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Ivermectin as a Virostatic Drug


New controlled-randomized multicenter study from France on ivermectin for Covid-19 confirms our personal experience: it helps. Furthermore: Bifidus in the intestine was the factor that significantly influenced the outcome. Commentary on the “processing by the federal government”.


new good study on the effectiveness of ivermectin against severe viral infections


this confirms what has already been delivered in around 100 studies

numerous controlled studies are clearly in favor of ivermectin

see the collection page

–> c19ivm.org/meta

–> German translation from c19ivm.org/meta

see also below the EU Summit in the EU Parliament in Brussels May 2023


Bifidus the microbiological factor that determined the outcome of the infection

By the way, Dr. Hazan, as a leading gastroenterologist with a focus on the microbiome and stool transplantation, found that SPIKE (also from vaccination) kills the BIFIDUS and “acts like a bacteriophage” and this then leads to the nasty outcomes and immune deficiencies. Since listening to her interviews, I have been taking 2-3 Bifidus capsules every day!


Dr. Hazan is indeed a milestone doctor. Her work on fecal transplantation for autistic people and other serious neurological diseases is unparalleled.

It also takes the official route via the FDA and real clinical studies, which means that its results can also be used officially!

I can hardly wait to get the latest studies she announced in the interviews below or to learn her intestinal therapy!




Unfortunately, it does not provide any advance information such as how to optimally stimulate bifidus or the results of stool transplantation in autistic people – as long as these have not been published.



on the contribution to “coming to terms with Corona” in Austria

This is now a personal opinion comment and contribution on the topic of “distrust of official authorities, science and politics and the media”.

Bundesregierung: Start der Corona-Aufarbeitung

(c) of this linked article is of course at Vienna.at (c) Photo from ORF recording of the government’s BPK.



International Covid Summit III – Brussels EU

At the weekend – May 3, 2023 – there was a summit in the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels with several doctors and scientists who gave incredible information.

Prof. Pierre Kory gave a stirring talk about “the war on ivermectin” andDr. David E Martin on “Plandemic”

Here it is spoken very clearly and clearly in a way that I would never allow myself!

However, I would like to translate this talk in front of the Covid committee because experience has shown that spoken English is not quite understandable for the vast majority of people.



Anyway, of course the YouTube / Google Fellows follows the agenda, there can’t be any critical contributions. Thank God there is Rumble:

Dr. David E Martin – the gathering Storm – when the voice of reason is silenced


also the lecture by Dr. Pierre Kory angers the YouTube fact-checkers



also Dr. Pierre Kory is censored by YouTube, but here on Rumble


For the people concerned in Austria – who have exposed themselves very publicly and very actively in preventing early therapy (e.g. with Ivermectin, etc.), the information presented there could definitely have consequences?!


my own struggle with governmental and Med-Association during the pandemia

my personal experience with the medical association and Covid

Two days after prescribing ivermectin to a patient, on December 2nd, 2021, I received a warning from the Upper Austrian Medical Association as shown below, stating that this could have disciplinary and legal consequences for me if I do it again, there is an unmistakable threat of revocation of my license to practice medicine.

At this point, numerous doctors – including professors – in Austria had already been terminated without notice because of criticism of the vaccination of young people, and several doctors were unemployedthe charges or had even lost their license to practice medicine.

The action here was immediate and violent and the doctors’ freedom of treatment was severely censored.

My rationale for using Ivermectin at the time was the > 90% positive studies on ivermectin for Covid as well as the statement by Prof. Pierre Kory before the US Senate as well as the patent of Dr. Susanne Hazan on treating Covid with Ivermectin (she already had 3,000 good cases back then), the interview by Dr Mark Siegl on saving his father with Ivermectin and the many US doctors who commented publicly on it – and finally the many years of experience with its use of Ivermectin as an antiparasitic agent and repurposed as an anticancer agent in private practice.



Here is the link to the relevant release from the ministry with reference to the famous university -Professors-Virologists Christian Steininger as SpokesMan for MSD.

Thanks to this broadcast and thanks to Prof. Christian Steininger as well as the prompt cooperation of my chamber, the use of Ivermectin was “quasi-banned” in Austria.

“Leading media” in particular the standard or “ “die Zeit” played the appropriate media accompaniment and completely demonized and denigrated this medication.


This was the second action by the medical association that was completely in line with the “agenda”

Of course, I adhered to this quasi-ban because 1.5 years earlier, at the beginning of the pandemic, I had already had my first experiences with agenda-compliant doctors’ policies – which are allowed to act in contrast to the published literature:

On the evening of March 14, 2020, I was reported to court at a meeting of the medical association – the “disciplinary conference” – which ultimately led to a comprehensive investigation by public prosecutors and police for “negligent homicide”.

This disciplinary procedure was initiated because my Pubmed research on March 14, 2020 in the Chinese Wuhan studies revealed initial indications that hydroxychloroquine may have had positive effects on what was then very severe – often fatal – Covid19 pneumonia I published it for my colleagues in the following article.


This was the terrible time when the now debunked fake photos from Bergamo were printed and general practitioners in our district had their offices closed for many weeks with the comment “they were in a risk group themselves because they were over 60 years old”.

If you had Covid back then you didn’t get any medical help – on the contrary, any early therapy was blocked,

It was only later that we thankfully founded Covid-HÄND (including Lisa Kellermayr as a Covid-hand doctor) in Upper Austria, a fantastic initiative by the Upper Austrian state government, thank you for that!

I therefore found that this note from the original studies from Wuhan was highly relevant for my colleagues, as we all had more or less experience with the use of hydroxychloroquine as a rheumatism medication.

That by pointing out from an official Chinese study the “re-purposing” of HCQ for Covid – administered for a few days – in the complete absence of any alternative and potentially lethal outcome, I am violating the professional guidelines so much that one can do so is being prosecuted in his own chamber still amazes me today!

As part of the federal government’s reappraisal, I would be willing to share with the committee my experiences and research as well as my own notes from those affected, especially those affected by vaccination NW, or the above lectures by Dr. Martin and Dr. Kory to translate simultaneously.

I imagine other doctors without fear of contact with studies, facts, everyday truths would be willing to report their experiences and / or bring many patients with them (Prof. Stefan Becker, Dr. Ruth Poglitsch, Prof. DDr. Haditsch … …) and I am therefore looking forward to the results of these intensive investigations.

I would never allow myself to write up these facts in public if, thank God, the Administrative Court of the Medical Association had not taken down the politically wrong viewsmoked “disciplinary conference”.


no criticism of the medical association as an institution

I just took another course at the Medical Association (“retirement”) – brilliant. Simply great, as is every contact with the “Chamber” as an assistance and service provider.

Our OBER-Austrian Chamber has only and exclusively helped me in 36 years of medical practice, actively and happily, thank you for that!

The fact that strange things happened as part of the COVID AGENDA: I don’t want to know the balancing act that the political ÄK leadership has to endure in order to protect such a heterogeneous group of individualists like us doctors from the desires of the higher-level health authorities and their interests to be useful – and all of this without the appropriate political, legal or scientific or English-speaking specialist training.

Nevertheless, it would have been more correct at the time to call me directly instead of sending me the public prosecutor with the order: “kill him”, who would then construct a case of “killing” in order to serve the system’s mission!

So it wouldn’t be surprising if I myself thought “system-critically” – perhaps even “conspiratorially” – after such experiences!


Astonishment after many years of practical experience with Ivemectin

As long-time users of Ivermectin as a parasite remedy (after appropriate diploma training in St. Louise / USA with the expert Dr. Simon Yu< /a>) as well as Repurposed as a cancer agent amazed at the declaration of a drug with Nobel Prize recognition, billions of times used and extremely low rate of side effects

– i.e. the re-declaration of an everyday remedy in our practice byProf. Steininger:  toxic and should be avoided in the early treatment of a potentially fatal viral infection.

Since Prof. Steininger works at the Tropical Institute, he would have a lot of experience with ivermectin, one would think.

Even Austrian research confirmed the effectiveness of Ivermectin against Covid19 very soon (in the last 1/3 of the film “on the search after the truth” from Servus TV).

The Dr. Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, who found Pulmicort or Budesonide spray to be highly effective against Covid, when she got the call from the manufacturer Astra-Zeneka telling them not to spread this news any further may –> Linked her amazing interview here.


However: 200 countries worldwide aligned on the agenda

We don’t need to get upset about our Austrian health policy and its weak points. You just have to be aware

  • that 200 countries have concertedly prevented any autopsy plus early treatment of Covid,
  • all media have suppressed and written away successful early treatment and have constructed and invented cruel images and stories to scare,
  • the scientific literature partly. was faked and one-sided,
  • the real experts (Raould, Ioannides, ….) were reputationally murdered.
  • Notification of successful use of care packages based on ivermectin was completely blocked (India, Mexico, Brazil, Africa ….)


this is not anti-vaccination sentiment

In any case, the fact was that many, many, many people died of Covid and the vaccination was a relief for the real risk groups (but even more so was the Omicron infection as a “biological vaccination”).

None of us knew at the time that it was not an mRNA vaccination at all but rather a “modified mRNA” that can no longer be dissolved in the body and is therefore effective for many months and therefore causes corresponding autoimmune diseases in people with a high level of immunity. Trigger reactions must.

But it is also a fact that early antiviral therapy was explicitly blocked and even pursued, all research into it was blocked and the vaccination was launched in non-risk groups under high emotional pressure and the side effects are still being negated and trivialized to this day.

And not only thanks to Prof. Steininger and Dr. Niedermoser – this was concerted worldwide. All the world’s leading media, all specialist journals, all politicians, all countries.

So why do we want to get upset and make ourselves important in our little Austria?


Example USA

Or Dr. Sabine Hazan, who had already carried out 300 clinical studies for the FDA when she discovered the high effectiveness ofn discovered Ivermectin, had patented this and had submitted a clinical study for it which was turned down by the FDA on the same day with strange reasons.




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