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Homeopathy and Diabetes


there are no general guidelines available for homeopathically treating diabetic patients.

The process of classical homeopathy is depending on “repertorization”, which means grouping symptoms of the diseased person and making a cross-section of the remedies that cover most of these symptoms. 

Diabetes-Symptoms would be “Sugar in Urin”, “Diabetes” and these rubrics contain many many remedies – up to 300 – so there is no reasonable selection possible – I would even go that far to say that treatment of diabetes per se is not possible with classical homeopathy though you can treat special complications and you can treat the overall “constitution” which means optimizing energy and mental state, without being able to influence Diabetic metabolic condition.

Though there are several helpful hints 


To improve overall metabolic State

use Syzygium D4 on a regular basis:

buy Globules, add about 20 Globules into a little Dropper Bottle and fill up with clear brandy e.g. wodka, now take 3 times daily 3 Drops (drop on hand, sip it up). 

HbA1c of all patients treatet like that has improved.



to improve the action of your own insulin (DM-Type 2) or of the injected insulin (DM-Type 1)

Buy or prepare yourself Insulinum C6, everytime you inject insulin add some drops of insulinum C6 and the action of the injected Insulin will be stronger.

If C6 looses its action, add the next higher potency, e.g. C7


How to use “microdoses” of drugs to enhance their activity

e.g. To improve the action of Insulin

Homeopathic potencies up to C30 act according to Andt-Schultz Rule as following

C2-C3-C4-C5-C6-C7-C8      –> increase the activity of the Molekule

C9-C10-C11-C12-C13-C14-C15    –> moderate the activite of the molekule

if action of molecule is to strong moderation means to decrease the molecules biological activity, if the molecule does not act strong enough these potencies strengthen the activity

C20-C25-C30   –> halt/decrease the activity of the molecule 


how to prepare homeopathic medication yourself from insulin

How to prepare homeopathic medications

C means dilution 1:100

Take a little 20ml Bottle, add 2 drops of Insulin, add 200 drops of 20% alcohol (wodka 1:1 with spring-water) – this does not quite fill the bottle up to half.

Now mix a bit and throw away as much fluid that the bottle is not more filled than 1/3 which is the optimal filling grade of a bottle to get best “potentiation” performance, because anough fluid is present and there is enough empty space in the bottle for real hard shaking=hammering.

Now potentiate this solution by applying kinetic force:

to do so take a big book or some magazines

with maximum force “hammer” the closed bottle on to the book so that the fluid inside gets vigurously shaken, wait about 1 second until the white little bubbles disappear, then shake/hammer again.

You just created the first potentized remedy from the source solution, 1:100 diluted, we call that the C1

Now take out 2 drops of the just created potency (=C1) and add into a now bottle already filled with about 200 drops of solution. Mix and reduce the volume again to 1/3 bottle filling, then hammer again and you got the C2,

repeat this process until you get the desired potency. After you have created you e.g. C6 you fill the bottle up to 2/3 with solvent and shake again, so that you have more of the C6 available. Keep the C5 stored somewhere dark / without electrical influences or smells as backup so that you can prepare higher potencies later on.

How does that work?

Due to the alcohol the bubbles get very small, inside these micro.bubbles huge forces are present in the fluid which optimizes the transfer of some “information” from the starting molecule to the fluid. Probably the molecule is present as macro-complex and the shaking tears that “cristall” appart and produces single molecular nano-cristals of fluid + molecule.

Most physiological processes are actual electromagnetic resonance interaction processes: how else could your body know in one moment that “now its enough food or drink”, even befor you swallawed it. 

How can you imagine that insuline just perfectly reaches its Receptor on the cells surface in just the right angle to interact, if there are no physical forces that enhance that.

This diluted (potentized) Insulin helps / improves the interaction of real insulin in the body.


Best deep-acting constitutional remedies in the diabetes rubric

Lyc, Phos.

If you have no ability to test or to repertorize just use them alternating: twice a week Lyc C30 and Phos C30,

e.g. Mo/Fr = Lyc, Tue/Thursd = Phos,  Sat/Sund=Pause


Dear Rabbi, I will get a book on sunday that was written about treating diabetes with homeopathy. We will extract helpfull hints on sunday or next week, look at that page again!



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