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Prolotherapy is Hollywood’s Secret to healthy joints


Prolotherapy is a great pain therapy for ligament and joint pain. Regenerate strained ligaments and arthrosis. Actually the real name is Proliferation-Therapy, in the US also known as Prolozone.

A contribution for experts / colleagues as a supplement to my article: Proliferation therapy, fountain of youth for joints and ligaments

3 typical case stories to get you started


athletic pensioner with grade 4 knee arthrosis (only surgery possible), complete loss of cartilage

we did 8 injections every 2nd week with 12% Glucose and 13µg Ozone


Mandi sent me the following video about 5 months later

In an MRI we saw that the cartilage was still missing. Through the induction of collagen, a sliding layer has formed on the bald bone, which has a “cartilage-like function”. We’ve now had 2.5 years of follow-up, we do a “reminder injection” twice a year, and it’s still going well


Farmer woman with two arthritic knees, both grade 4 (requires surgery)


Osteoporotic vertebral fractures

fan into the transverse processes of the vertebrae and especially into the dorsal-interspinous ligament –> after 2-3 x 80% reduction of all pain, WS stabilizes significantly. I give it to all segments, as well as the ISG tether device. Fan around 3-5ml per joint or ligament (I always pay attention to bone contact, I palpate the entire spine and draw all the structures on the back, thereby ensuring perfect localization).


The following section is only of interest to medical colleagues

Lay people have little use for this article, please consult the first article mentioned: Proliferation therapy, fountain of youth for joints and ligaments

Below are instructions for action with typical medical abbreviations.

Colleagues, we have been doing Prolotherapy for a year now and are quite satisfied with the results. The majority of patients benefit very clearly, especially in conditions that, according to conventional medicine, cannot be improved: osteoporotic spine collapses, knee osteoarthritis, arthrosis in general.

For the first time I always only did ozone/procaine according to Dr. Stefan Hainzl – sports doctor in Ottensheim who blows ozone into legions of athletes for joint pain and has great success.

With severe arthrosis – if you just have to wait for the operation date, that often doesn’t help, then I add Prolozone (plus glucose).



Prolotherapy or proliferation therapy, Prolozone Therapy

Principle: Induction of collagen formation by infiltration (fanning in tendons or intra-articularly) of 10 or 12% glucose solutions with mepivacaine as an anesthetic. Every 2 weeks, 6 times scheduled. Details, background, literature and training options are described in much more detail in the article above.



further comments/notes

  • Training at DGFAN / Rostock / Warnemünde, eg 2020  –> great course! Rostock and Warnemünde are also great, be sure to bring your bikes! We stayed in the hotel WARNOW, extremely beautiful location! We then drove towards Heiligendamm along the coast, simply beautiful!
  • In the USA, Shallerberger is the biggest name –> Article with its additional mixtures
  • Glucose + mepivacaine solution, possibly ozone.
    • Klinghardt is against mepivacaine –> if this drug goes intravenously he has expieriendedcomplete collapse for 2 hours, he only uses procaine with a final concentration of 0.25-0.5%, he only takes Steigerwald procaine because it is the only clean one without bactericidal admixtures and the “allergies” to procaine are due to these additives. Vials in the EU must always have bactericidal additives!
    • The German and US prolotherapists use mepivacaine (me too).
    • Injection into tendon attachments or into the joints or –> e.g. interspinal ligaments for osteoporotic vertebral collapses, temporal rails approach for jaw joint pain, …..


Prolotherapy – Solutions: Composition

20ml for knees

  • 10% glucose: 6ml 33% Gluc, 5ml Mepivac, ad 20 with NaCl or something like that
  • 12% glucose: 7.3ml 33% glucose, 5ml Mepivac, ad 20 with NaCl or something like that

You start with 10% for the first time and then switch to the 12% solution (?? I’ll take von beginning at 12%).

Maybe additionally (Shallerberger) 1 ampoule (instead of NaCl) of e.g

  • Jaw ostitis (Heli)
  • Arthrokehlan (Thomas Rau)
  • Zeel, Traumeel (Shallerberger)
  • Erycytol (Shallerberger)
  • MultivitB (Shallerberger)
  • Selenite (Thomas Rau – “antibiotic”)
  • Deca-Durabolin (Thomas Rau) –> My experience with it: it’s not so good, it causes little pain but much longer.
  • According to Klinghardt: add a very small amount of DMPS, then great results. Ozone with procaine + DMPS is much, much, much more successful than procaine alone, according to Klinghardt (Injection techniques, course 2007 in Kirchzarten , great!)

since according to – Klinghardt / Thomas Rau – infections are practically always involved, anti-infectious work:

  • 10ml 20µ ozone (7µ-30µ – if over 10 then LA is necessary, otherwise the ozone will cause too much pain) re-inject in the same needle (you need the beta swab to change the needle)</ li>

I have better results with 8.5ml 30% glucose and 7ml mepivacaine, stronger reaction, more itching in the next few days.


The patient sits normally on the table with his leg hanging at a 90° angle.

For me, the median infra-para-patellar approach was the easiest: it was always easy to palpate, even with very distorted knees due to osteoarthritis. Feel the joint space and mark it if necessary; you will find a beautifully palpable hollow about 1.5 QF medial to the patella above the joint space. Mark this puncture point with a pen, stick it on with a Beta-Isodona swab for 4 minutes, inject the punched-out needle puncture skin cylinder under the skin, and only then advance further into the knee. Practically always completely painless.

I finally arrived at a 25G needle 4cm = 0.5×40 brown. The 27g is even finer but injecting the viscous sugar solution through is too strenuous. Rule: always use the thinnest/atraumatic needle.


for KNEE: then stork-stepping for 5 minutes to distribute the solutions well


on the first night: irritation-inflammation (pain, swelling, warmth) –> Glucose stimulates the fibroblasts hygroscopically by removing water, they then sweat out collagen for 6 weeks. With 5 injections you can thicken or strengthen a tendon by 30%.

–> under no circumstances cortisone or NSRA as a result, prevents collagen formation, possibly curd or ice.


Arthrotic knees

The first improvements are noticeable after 3 times, 6 times would be standard therapy, but you can continue it longer or more often. Improvement of 50-70% is always possible. If there is improvement every 2 weeks until there is no improvement or there is no symptoms, then maybe every month for some time. 20ml Prolo solution as above



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