Dr. Retzeks talk in Katowice, Poland

I have never seen anything like that!

Having attended about 200 Courses and about 100 Conferences in the last 30 years I have never seen anything like last weekend in Katowice / Poland.

Jerzy Zieba is an international health professional working in AUS, BRD, USA, POLAND and is of polish origin. He has written several books on „hidden highly effective ‚alternative and complementary‘ medicins“ and has seemingly started a movement in Poland.



Jerzy is not scared to speak out loud, to rant against injustice and corruption within the medical system. He asked the obvious questions again and again:

Why – if it is right what we have been shown just now – why dont we get access to that, why is it forbidden. How is it possible that administration and professors are allowed to lie, to turn the truth around, simply to protect the market for some few companies?

Actually, we need a Jerzy not just in Poland but everywhere!


big stadium full of people (4000 tickets sold) – felt like a trump ralley – sitting from 9 – 18:30 quietly and attentiv and listening to long, detailled talks of Doctors regarding treatment schemes that are – lets say – „unconventional“. 


Panorama Picture on sunday evening, many attendees have left already, still about 2000 present.


what a huge number of participants

the best attended conferences are Medical week Baden Baden, where it is sayed that 3000 people attend. But there are many parallal running meetings, you will find more than 30, maximum 200 people in a session.

When we are e.g. with Dr. Omura in Los Angeles, we have about 15 participants. IGMEDT in Austria as its best has 100 participants.

To see 4000 people, among them 400 Doctors was an amazing expierience!


Dr. Thomas Levy – USA – Vitamin C

We heared an inspiring talk of the world expert of Vitamin C – Dr. Thomas Levy, who presented datas of historical studies (1930 – 1980) that were simply unbeliefable! 

i.v. Vitamin C is the most effective treatment for almost everything, I will write about the talk of Dr. Levy.


Vitamin C – FORBIDDEN (!!!!!!!) in Poland

Vitamin C is not „alternativ“ or „complementary“, it is a very basic conventional-medical compound.

Polands absolut crazy health laws!

Despite that,  I have learned that a physician in Poland looses his medical licence if he provides his patient with i.v. Vitamin C.

This is the most craziest thing I have ever learned and a definitive sign of complete corruption of the Polish medical system. Whoever is in charge of such a legislation should get demonstrated on a daily bases and hide somewhere in shame!  I thought that such a deep pharma-corruption is only present in USA (Article: USA is Pharma-Cartell State) but Poland seems to even top that!

If Polish Administration „plays games“ even with the most basic health demands of its population you probably cannot trust them on anything, which makes it understandable that I encountered deep frustration of all polish health-service members during this conference.

I talked to some polish physician who treats chronically ill people for intracellular infections, also using Ascorbic infusions. He is about to loose his licence over that and will need to drive a truck to feed his 4 kids.

This is dark age, or are this communist remnants?


Here is the talk of Dr. Levy about VitC


Dr. Jorge Fletcha – USA – Iodine

Iodine has nothing „alternativ“ or „complementary“, it is a very basic conventional-medical compound. 

Children born from women that took Iodine during pregnancy are basically genius


since Katowice I have read a recent Book about Iodine


as well as the publications of the Iodine-Pope Endocrinologist Prof. Guy E. Abraham –> here you find a Text of Abraham that I have extensively marked:


Dr. Andrew Wakefield – USA

to be written –> consult in the meantime my Wakefield Page about gut-inflammation (after measle vaccination) and autism

Vaxxed – his movie – is not yet available as DVD, only in cinemas. 

In the meantime one could look at similar projects:

as soon as vaxxed will be available for streaming or as DVD I will update the links here.



Dr. Helmut Retzek – Austria – Homeopathy in Oncology?

download –> Handout of the Talk

here is the talk of Dr. Retzek



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  1. It was incredible meeting. Thank you very much for your talk, work, patience and all information about homopeathy. Greetings from Poland!

  2. Very nice to meet you in Katowice doctor Retzek. I was there with my wife Lucyna for 2 days.
    All lectures were very interesting for us . (only 2 girls which translated from English to Polish were not perfect – they miss many words or do not translate all sentences said by Lecturers…..)

    I look forward for your presentation about Homeopathy to download it.

    have good day and good bless you !

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