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ILADS Membership refused


I attended the ILADS conference in Augsburg 2015.

I found ILADS as a serious and very scientific based medical society and wanted to learn more; so I applied for ILADS membership to get access to their “specialized education videos and forums”.

I wrote several articles here on my health blog about Lyme and the ILADS conference (now removed) and – yes – that I applied membership in missleading words like “I am doing the ILADS education” as it was not conceiveable to be refused.

Right after the ILADS conference I took a weekend and went searching the pubmed and found astonishing easy solutions for the Herxheimer Problem that I published here: “what to do with Jarisch-Herxheimer“, especially mikro-dose Cannabinoid.


Membership refused due to intervention of Austrian physician

Due to several times intervention of another “Austrian Lyme Specialist” (female, close to Graz) I have been denounced as “bragging being ILADS member”, being “uncooperative” and a “bad physician” anyways.

This goes back to some personal offense that the cited physician presumes and delusions: 

I had refused to treat a referred patient of that physician: mainly because this patient was bad-mouthing the referring physician and also the previous physicians, thus demonstrating a story of physician-bashing.

I was not willing to be another one in that row. 

Actually: we had tried to get a hold of the remitting physician to explain the situation to her in the weeks after it happened but she does neither take telefon calls nor emails, we tried about 10x to reach her.

All ILADS references removed

So I have hopefully removed all references to ILADS from my homepage with the exception of this one page and I am very, very, very sorry to have “used ILADS” for bragging or “inflating my training and experience with Lyme disease”.

I am sorry to have contributed to some confusion and irritation but will not act different the next time:

I will not let “difficult” respectless talking patients – nor other collegues determine whome I treat and whome I refuse to accept as patient.

To the referring physician: Lady, we tried quite often to reach you but all one gets is I am overbooked and do not longer answer callls or emails – “automatic responses”.



being myself a “overbooked” physician, international speaker, book author, journal contributor, health-blog maker and published pubmed scientist to be refused the membership to a medical society is a completely new and an amusing experience that will in no way influence my eagerness to solve the puzzle “Lyme”.

Beside having already found some solutions to HERXHEIMER screening nearly 500 studies in pubmed we have in the meantime

  • aquired a HYPERTHERMIA bed (Iratherm 1000),
  • found a diagnostic tool using Applied Kinesiology that I find in good consistency to established lab-tests (BCA)  to determine the most fitted antibiotics: allopathic PLUS herbal antibiotics
  • found good improvements using detox protocolls
  • plus our personal contribution: Homeopathy.


Still I am sorry to not to be allowed to consult the ILADS forums as I use every possible means and opportunity to learn and improve.




To contribute to no further confusion I have marked all my LYME research pages here on my blog with following disclaimer:


Disclaimer: I was accused by some US Lyme society of “bragging and inflating my training and knowledge regarding Lyme ….. “.

I want to state her CLEARLY that I am NO LYME expert.

My presentation here is pure pubmed research of serious scientific studies. I may claim though that we are treating patients since about 20 years, most of the time successfully using homeopathy together with detox and biological medicine approach and simply have not been aware that this needs “special training”.



Disclaimer: Mir wurde von einer US-Fachgesellschaft und Österreichischen Borreliose-Experten vorgeworfen, dass ich mich hier als “Borreliose-Experte aufspiele”. Desswegen hier die Klarstellung: ich recherchiere und sammle Pubmed-Studien und bin keinesfalls ein Borreliose-Experte. Allerdings behandeln wir Borreliose-Patienten seit 20 Jahren, häufig mit Erfolg durch Homöopathie PLUS Detox und biolog. Medizin. Uns war bisher nicht bewusst, dass es hier eine spezielle Ausbildung Voraussetzung ist.

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