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chronic insomnia not improved by medication – try neuromodulation


2 cases from PETROS Kattou from Cyprus, mainly on the subject of insomnia

Patient affected for many, many years

chronic insomnia since the age of 27, also depression, anxiety, irritability and nervousness. Of course, always received medication from the psychiatrist with only slight improvement.

thanks to the tDCS brain stimulation treatment now:

  • better energy, better sleep, less irritable, nervous, anxious


years of insomnia despite all medication

Petros writes here: this woman suffers from chronic insomnia, unfortunately resistant to medication 💊!

She has been with us for a month now with tDCS and LFMS (3 sessions).

Significant improvement!

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as a therapeutic tool for chronic insomnia.


what was used here

tDCS = Transcranial direct current stimulation

Here is a scientific study which significantly confirms the effect


LFMS = Low Field Magnetic Brain Stimulation = Low-dose magnetic field stimulation

In the video above, the patient is being treated with LFMS and is wearing the therapy magnets


Studies on LFMS show

This is an absolutely new therapy and so far there are only 300 studies on Scholar, mainly on the subject of depression, with significant improvements!


LFMS in Vienna and Vöcklabruck

We (Dr. Retzek’s practice) and also the practice of Doz. Dr. Phil Heuberer in Vienna already have this device (for 2 weeks) and are amazed by the long-lasting effectiveness of this therapy, in which rotating magnetic fields from 7 coils with 0.3 Tesla each flood the entire brain relatively deeply and “massage” it. This therapy is perceived as extremely pleasant and leads to immediate relaxation.

So far, in all cases of Parkinson’s disease, we have seen an improvements of the tremor that last for several days.


We recommend LFMS weekly for 1 month and then once a month as “long-term therapy” – with us the therapy currently costs 70,- per treatment because we are in the “test phase” and want to have as much experience as possible – the regular price in Cyprus and probably also in Vienna is 150,- per treatment session (30-60min).


We now have 30 doctors who have been trained in SOZO neuromodulation. Petros is now completely overcrowded and has a 1-year waiting period!

If you are looking for this kind of therapy, we have listed the doctors here


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