the problem.

Tumors naturally also develop under the selective pressure of the immune system, developing variants that are less immunogenic, also the lack of costimulatory signals: tumor cells often cannot provide the additional signals necessary for the activation of T cells and ultimately change in the antigen presentation mechanism: Some tumors can downregulate MHC molecules, allowing them to evade recognition by T cells.


Increase the immunogenicity of cancer cells

— the ancient “tumor vaccine” from Dr. Winkelströter

This actually consists of “dirt”, namely Co-polymerized BAND3 protein + hemoglobin – these “vaccines” are created by osmotic hemolysis of patient blood, the hemolysate is left to stand and after a few days the copolymer produced is administered. Dr. Steinkellner has had the most comprehensive statistics for 40 years and sees a significant improvement in the outcome of his cancer patients using this Tumor vaccine.

— Oncolytic viruses: Viruses often specifically infect tumor cells, destroying them, resulting in increased release of tumor antigens.

Here we could consider the simple MEASLES vaccination. Measles vaccination as Tumorvaccine has 80,000 scholar entries, in prostate cancer there are still 13,000 entries in Scholar.

— Checkpoint inhibitors: Through the By blocking PD-1, CTLA-4 etc., T cells can be activated, even if the tumor cells themselves are not very immunogenic.

— Combination therapies: Use of chemotherapy drugs or radiotherapy in combination with immunotherapeutic approaches could show synergistic effects – I would like to do it or recommend it, but the patient is not yet accepting it.

— Inject ozone into the cancer ??????

— Immocuthel, Immuno D ????


If anyone else has any ideas, please provide serious and scientifically sound advice



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