Metabolic Balance English

English Description of the revolutionary diet-program Metabolic Balance (r) as offered in the praxis of Dr. Helmut B Retzek

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Metabolic Balance ® – a Novel and Effective Dietary Based Therapy Helmut B Retzek, Vöcklabruck – Austria

Since 10 years I run my office as a general practitioner specialized in homeopathy and various naturopathic systems and have reached so far a widespread reputation among patients and collegues. In addition I have written books, many articles as well as given many seminars and talks to physicians and the general public. Recently I became founder and a chief editor of a homeopathic professional journal.

In 2007 I learned upon request of several of my patients a new system that drastically changed my perception of „diet“:

  • easy weight-loss
  • striking effects on the health of users.

I find this diet to be the most effective treatment system that I have seen so far.

I started Metabolic Balance ® in Dezember 2007 and have coached so far (May 2010) more than 2200 clients.


¨ Blood is drawn from the client and is analyzed to receive an exact picture of the client’s metabolism. In total 27 blood values are analyzed.

¨ The client’s age, sex, size, weight and individual fat distribution (waist, hip, thigh circumference) is needed

¨ Disease-Parameters, Allergies, Medications, Food-dislikes are recorded

Using these parameters, an individualized dietary plan is created that is based on natural and „average“ foods. No extra Vitamins, Chemicals, „Shakes“ or other add-ons are used.

  • The person’s blood values determine the list of nutritions.
  • The Meals consist of a wide variety of vegetables and protein sources ( e.g. fish, chicken, meat, eggs, beans, sprouts, cheese ….), furthermore fruits and bread.
  • The preparation of the food as well as the spices used is up to the client
  • There is no hunger involved.
  • The diet follows aknowledged principles from the „LOGI“ System, is balanced [1] and not a „crash-diet“ nor a low-carb diet, Metabolic Balance is unique among all the systems that I studied so far.
  • Forbidden: are „industrial carbohydrates“: foods that contain sugar, wheat-flour products, glucose-sirup, maltose, dextrose, artificial sweeteners and glutamat.

[1] 20% Protein, 30% Fats, 50% Carbohydrates (with low glycemic load) – food with high glycemic load (index) is forbidden

Sport is desireable but not necessary for the outcome of this therapy. E.g. I have trained a 160kg man in April 2008. In December 2008 he had 85kg without doing any sport.

Weight Reduction

A man in the temperature zone of middle Europe may expect a weight loss of 2-5 kilos per week, a women about 1-2 kg.

Weight loss during hot summer weeks is reduced; women about 0,5kg per week, men 1-2kg

We have male clients who lost from March-September 50kg.

Health benefits

Having led now over 2200 clients through this dietary plan, I have expierienced surprising and striking effects on the health of clients. Actually I never expected such results and I am still amazed over the effectivness of such a simple strategy: just screen your nutrition to fit your blood values and leave industrial foods out.

  • We see impressive improvement of the blood values:
  • Cholesterol improves on average 25% but we sometimes see more striking improvement, e..g. cholesterol level declined from 450mg/dl to 250mg/dl within 3 weeks! Triglyceride values normalize reliably
  • Blood sugar values in Diabetes II improve impressively, about 80% of the clients have to quit their metformin ….
  • Insulin demand in Diabetes I has been reduced 50-70%
  • Liver values – often induced by chronic liver inflammation due to „fatty liver“ – normalises
  • Blood pressure values improve dramatically. About 70% of our clients can leave away their hypertension-drugs.
  • Head pain including migraine improves dramatically (strength, duration, frequency)
  • Joint pains, rheumatism and joint inflammation is diminished. I was surprised to hear from several elder women that even their Ostoporotic pains have disappeared!!!! Never heard of this before, just imagine, by optimizing food!
  • Skin disease improve: Psoriasis and inflammatory skin diseases as well as akne
  • Bowel and intestine inflammation improves, 50% of the clients can stop their cortison medication
  • Inflammatory disease generally improve. I have a patient with Multiple Sklerosis who expierienced a marked improvement of her ability to walk. Having been locked in her house for the last 3 years she now can walk up to 4km!
  • Sleep is often improved (50%)
  • Hormon Problems, menopausal problems – flushes – improve strikingly. Menses-Pain is much improved.
  • Mood and emotions are often improved

But most striking: > 90% of the clients report of marked improvement of energy and vitality.

Drawbacks and risks

No drawbacks and risks are involved as the whole system is based on „average“ foods that the client has eaten already before on a daily basis. The meals are not “crash-diets” or “low-carb-diets”, this system has nothing in common with the present widespread diets like Atkins, Southbeach, …., it just uses regular food in a balanced way, balanced especially regarding Micronutrients (vitamins, trace elements) with balanced Macro-Nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats – see above).

What I do see though are sometimes detox-problems in clients (2-3% of clients) that loose a lot of weight and have a proven history of heavy-metal or other toxic substances – exposure. Here we have developed several means to clean, detox, support and correct this problem.

Final statement

I am absolutely convinced that sooner or later Metabolic Balance ® will permanently change the way “WE” (all) will feed ourselves!

Voecklabruck, May 2010

Dr. med. Helmut B Retzek – General practitioner – Family doctor

further specialised and licensedd by the physicians chamber Austria: homeopathy, emergency, palliative care, nutrition


2nd English Description of the Program

Dear Ladies & Sirs,

you have chosen to take part in a novel and very unique diet based metabolism plan. The idea was originally devised to support people suffering “Syndrom X” with the help of a nutrition-scheme.

Syndrom X

  • high Bloodpressure
  • elevated Cholesterol-
  • Triglyceride-
  • Uric-Acid-
  • Blood Sugar Levels

Leading to premature Heart-Attack, Stroke and Diabetes

It quickly turned out to be of prime importance that the food has to be chosen on a very individualized, personalized basis, because only then the user of a plan could eat that way in the necessary prolonged period.

Because: if people were just eating an “average” dietary plan, they found themselves suffering hunger-attacks and then ultimately would break the diet process.

By “fine-tuning” the diet – using the metabolic blood values of a person as the basis – and calculating a nutrition that serves a person with enough vitamins & trace-elements that the body’s individual needs are covered – the user of such a dietary programm usually feels enlighted, enriched and experiences often a dramatic improvement in the Blood values & Bloodpressure.

Furthermore a fast and steady weight loss is experienced that proceeds down to the weight of a “genetically predetermined”, slim, active person. You cannot go beneath that weight doing Metabolic Balance ® (=MB).

Statement of Dr. Retzek

I have to say that this nutritional based “treatment” is by far the most effective medical system that I have experienced so far:

In our medical Practice of Allopathy & Homeopathy in Vöcklabruck, Austria – we have supported to date (August 2009) about 1500 clients with such a plan.

Medical Implications of this diet

Like always in medicine you cannot promise for the individual case, as every person reacts differently and indiviualized, but:

  • 90% of high Bloodpressure sufferers improve, > 50% to the extent that they can abandon their medication
  • 90% of patients suffering high Cholesterol / Triglycerid levels improve to an extent of up to 30% drop in Cholesterol level, Triglycerides usually normalize completely
  • 95% of DIABETES patients improve. We have seen reduction of Insulin need to a 3rd, we have seen marked improvements in DM II patients blood sugar values
  • 70% of headpain, migraine patients improve
  • 50% of rheumatic, joint pain, tension pain – even osteoporotic pain improve significantly
  • Sleep improvement, mood improvements ….. many more

Regarding Weight Loss & control

We have experienced wonderful results! Several clients have dropped from 160kg and more down to 85kg within less than a years time. We see an average weekly decline in weight of about

  • 0,7 – 1kg for a woman and
  • 2,5 – 4 kg for a man

however – taking our middle-european temperatures as basis!

I have no experience about weight loss in hot countries and would assume that weight loss is considerably slower because there is no need to heat up the body. Thus an adaption of the plan to reduce calory (joule) amount of the nutrition might be necessary.

For severe obese persons the plan has to be implemented for about 6 months to “atune” the body to the new weight. Then this weight can be kept relatively easy because the body has “learned” that this is his new state.

Though – a warning: weight loss and weight control is a very simple calculation: You eat what you burn. When you eat more than you burn you gain weight:

900 kcal = 100g Body-Fat = 300g Body-Weight (including water stored with fat)

No system so far could change this formula, and Metabolic Balance ® is “just another normal 1000-1300 kcal Nutrition”.

The trick within MB is the indiviualized food formula that allows the body to feel “saturated and satisfied” with this reduced amount of food.

The body signals no hunger to the mind and the mind can stay focused on the daily work and is not permanently distracted with thinking of the next meal as in the usual calory-restriced programs.

Now: all this is done be by “reducing food to the max”: if you look at a MB-Plan you see that this is the nutrition of our forefathers, this is the nutrition of “natural-tribes”, this is nutrition like nature provides.

All that is left away are the “inventions of food-industry” in the past 100 years.

It is simple: nutrition changes the path of personal health and restores pleasant weight just by eating “normal food” (without sugars), food that you get around the corner in any grocery store!

Metabolic Balance ®

  • Is not a simple carbohydrate reduced Program. Our nutrition is perfectly chosen serving about 45% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 25% protein.
  • Is not a “JoJo-Effect Diet”: we are way over the “basic-need” for metabolism of the body. So the body will not reduce the Muscle content to “save energy”. I have personally checked several clients fat & muscle content using FUTREX ® Technologies most advanced fat measure device and can ensure that the weight loss is primarily via fat.
  • We often see women that lose waist circumference without weight loss in the beginning of the program. I conclude that muscle mass is built up just simply by eating correctly.
  • Preliminary I may refer to a large study from the Medical University Tübingen, Germany that is coming up, auditing 1400 clients for 1 year. The study is in the process of being published and MB is about to be ISO-certified afterward and will then be the first certified, scientifically proven “working” dietary program. The implications of the study suggest pretty much what I have written above about my health expieriences with MB.
  • Finally: we do not see loss in muscle mass – as measured with FUTREX ® Device

Problems during Metabolic Balance ®

You eat “regular food”, enough to feel saturated and perform light sports activities. So what problems should arrive? Would you expect problems leaving sugar, white wheat flour and white starch out of an otherwise perfect diet?

Well – we encounter several problems.

  • Within the first phase of decongestation of GI-tract – 2 days – using a laxative: some people might feel dizzy, one out of 1500 clients fainted. Please drink, drink, drink!
  • Within the first week: head pain might arise. This is always in sugar junckies, clients that consume up to 30% of their daily calory intake via sugar or sugar sirup. You will suffer just another normal drug-addictive withdrawal with associated symptoms. You will experience mood fluctuations, blood pressure drops, head pain, maybe even sleeping problems. OK, nothing serious healthwise – just annoying and a necessity when you withdraw your drug (sugar).
  • Within the first weeks: blood pressure drops significantly! If you take medication then please measure regularly and adopt the amount of drug so that your pressure stays below 135/85 mm HG – if you have any questions please consult your MD or call me.
  • About 5% of clients suffer constipation, usually due to the higher degree of vegetables. This is just temporary. Please use a laxative of your choice, we suggest PSYLLIUM or Indian plantago seed – just take care that the laxative does not contain starch, sugar or artificial sweetener.
  • No weight loss during a week: often seen in women, hormone changes during menstrual period are responsible for more or less water uptake of the body. Please do not feel frustrated, you are losing weight, just keep on going and measure weight a couple of days later.
  • Flatulence: usually seen in clients that suffer gall bladder or liver problems. We have good results using some plant tee or some homeopathic remedy .
  • Hair loss: after 3-5 months of this diet about 1% of our clients report increased hair loss. We have no real explanation as we feed our clients with good, rich food and just leave “empty food out”. I personally favour the thesis, that “detoxication” – dissolving many kilogram fat – is releasing fat-stored toxic chemicals & elements like Mercury (Tooth-Amalgam!) or Isocyanates or Dioxins. For prolonged weight loss we suggest vitamins on a daily basis and certain trace elements (Silicates) – in Austria we have a product called “Schindeler Mineralstoffe” that is ground/pulverized volcanic stones. In case of real hair loss we have perfect results with a homeopathic remedy “Silicea D12”, twice daily 5 Globules.
  • Amalgam (Mercury tooth fillings): when more than 6-8 fillings are present, then people might experience real problems regarding health. Toxic mercury is released from fat via weight loss and intoxicates organs. If you suffer such problems please consult me for proper detoxication, we have seen that about 5 times yet an had great result with our own simple and cheap detox-program.

All in all these side effects are rather rare, only a few clients call us or consult us regarding such problems. > 90% of clients call us with “delight and excitement” regarding the effects of the program on their health, energy weight and beauty.

Dr. Retzek, Vöcklabruck, May 2010

Find here please the website of the mother-company “metabolic balance” in germany.