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Mesotherapeutic Pain Spray | C


Spray Recepy for patients with serious localized pain – implements in about a mesotherapeutic Pain treatment

Mesotherapy – most effectiv pharmacological therapeutic concept

Mesotherapy means most tiny amounts of medication being implanted into the skin using a small syringe and an ultrafine needle, e.g. Morphium or Pentoxyphyllin or ….. – because of the miniscule amounts of locally applied medication there is absolutely no systemic action of the medication. 

The action is gigantic, absolut stunning. Each Physician should know mesotherapy. You could treat a whole hip with about 2-3 drops of pirocam or morphin and keep it painfree for many days.

my first meso-case and a meso-video

I was at the physicians chamber friday evening listening to some talk introducing mesotherapy. The collegue described Lidocain being some carrier substance that is mixed with “trace amounts” of medication and showed a little film how to implant the mixture into the skin.

I knew immediatly that I have to do the courses, the physician Dr. Sabine Wied-Baumgartner was very convincing.

the next day – a saturday – I was an call for our district as medical emergency doctor – we have no paramedics in Austria, this is all done by physicians.

My shift starts at 11am but already at 9 a patient called crying on the phone because of very strong back pain, couldnt sleep all night, had to sit all night.

I went to the woman. It took her already 10min to slowly go to the door to open her appartment for me. God – she is using Fentanyl plaster for her cancer-bone-metastasis, in addition a whole cocktail of other pain-killers.

“Dear Lady, what can I do, I just have some little Diclofenac for injection here, that is nothing compared to what you are getting already”

“Doctor, you have to do something, I cannot stand another night like that” – OK lets give it a try: 

I sucked up an ampulle of Lidocain 2% and added 1ml of morphium 1% and tried as best as I could to repeat what I just had seen in a little film yesterday in the evening “pretending” to do mesotherapy.

“Doctor, it helps already, I feel better” – great! To treat the back just took about 1ml, so I had 4ml left, why not then also try it on the metastasis?

“No no no no no, I have enough of needles, though it did not hurt me what you did on my back”.

“Madame please give me a call in about 2 hours how you feel as I tried something new on you and I need your feedback”. 

3h later I got a call: “Doctor, maybe you actually want to come again and do this treatment on my cancer. I have not felt that good with my back since many years”.

So I went back and did this “mesotherapy” on her bone metastasis.

Some days later I get a call: “here is Doctor XXXX. Is that right that you have visited my aunt for back-pain and metastasis this weekend” – Oh God, I espected now to get scolded because most physicians are strict contrary anything that is not pure allopathic treatment.

“your treatment worked miraculously on my aunt, she was until now completely without pain and stopped all her other pain medication. But it slowly starts building up again and I would like to ask you to go there again”

I told the Doctor that I had no time but explained him the treatment, so that he could help his aunt himself.


Problem Mesotherapy – you need an educated physician

this therapy can only be done by an educated physician. Despite that the action of the therapy lasts for days or even weeks you might want to give your patient repetetive treatment, e.g. pain treatment for cancer metastasis or for severe herpes zoster neuralgia.

You cannot teach the patient, there is tooo much practical handling in using syringe and needles needed to perform that treatment.

But how could we actually treat patients repetetive when they come from far away?


DMSO as needle replacement

we have got our wonderful DMSO as carrier substance, it drags every substance under the skin. So I have created a spray that simulates a Mesotherapy. We hand this spray to our patients that have severe pain for self-treatment.

Of course we do the spray very individualized – how to create proper mesotherapeutic mixtures one learns in the courses for mesotherapy.


Pain-Spray according to Dr. Retzek

here is the composition of my pain-spray for collegues


  • 40ml DMSO
  • 20ml Lidocain 2 %
  • 5ml Morphium 1% solution – though recently I use the about  3,5 times stronger acting  D/L-Methadon-Razemat
  • 35ml Magnesium-Oil  (= 30% Magnesium-chlorid-Hexahydrat in tap water)

put everything into a 100ml brown flask and close with a spray-dispenser-lid, use it as adviced 1-2x daily


Wonderful treatment for acute, strong, localized pain, e.g. penis-carcinoma, Herpes zoster, Polyneuropathia, Trigeminus ….






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