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7. December – new Stemcells and Exosome Project in Austria


Yesterday evening I was talking to an interesting colleague –Dr. Ramiz Momeni– briefly spoken via video chat.

The contact came about through “Markus”, an Austrian who works in Romania. Markus raved about Dr. Ramiz, he knows him because of his many diverse activities, mainly his charity work for Romanian children.

Dr. Ramiz Momeni is the Medical Advisor of a Romanian charity “Humanitas”.

Ramiz came into contact with stem cell technology and was excited because he saw the possibility of being able to help the many disabled street children in Romania much better and has now been in the USA for two years being educated and working in appropriate stem cell laboratories and acquired the know-how for stem cell production.

Ramiz is now part of a team that has already opened six stem cell laboratories.


Stem cells – the holy grail of regenerative medicine

Embryonic stem cells themselves are banned in the EU, but exosomes – these are small vesicles that separate the stem cells and then mediate the actual regenerative effect – are permitted and are also used in clinical trials in Austria, e.g. Uni-Klinik Szb.


Presentation of a new exosome project in Austria

on 7. December in the Biogena Plaza in Vienna at Operngasse 8 at 6 p.m. the EU project by Dr. Ramiz Momeni and the Romanian-born Viennese cardiologist Dr. Neomi Siminovas will be presented. External speakers and presumably partners in the Biotrix and Invitrix project are invited:

  • The top-class stem cell expert Dr. Habib Torfi, who set up the stem cell laboratory at UCLA in Los Angeles and later ran a stem cell bank in Sacramento before going into industry
  • as well as the plastic surgeon from Puerto Rico Dr. Linka Matos who has established herself primarily with stem cells for cosmetics and pain therapy.




I LOVVVVVE stem cells  ……….

Readers of my site know that I am extremely interested in this most modern medicine.

I have done 2021 training as an ISSCA – certified Stem cell and exosome doctor – together with the stem cell veterinarian Dr. Bernhard Lischka.

I have established – as the first one in Austria – Senolytic Treatment and talked about it at the IGMEDT Conference 2023 in Vienna.

Now: the option of receiving placenta or umbilical cord exosomes and stem cell extracts from certified laboratories in the EU is absolutely exciting and my hip osteoarthritis are eagerly awaiting this!

So – I will definitely be there with Lenna – readers of this website are welcome to talk to me there