Microcirculation affects the tissue blood flow, supply and removal of metabolic production.

The microcirculation of the tissues is an ACTIVE event; it is controlled and regulated parasympathetically (vagally).

Many words – but the simplest way is a film that demonstrates microcirculation:



The blood circulation in the tissue is an ACTIVELY controlled process.

The muscle fibers of the smallest blood vessels (arterioles) react to tissue factors such as NO (nitric oxide), LACTATE (lactic acid), HIF (hypoxia-induced factor), oxygen pressure… and become wide (better blood circulation) or narrow (worse blood circulation). .

Depending on the requirements, the tissues are supplied with the optimal amount of blood, oxygen, nutrients, etc., while metabolic end products such as CO2, lactate, etc. are removed.

By the way: local tissue acidification is actually necessary, otherwise the oxygen would not be able to be released from the erythrocytes (Bohr and Haldane Effect)

Arterioles actively control vasomotion – 20 seconds. Video

The following video clearly shows the active role of the arteriole muscles. These arterioles are controlled, among other things, by the vagus and the NO (nitroxide) system. Central to the film is the ARTERIOLE with its thick muscle layer, which switches blood circulation on/off through muscle contraction.


Extremely exciting: heart muscle is saved with ADENOSIN

We doctors inject adenosine “in a shot” for arrhythmias or atrial fibrillation of the heart and often get a significant improvement in the heart muscle in just a few seconds.

The following film clearly demonstrates the effect of adenosine on blood circulation: originally a sluggish tissue with only 1 blood vessel, after adenosine you can see many, many, many blood-filled capillaries.

The blood flow increases thousands of times in the affected tissue! Fantastic video

Adenosine is a substance produced naturally in the body. In fact, it is the basis of ATP, adenosine triphosphate.

The tissue blood circulation is probably controlled by ADENOSINE: Energy deficiency in the tissue consumes the ATP, eventually all stored energy is broken down (ATP –> ADP –> AMP –> A) and the adenosine opens the blood vessels unconditionally .



Problems in controlling microcirculation

The local tissue circulation is often disturbed. The exact mechanism is currently unknown to me (I suspect local ARGININE deficiency), but this is certainly THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGICAL mechanism behind a variety of diseases and problems:

  • chronic pain
  • Healing disorders
  • chronic infections
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Immune disorders
  • AGE – microcirculation is switched on in young people about all 10 seconds, in old people only all 10 minutes



Again – a film shows more than 1000 words

The following film from the BEMER Group is unfortunately a typical advertising film: little/short content, a lot of self-promotion.

The film only starts at second 39, possibly scrolling forward.

Unfortunately, Professor Kopp, who researches microcirculation in Berlin, is completely absorbed by Bemer, apart from the BEMER videos there is nothing from him on YouTube and microcirculation research is young, unknown and still has few scientists.

Presumably the vast majority of biophysical therapies (magnetic field, Papimi) are similarly effective based on the same principle of action.



Treatment of microcirculation disorder

via magnetic field. I am convinced that it is not rocket science that most magnetic field mats work similarly well, but Bemer did the research on this with Prof. Klopp, so I am mainly quoting Bemer here because you can find information videos without me having to do anything for it or am in connection with the Bemer company (on the contrary, the devices are exorbitantly expensive and I would only buy Bemer on the secondary market for used devices).

  • Bemer has made a name for itself, which is why we use a BEMER magnetic field device in the ordination
  • PAPimi certainly works by activating the microcirculation, as we learned from Prof. Dr. XXX at the Papimi symposium in the Paracelsus Clinic St. Gallen. In the office we have a PAPimi device and partly. fantastic successes.
  • we switch on the microcirculation most clearly with the DUCEST Brainstem stimulator according to PETROS KATTOU and the SOZO-Protocolls. We are the first DUCEST practice for Upper Austria and always have a certain number of DUCEST devices in stock.
  • Oxyven therapy – blowing microbubbles of pure medical Oxygen into the blood via a needle – probably also improves microcirculation by activating blood circulation-improving prostaglandins
  • Circulation-improving mesotherapy – e.g. using Pentoxifyllin – shows prompt success in chronic. Inflammation, Raynould’s syndrome or Sudeck’s disease


treating Microcirculation means treating every disease

A large number of chronic disorders can be treated very successfully by treating the microcirculation. Without realizing it at the time, I had been using this approach: microcirculation as therapy in my practice for a long time.

In fact, procedures that use improvement of microcirculation are often particularly successful quickly and sustainable. I have had experiences that left me speechless:

  • Early retirement due to chronic Painful conditions – symptom-free with a single Papimi treatment – several cases!
  • We see tw. Spectacular successes in various chronic disorders: inflammation, pain after operations, intervertebral discs, sciatica, …..

Now that I understand the pathophysiological background, the connections have become clear to me: why is the tissue sick, how can it be that it heals very quickly.


Doctors’ interviews about magnetic field therapy

very impressive testimonials for Bemer therapy (magnetic field) – IN GERMAN


Actually, this magnetic field therapy should be the basis of every chronic treatment. We therefore have 3 rental devices available in the practice (€250 per month).


Lecturer Klopp, University of Berlin – about microcirculation

From minute 6.20 is the interesting part – where he explains the basic principles of circulation and microcirculation, previously only BEMER advertising. – in GERMAN




nothing does it as the Brainstem / Vagus – Stimulation using DUCEST device. You get the devices after training in Cyprus with Dr. Petros Kattou via AIMIS-Center or with every SOZO Physician –> List of trained physicians  —> how can I train with Dr. Petros Kattou



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