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my Senolysis-talk at IGMEDT 2023 Conference


I gave a pretty well accepted talk about my senolysis experiences at IGMEDT 2023. Immediately afterwards did Dr. Walter Surböck provide an overview of his own application of this protocoll with about 20 patients using my Senolysis protocol, which – as always – he has expanded to include numerous great building blocks (nutrition, detox, intestinal structure). Of course he has much better success with it than I do! Oh Walter, you are so great!!


Lecture slides

here are the slides of my lecture, held on September 17th, 2023 in Vienna, Europahaus on the occasion of IGMEDT 2023

for colleagues: here are all the patient information text modules that I have saved for Senolysis and if required use and give to the patients


here is the entire IGMEDT 2023 conference (german language)

my Senolysis lecture at IGMEDT 2023

all lectures done by Dr. Retzek


here are all lectures by Dr. Walter Surböck


All my Senolysis posts here in this blog



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